Vote Information for Wednesday 10 January 2007


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0:25355??80 125.163.113.* No Limit HYIPPaying again... Thx, admin.
0:02377??66125.160.64.*BestInvest2007Best Investment, Paid me every day, Thank admin, you the best
23:52169??1524.201.25.*Charge InvestInstant withdraw removed without explanations. Warning...
23:05 395??78 125.162.96.* LifeDollarsvery good program.thank.admin. bravo!!
22:22395??8461.133.163.*MKClubreceive 40th paid!still instant!great!
22:08135??42217.77.218.*YogotoFirst Payment received!
22:06135??42217.77.218.*Q-InvestmentPaid on time!
22:06135??42217.77.218.*LifeDollarsPaid on time!
22:05135??42217.77.218.*OIL FundPaid on time!
22:04135??42217.77.218.*FRXCIPaid on time!
22:03135??42217.77.218.*Charge InvestPaid on time!
22:03135??42217.77.218.*Investment BridgePaid on time!
22:02135??42217.77.218.*FXEasyPaid on time!
21:59200??57217.119.147.*BestInvest2007Daily automatic payouts, thx!
21:53200??57217.119.147.*LaceFundStable**reliable**automatic daily payouts, thx!
21:50200??57217.119.147.*MKClubStable**reliable**instantly payouts**great Admin support, thx!
21:16326??4587.248.165.*Investment Bridgepaid
21:11385??53213.184.238.*Digit-ProfitBe care! It is SCAM!!! I have lost already and admin does not answer!
21:11326??4587.248.165.*OIL Fundpaid
21:09326??4587.248.165.*Charge Investpaid
20:53300??1281.25.246.*OIL FundLove it! mY fav!
20:52300??1281.25.246.*FRXCIPaid again and again!
20:49300??1281.25.246.*Investment BridgeRecived my first one! Thanks!
20:21146??5341.204.243.*MKClubNow my pending withdrawal request has been processed, honest admin, thank you!
18:08206??31 203.144.143.* OfficeHyipPaid me to day $15
17:35 395??25 121.2.134.* MKClubIt is pending. It pays early.
17:08246??58194.145.216.*Charge InvestPays constantly... I like!
17:07246??58194.145.216.*Q-InvestmentPays constantly... I like!
17:05246??58194.145.216.*LifeDollarsPays constantly... I like!
17:04246??58194.145.216.*OIL FundPays constantly... I like!
17:02246??58194.145.216.*FRXCIPays constantly... I like!
16:58246??58194.145.216.*Investment BridgePays constantly... I like!
15:53357??54212.138.64.*LaceFundSpend $650,pay daily and daily,great program.
15:50357??54212.138.64.*NodHyipSpend $500,pay daily and daily,great program.
15:23202??46 89.179.41.* Europe Trade LtdRequest payment and got paid almost instantly. Thanks admin
15:05366??2560.49.107.*Sunny Dailythis is stupid program not paid... suck program
15:02366??2560.49.107.*Earnumoney.comdon,t try this program not paid.. stupid
15:01385??77202.128.21.*GoInvestmentClubIn the case of GoInvestment Club, I support ALL Extreme Measures to bring these Thiefs to Justice, They Only Steal! You will never see any of your money!
14:55388??4372.232.94.*Hot-Profit-BankGreat honest and paying on time programm! I\'m happy to invest here. Easy money for smart people!!!
14:52395??49200.181.55.*Traders-Salonpaing very good and fast!recomnd you
14:36395??49200.181.55.*MKClubIt is the excellent project. I am glad, that I participate in it!
13:11 324??19 212.12.28.*BankingHyipWithdrawal request $ 6.00 [cancel] Jan-7-2007 11:18:15 PM
13:08266??78201.230.141.*Mojo InvestAdmin why is this program still here. They're scammers
12:54 376??88 72.226.116.* ST-Clubvery bad scam!!! do not invest , deleted my account , only invested $5.00 , poor stuff , e-mail -
12:42388??9264.110.141.*20DailyHyipgood hyip paying everyday
12:35376??23 125.160.64.* TroyBankmy sister enter $ 300, [which/such] commission make me : affiliated by: 168245, login I : merdeka
12:32265??7062.205.192.*Europe Trade LtdGot payment! I'm in profit! Always pays without problems!!! Good job admins!!!
12:29203??86 91.124.129.* Europe Trade LtdVery good project and real investment program. Paid well and always in time! Excellent site!
12:21384??77200.88.125.*LaceFundpaid out again.
12:18363??31222.124.60.*Golden-HoursNot paid (pending) from 09 Jan 2007 08:53 untill now !!!!! (not 3hour again). Why ??????????
12:13 396??70 149.9.0.*EGO UnionPaid directly and without delays!
12:10384??77200.88.125.*NodHyipPaid out again.
12:04 396??51 204.13.236.*EGO UnionRegularly pays!!
10:24336??90148.233.159.*FFX-Unionffx-union pays me fast and without problems. It's great program
10:09136??42195.151.159.*Europe Trade LtdHYIP paid again, thanks admin. Best project.
10:05336??90148.233.159.*MKClubMy favourite invest program Pays without problems Right choice to invest Stable Program!!!
9:29382??56202.145.5.*GoInvestmentClubthey paid, but your withdrawals will always pending, they never send it to your e-gold. SCAM !!!
8:58372??3287.238.119.*Investment BridgeExcellent hyip
8:18368??2164.201.33.*5Percent-Dailypaid me today.godd start,keep it up admin.
6:44175??16200.65.127.*LaceFundPaid me today,thank you.
6:42175??16200.65.127.*NodHyippaid me today.thank you.
6:15 335??45 24.71.223.* Digit-Profitwaiting to get paid to e-gold account #3352445. Let's see how it goes
5:57148??97125.244.26.*MKClubPaid! No problems with this program. I m happy to be here and recommend this hyip to my friends!!
4:51358??4870.163.57.*LaceFundThis one is great. It pays everyday and on time. Keep up the great work. Rev. F Collins III
4:43199??75 218.22.21.* MKClubpaid and reinvest! i trust this program
4:24229??15165.228.132.*LaceFundSpend in this pay today,
4:21229??15165.228.132.*NodHyipSpend in this pay today,
4:07 378??76 200.124.167.* Profit-For-Allpayment 1/15 succesfully received
3:20368??76 80.97.181.* MyBestYieldPaid every day
3:13346??1789.232.252.*Investment BridgePAYING
2:59270??5389.168.8.*Investment BridgeMy favorit HYIP
2:59270??5389.168.8.*20DailyHyipMy favorit HYIP
2:51268??9591.124.58.*Investment Bridgegot paid on 1st investment!
2:51268??9591.124.58.*20DailyHyipgot paid on 1st investment!
2:38377??7581.13.77.*Investment BridgeMoney are received!
1:49388??90219.83.97.*KTCFundsFirst invest fully paid 11/11, second invest paid 5/11. Good paying site.