Vote Information for Monday 8 November 2010


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20:23U911??7282.160.29.*Asia Financial ServicesGot paid again - thank you !
20:21U911??7282.160.29.*ORT FundsGot paid again - thank you !
16:18U363??54 213.47.74.* TheInvestMen.comPAID instantly again on time! great admin and program!highly recommended
16:01U430??27212.50.69.*Hourly-InstantThis is the program on the web! Thanks for payment.
15:49U430??27212.50.69.*TheInvestMen.comBIG investment
15:46U430??27212.50.69.*EuroInvestOnlineI have never been in such a solid program as this one. Cash mountain PAYS!
15:39U393??68149.171.101.*Mutual Fundsreceived some RC on time,keep good work! hopefully it will be another great long term investment program.
15:35U228??7385.224.17.*Hourly-InstantThis program is so successful that its name became a household world .
15:24U228??7385.224.17.*TheInvestMen.comI recommend this EXCELLENT program to all investors.FAST
15:20U228??7385.224.17.*EuroInvestOnlineAlways paid on time.... very good program
15:17U248??70 195.2.214.* Mutual FundsReceived payment as usual. thanks you very much, paid $4.59 batch: 48693273
14:57U067??8064.34.161.*Glo Trade UK LtdMaybe this site is the best of the best, i received my payment again and again.
14:57U934??65209.162.176.*Mutual Funds11/08/2010 13:08 48693195 U6910311 (Financial Funds Corp) $15.00
14:52U067??8064.34.161.*Compax TradeMaybe this site is the best of the best, i received my payment again and again.
14:51U067??8064.34.161.*AVFinanceMaybe this site is the best of the best, i received my payment again and again.
14:46U219??4077.77.42.*Hourly-InstantGood program! Paid regularly and instantly in a great shape!!
14:45U080??8487.98.139.*Glo Trade UK LtdNext payment Received on time as usual, Date: 2010-11-07 13:06 Batch: 48619504 From Account: U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) Amount: $110.00 Memo: 110% after 5days Thank you, admin!
14:40U080??8487.98.139.*Compax TradeReceived next payment instant: Date: 2010-06-11 07:32:02 Batch: 48545338 From Account: U9393530 Amount: $0.61 Memo:
14:40U080??8487.98.139.*AVFinanceDate: 2010-08-11 01:57:36 Batch: 48650048 From Account: U3464236 Amount: $84.00 Memo: Withdraw to julia from
14:38U219??4077.77.42.*TheInvestMen.comRALLY PAYING.....
14:34U219??4077.77.42.*EuroInvestOnlinePayment received - it seems you is back ...
14:22U703??33109.185.109.*Hourly-InstantPerfect working investment project.Thanks for paying me
14:05U703??33109.185.109.*EuroInvestOnlineWithout waiting, they paid me 3.84 in my LR. Thank you admin.
13:47U702??34188.121.11.*Hourly-InstantToday got paid! thanks for your good job
13:31U702??34188.121.11.*TheInvestMen.comRight program
13:27U702??34188.121.11.*EuroInvestOnlineHot program,paid me 35 usdollars instantly.thanks admin.
13:21U634??1692.115.171.*Hourly-InstantI received my withdrawal very fast.
13:17U504??3158.26.151.*RFTwaiting payment ! last request withdraw:Nov-06-2010 08:57:20 AM. Admin please solved this problems.
13:10U500??35211.45.115.*Mutual FundsDate: 2010-08-11 13:08:50 Batch: 48693215 From Account: U6910311 Amount: $9.88 Memo: Withdrawal #8624 amount $9.88 fee $0 Thank you.
13:08U504??3158.26.151.*AIM Investmentsthis program is scam not paying i requested a withdrawal waiting for 7 days nothing profit receive to all investor dont invest here, they are only paid to monitors only.
