Vote Information for Saturday 9 October 2010

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20:47U398??04 95.132.156.* GoldFlux10/9/2010 22:29 46482233 U5642808 (GoldFlux) + $1.00
19:27U700??48 222.123.225.* Hourly Payoutsgood hyip good site and payment receive it very fast today.
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15:40U821??61217.14.217.*Glo Trade UK Ltd10/8/2010 14:22 46389681 U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) + $2.50
15:28U746??8981.31.157.*Glo Trade UK LtdDate: 10/8/2010 13:59 Batch: 46387689 From Account: U3064004 Amount: $110.00 Memo: 110% after 5days
15:17U451??89130.94.69.*Glo Trade UK LtdReceived payment again and again,this is one of the great Program!
15:04U179??8868.71.47.*AvainvAlways paid on time to me! i think this is a good site.
14:59U067??8080.190.45.*Glo Trade UK Ltd10/8/2010 16:40 46400698 U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) + $33.00
14:50U080??84 70.36.99.* Glo Trade UK LtdDate: 10/9/2010 14:44 Batch: 46460048 From Account: U3064004 Amount: $2.50 Memo: Referral Commission Got paid,thanks
14:43U619??82204.60.168.*Glo Trade UK LtdVery nice and perfect. A profitable program get pay without any problem.
14:40U404??76204.12.243.*AvainvExcellent performance in paying among hyips so far.
14:33U145??48 218.20.3.* Glo Trade UK LtdDate: 2010-10-08 16:02:50 Batch: 46397883 From Account: U3064004 Amount: $88.00 Memo: 110% after 5days
14:22U619??7763.131.23.*Glo Trade UK LtdOne of the best investment project! stable and always paid me on time.
14:06U787??0062.1.211.*RFTOct 8th, 2010 paid $9.25 The amount of 9.25 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Date: 11:03 08.10.10. Batch: 3951702. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to mirosy from RFT
13:57U794??9662.1.211.*Mutual Trust FinanceKeep Paying. 10/8/2010 18:33 46409282 U8267074 (MutualTrustFinance) + $10.50
13:20U500??35219.93.212.*RFT10/8/2010 15:15 46393959 U6225468 (RFT) + $30.00 Paid on time and fast support. thx.
13:06U945??01219.93.212.*Mutual Trust FinanceDate : 2010-09-10 08:05:08 From/To Account : U8267074 (MutualTrustFinance) Amount : 5.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 46440983 Memo : Withdraw to goldmrs from Mutual Trust Finance
12:45U409??58 178.93.170.* ForexCompanyOnlinePAYD Date : 2010-09-10 12:46:02 From/To Account : U2645437 ( Amount : 12.61 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 46454571 Memo : Withdraw to Larisa from Forex Company Online
12:21U484??5577.68.42.*RFTDate: 10/8/2010 17:07 Batch: 46402565 From Account: U6225468 Amount: $16.79 Memo: Withdraw to gold800 from RFT Thank you.
12:10U255??3377.68.42.*Mutual Trust FinanceDate: 10/8/2010 20:51 Batch: 46418139 From Account: U8267074 Amount: $7.20 Memo: Withdraw to risa800 from Mutual Trust Finance Thank you.
11:40U11??10 81.240.66.* Magic TraderYou have received a payment to your account U115710: Date: 2010-09-10 13:29:36 Batch: 46456641 From Account: U9397182 Amount: $5.00 Memo: Withdraw to from MagicTrader
10:02U404??76204.12.243.*AIM InvestmentsBest ever paying hyips. You are doing wonderfully good admin.
10:01U248??7077.68.42.*Oil Forex Trading Co.10/8/2010 17:15 46403201 U4563654 (O.F.T.) + $37.70 ......paid. thx.
9:26U179??88 208.110.86.* AIM Investmentsi have deposited $1000 here ,still receive my payment ,thanks you ,admin .
9:10U867??6667.43.173.*OilstructureDate : 2010-09-10 05:21:06 From/To Account : U4898120 (Oilstructure) Amount : 4.36 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 46435288 Memo : Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal
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9:01U751??77183.90.187.*OilstructureNext payment Received on time as usual, Date: 2010-10-09 05:19 Batch: 46435182 From Account: U4898120 (Oilstructure) Amount: $1.05 Memo: Oilstructure: Referral profit withdrawal
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