Vote Information for Monday 29 November 2010


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18:08U547??7270.128.23.*NDCA Traders Fundget profits,i trust the admin will keep on his job.
18:07U547??7270.128.23.*Business Fruition Clubbeen paid. I think i should add more deposited.
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17:52U120??70 188.227.8.* Royal Casino FundsPaid!Thanks admin!
17:17U260??52183.70.210.*MyFinancialI got paid today. Thanks admin.
16:59U260??52183.70.210.*Daydayup Funds Co,.Ltd.I got paid today. Thanks admin.
15:26U996??83 223.207.139.* ReedBerry FundHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project! 11/29/2010 8:21 50242869 U9260918 (ReedBerry Fund) $22.50
15:04U626??50211.106.239.*JTE Dollarthx admin for free bonus,I support you forever.
14:56U480??51 119.166.36.* JTE Dollaragain $9 instantly, very thank you dear admin.
14:29U248??70217.75.15.*Oil Forex Trading Co.New payment , my Account received again. thanks. Date: 2010-28-11 17:28:07 Batch: 50216871 From Account: u4563654 Amount: $80.00 Memo: Withdraw to goayxia from OiL Forex Trading Co.
14:24U120??85123.108.109.*Hourly Banktop paying site,I got all my payment. Thanks very much Admin.
14:21U095??88204.45.135.*HourlyPayingVery good site with stable plan! Got payment!
14:19U095??88204.45.135.*Hourly BankIt is really greate. Paid Me Fast.
14:14U873??8574.213.167.*Compax TradeI got paid again just! this site still paid to me no problem.
14:09U098??45182.16.2.*Compax Tradenew payment received today 11/29/2010 13:30 50261075 U9393530 (Compax Trade...) $8.50
14:02U551??65 67.171.209.* Compax TradePAID 11/28/2010 14:01 50160127 U9393530 (Compax Trade...) $2.00 Very good service!i real like this program.would like to invest more here.
13:54U872??29112.186.5.*Compax Tradenext payment received instantly on time as usual Date: 2010-27-11 10:37:42 Batch: 50150415 From Account: U9393530(Compax Trade Accounting) Amount: $1.00 Memo: Thank you,admin!
13:44U867??6687.98.139.*Compax TradeProgram looks real great! i still successfully received my earnings from it.
13:26U477??94217.75.76.*Glo Trade UK LtdDate: 11/28/2010 12:45 PM Batch: 50204456 From Account: U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) Amount: $33.00 Memo: 110% after 5days Thank you.
13:22U477??94217.75.76.*Compax TradeDate : 2010-28-11 14:11:31 From/To Account : U9393530 (Compax Trade Accounting) Amount : 12.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 50208003 Memo :
13:08U303??4965.112.209.*Glo Trade UK LtdI withdraw profits today, the money received on LR very fast! wonderful program
13:03U303??4965.112.209.*Compax TradeI withdraw profits today, the money received on LR very fast! wonderful program
12:54U610??68205.209.142.*Glo Trade UK LtdGot paid on time already today 11/28/2010 13:10 50205599 U3064004 (Glo Trade UK...) $33.00 thank admin!
12:46U934??6564.95.253.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Date: 2010-28-11 17:14:19 Batch: 50216033 From Account: U4563654 Amount: $100.00 Memo: Withdraw to suntana from OiL Forex Trading Co. Thank you.
12:40U610??6868.225.22.*Compax TradeInstantly payment,thanks admin Date: 2010-28-11 12:37:52 Batch: 50204239 From Account: U9393530 Amount: $1.50 Memo:
12:32U095??96 110.164.166.* ReedBerry FundProof of paid from this plan.11/29/2010 9:24 50245925 U9260918 (ReedBerry Fund) $5.00
12:30U496??4564.27.20.*Glo Trade UK LtdDate : 11/28/2010 Batch# : 50204701 From : U3064004 (Glo Trade UK...) Amount : $55.00 Memo : 110% after 5days Good HYIP !
12:11U496??4564.27.20.*Compax Trade11/28/2010 11:47 50202347 U9393530 (Compax Trade Accounting) $2.20
12:09U152??58120.37.70.*Asset ManagementDate: 2010-29-11 08:48:20 Batch: 50243939 From Account: U9475066 Amount: $1.95 Memo: Withdrawal #3126 amount $1.95 fee $0 Thank you.
11:55U624??04 119.131.65.* Glo Trade UK LtdWell organized project!Right place to invest,this site always paid me well ,really excellent program.
11:39U624??04201.116.215.*Compax TradeWell organized project!Right place to invest,this site always paid me well ,really excellent program.
10:57U824??7488.85.4.*Royal Casino FundsPaid again as always. Date: 2010-29-11 09:27:52 Batch: 50246069 From Account: U9890656 Amount: $1.50 Memo: Withdraw to Samuel from RoyalCasinoFunds Thank admin.
10:48U506??7960.249.148.*Royal Casino FundsWe're Support and update at here Date: 2010-29-11 08:48:20 Batch: 50243933 From Account: U9890656 Amount: $7.50 Memo: Withdraw to Kaitlyn from RoyalCasinoFunds Thank admin.
10:39U862??05121.78.116.*Royal Casino Fundspaying.thank you admin. Date: 2010-29-11 10:31:52 Batch: 50249650 From Account: U9890656 Amount: $10.00 Memo: Withdraw to Nathan from RoyalCasinoFunds Thank you.
10:31U726??54211.45.115.*Royal Casino Funds11/29/2010 07:34 50241305 U9890656 (RoyalCasino ...) $22.50
10:04U794??96120.37.70.*Oil Forex Trading Co.You have received a payment to your account U*****, batch: 50218093, Paid very fast. Paid within 2 hours. thanks. Great admin.
9:49U865??2865.98.240.*Royal Casino FundsDate: 2010-29-11 08:16:00 Batch: 50242698 From Account: U9890656 Amount: $5.00 Memo: Withdraw to Logan from RoyalCasinoFunds Thank you.
9:37U780??36 223.205.226.* ReedBerry FundReceived fast paid, thank admin. 11/29/2010 08:32 50243203 U9260918 (ReedBerry Fund) $22.50
8:04U873??85201.116.215.*Glo Trade UK LtdDate: 11/28/2010 12:48 PM Batch: 50204610 From Account: U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) Amount: $110.00 Memo: 110% after 5days Thank you.
7:44U098??45 173.201.36.* Glo Trade UK LtdGreat investment! paid me again today,thank admin!
7:40U677??58 124.120.125.* ReedBerry Fund11/29/2010 8:16 50242704 U9260918 (ReedBerry Fund) $2.50 Fast payment.Thx admin.
7:32U883??24 27.130.95.* ReedBerry FundPaid quickly no problem. 11/29/2010 8:12 50242580 U9260918 (ReedBerry Fund) $11.25
7:29U551??65211.232.140.*Glo Trade UK Ltd13:10 28.11.2010 Account Receive 110.00 Received Payment 110.00 USD from account U2691974 to account U1565796. Batch: 4423657. Memo: 110 after 5days
7:13U872??29204.12.243.*Glo Trade UK LtdYou have received a payment to your account U5642771: Date: 2010-11-28 13:06:44 Batch: 50205443 From Account: U3064004 Amount: $50.00 Memo: Referral Commision
6:53U867??6669.46.130.*Glo Trade UK LtdGot paid quickly and correctly as always from the site today, thank admin!