12:53U619??82209.92.144.*Glo Trade UK LtdGot another payment from the site 11/06/2010 23:20 48592468 U3064004 (Glo Trade UK...) $55.00
12:50U619??82209.92.144.*Compax TradeNext instant payment received again 11/06/2010 13:47 48564413 U9393530 (Compax Trade...) $18.00 Thanks Admin
12:49U619??82209.92.144.*AVFinanceDate: 2010-08-11 00:05:57 Batch: 48646218 From Account: U3464236 Amount: $55.60 Memo: Withdraw to fanny from
12:41U145??4876.73.101.*Glo Trade UK LtdDate : 2010-07-11 13:03:21 From/To Account : U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) Amount : 22.0000 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 48619392 Memo : 110% after 5days
12:38U634??1692.115.171.*TheInvestMen.comI received my withdrawal very fast.
12:37U145??4876.73.101.*Compax TradePayment Received 11/06/2010 08:05 48546572 U9393530 (Compax Trade...) $1.06 $0.02 Merchant Reference: 25214 Memo:
12:36U145??4876.73.101.*AVFinance11/07/2010 22:15 48642807 U3464236 (AVFinance) $75.00
12:34U634??1692.115.171.*EuroInvestOnlineI am extreemly blessed through this program!
12:32U619??7798.126.3.*Glo Trade UK LtdPaid again today!wonderful rervice!thanks for admin offer us a stable program! you are best!
12:28U619??7798.126.3.*Compax TradePaid again today!wonderful rervice!thanks for admin offer us a stable program! you are best!
12:28U619??7798.126.3.*AVFinancePaid again today!wonderful rervice!thanks for admin offer us a stable program! you are best!
12:15U027??04112.216.154.*Asset ManagementDate: 2010-08-11 08:11:46 Batch: 48667758 From Account: U9475066 Amount: $1.95 Memo: Withdrawal #1969 amount $1.95 fee $0 Thank you.
11:42U741??79118.217.181.*Glo Trade UK LtdThanks fro paid me on time! 11/06/2010 15:43 48570945 U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) $110.00
11:40U876??4481.164.18.*EuroInvestOnlineprofit is rolling in like a bomb
11:38U741??79118.217.181.*Compax TradeWe have received payment instantly,thanks admin!! Date: 2010-11-07 08:48 Batch: 48608036 From Account: U9393530 (Compax Trade Accounting) Amount: $4.00 Memo: Thanks admin!!!
11:37U741??79118.217.181.*AVFinanceNew instant payout received, thank you. 11/06/2010 14:10 48565821 U3464236 (AVFinance) $92.80 Memo: Withdraw to ceciia from
11:29U876??4481.164.18.*TheInvestMen.comgood support they reply to me always fast it is a good point for this program
11:26U876??4481.164.18.*Hourly-InstantPaying instantly all the time.I recommend the HYIP program to other guys.
10:56U007??84220.241.65.*Glo Trade UK LtdReceived another payment today.paid very fast!best program for me.
10:48U615??20222.3.75.*Absolute InvestmentPaying on time! Admin please keep up the good work!
10:46U515??10 125.92.21.* Absolute Investmentpaying!!!
10:43U007??84220.241.65.*Compax TradeReceived another payment today.paid very fast!best program for me.
10:42U007??84220.241.65.*AVFinanceReceived another payment today.paid very fast!best program for me.
10:08U190??9094.188.35.*TheInvestMen.comvery good admin , thank you for instant payouts
10:00U190??9094.188.35.*Hourly-InstantHonest amdin,receive payment today,good job!
9:35U079??60109.160.60.*EuroInvestOnlineI love this program!paying always and instantly!!
9:23U079??60109.160.60.*TheInvestMen.comgood for me . seems reliable and good support
9:15U079??60109.160.60.*Hourly-InstantPaid ! Really good ! Thanks !Great HYIP!!
8:46U289??8170.39.100.*Glo Trade UK LtdNov 7th, 2010 $75.00 Date: November 07, 2010 7:37:43 AM Amount Sent: $75.00 USD Sender Name: glotrade Sender Email: Reference Number: EB992-4332A-287A7, Message: 150% after 15days
8:40U289??8170.39.100.*Compax TradeDate: 2010-05-11 23:28:02 Batch: 48529753 From Account: U9393530 Amount: $0.40 Memo: (Compax Trade Accounting) Thank you.
