Vote Information for Thursday 23 December 2010


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22:27U095??96 110.164.38.* MNSwell payment get paid every plan to invest.
22:10U780??36223.204.83.*Smart DollarsReally trusted in this program paid received very fast, thank admin.
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20:07U703??3378.90.42.*Smart DollarsNot received my payments!
19:33U702??3478.128.82.*Smart DollarsThanks admin,I inwest all my moneys in your project and now I haven't NOTHING!!!
19:11U634??1687.99.6.*Smart DollarsMy capital of $500 has been losed!
18:55U876??44 83.99.194.* Smart DollarsThey wrote that they paying, but in's not try!
18:49U095??96 110.164.20.* Smart DollarsNice program paid so cool again.
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15:48U996??83117.47.158.*Smart DollarsReally great program! payment received very fast! thanks
15:42U027??0462.253.244.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Dear admin, Merry Christmas. Date: 2010-22-12 10:07:25 Batch: 51804315 From Account: u4563654 Amount: $5500.00 Memo: Withdraw to from OiL Forex Trading Co. Thank you.
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12:47U255??11 220.116.86.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Payment Mode Account Date 12/22/2010 12:40 Batch 51813989 From U****** To U4563654 (O.F.T.) Amount $6000.00 Memo Deposit to OiL Forex Trading Co. User mxxxx
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