8:39U289??8170.39.100.*AVFinanceReceive my payment today. Date: 2010-11-07 03:07 Batch: 48597218 From Account: U3464236 (AVFinance) Amount: $56.00 Memo: Withdraw to aurora from Thanks admin
8:28U551??6570.39.100.*OilstructureDate: 2010-11-08 01:52 Batch: 48649923 From Account: U4898120 (Oilstructure) Amount: $2952.46 Memo: Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal I got paid $2952.46 today! $500 only 100 days.
8:23U790??9592.244.235.*EuroInvestOnlineThe ultimate paying program.You deserve an award
8:20U824??74210.117.49.*AVFinancePaid again as always. Date:2010-08-11 05:44:07 Batch:48659463 From Account:U3464236 (AVFinance) Amount:$40.00 Memo: Withdrawal to Samuel from Thank admin.
8:15U506??79121.162.196.*AVFinanceDate: 2010-08-11 06:40:57 Batch: 48662695 From Account:U3464236 (AVFinance) Amount:$15.00 Memo: Withdrawal to Kaitlyn from Thank admin.
8:04U862??05 118.32.234.* AVFinancepaying.thank you admin. Date: 2010-08-11 05:16:06 Batch: 48657954 From Account:U3464236 (AVFinance) Amount:$44.80 Memo: Withdrawal to Nathan from Thank admin.
8:03U790??9592.244.235.*TheInvestMen.comthanks admin I have been paid
8:00U790??9592.244.235.*Hourly-Instanti receive first payment today instantly,thank you!
7:59U726??54118.131.19.*AVFinancemy next payment recieve once again. 11/08/2010 04:22 48655510 U3464236 (AVFinance) $93.50
7:49U865??28 211.75.2.* AVFinanceNext instant payment received again 11/08/2010 06:24 48661897 U3464236 (AVFinance) $56.00 Thanks Admin
7:41U044??68 61.156.23.* AVFinancepaying me...11/08/2010 08:30 48669205 U3464236 (AVFinance) $14.00
7:39U753??07 222.76.210.* AVFinanceDate : 2010-08-11 04:35:43 Batch: 48656095 From Account:U3464236 (AVFinance) Amount:$100.00 Memo: Withdrawal to Destiny from Thank admin.
7:35U886??65210.217.140.*AVFinancePaid me another profits fastly Date: 2010-11-08 02:07:08 Batch: 48650347 From Account:U3464236 (AVFinance) Amount:$25.00 Memo: Withdrawal to Austin from Thank admin.
7:30U309??2861.93.201.*AVFinance11/8/2010 05:35 48658883 U3464236 (AVFinance) $22.00
6:50U295??37121.78.116.*AVFinancepaying. thanks admin a lot. Date: 2010-07-11 15:20:22 Batch: 48625626 From Account:U3464236 (AVFinance) Amount:$84.00 Memo: Withdrawal to Jasmine from Thank admin.
6:27U404??1570.39.100.*Glo Trade UK Ltd11/06/2010 15:44 48571011 U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) $110.00
6:23U404??1570.39.100.*Compax Tradenext payment received instantly as usual Date: 2010-07-11 03:19:24 Batch: 48597490 From Account: U9393530(Compax Trade Accounting) Amount: $10.00 Memo: Thank you,admin!
6:22U404??1570.39.100.*AVFinanceGot the next Payment on time and Instant. Keep this great job. Thanks admin. Here's the proof : 11/07/2010 14:01 48622039 U3464236 (AVFinance) $168.00
6:12U872??2970.39.100.*OilstructureDear nehmer lou, You have received a payment to your account U8735470: Date: 2010-08-11 01:21:38 Batch: 48648674 From Account: U4898120 Amount: $2.23 Thank you.
5:35U402??02219.108.155.*Glo Trade UK LtdI have received money from this best project today! thanks for paying to me.
5:30U402??02219.108.155.*Compax TradeI have received money from this best project today! thanks for paying to me.
5:30U402??02219.108.155.*AVFinanceI have received money from this best project today! thanks for paying to me.
5:17U867??66219.108.155.*OilstructureI have received money from this best project today! thanks for paying to me.
4:25U612??9276.73.101.*FactinvPaid again,thank you