Vote Information for Tuesday 28 September 2010


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21:51U937??23 92.249.196.* 12DailyPropaying paying paying
21:26U166??98 118.173.181.* Money IslandReally excellent program! Always paying on time and instant withdrawal. Keep going and going.
21:14U100??22 1.47.117.* Money Islandvery good payment receive today. thank you so much.
20:52U780??36 222.123.133.* Money IslandToday received with fast paid nice job admin good program invested, thank.
20:51U843??07202.28.66.*Money IslandI got my payment today, and I investment again.
19:59U044??08 88.132.111.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Pending withdrawal is from august the 18th 2010 and ot paid.They only pay small amounts!!!This is a big scam!
19:42U095??96110.164.187.*Money IslandGet a lot os money from here. very greet admin.
17:46U098??4558.71.174.*Glo Trade UK LtdDate: 2010-27-09 17:48:25 Batch: 45611703 From Account: U3064004 Amount: $55.00 Memo: 110% after 5days
17:38U551??6577.68.42.*Glo Trade UK LtdReceived another payment today.paid very fast!best program for me.
17:31U872??2962.234.136.*Glo Trade UK LtdThe next payment received from Glo Trade UK Ltd on schedule : Date: 9/28/2010 13:58 Batch: 45666982 From Account: U3064004 Amount: $110.00 Memo: 110% after 5days Thank you ,admin
17:23U867??6680.190.46.*Glo Trade UK LtdAnother payment from this one! 9/27/2010 13:18 45592368 U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) + $22.00
17:17U751??77173.13.170.*Glo Trade UK Ltdwhat a great program! just received payment again! great program! honest admin!
17:10U640??0972.167.35.*Glo Trade UK Ltdgot paid!thank! got paid today 9/28/2010 10:55 45655328 U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) + $150.00 Memo: 150% after 15days
17:01U889??41119.131.64.*Glo Trade UK LtdThe site paid me enough,hanks for all payments, i still vote for you!
17:00U830??82168.126.28.*Glo Trade UK LtdVery profitable project! i am very happy that was joined to it since start! Cool site!
16:56U773??30216.93.188.*Glo Trade UK LtdDate: 9/27/2010 14:14 Batch: 45597032 From Account: U3064004 Amount: $2.50 Memo: Referral Commission
16:45U409??58 178.93.176.* ForexCompanyOnlineTHANKS! Date : 2010-28-09 17:37:13 From/To Account : U2645437 ( Amount : 12.60 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 45682137
16:25U560??19124.0.207.*Glo Trade UK LtdDate : 2010-27-09 15:26:41 From/To Account : U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) Amount : 55.0000 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 45602128 Memo : 110% after 5days Admin is honest and pay me on time.just re-invested more here.
14:43U248??70201.116.215.*Mutual Trust FinanceDate: 9/28/2010 03:45 Batch:45636978 From Account: U8267074 Amount: $3.00 Memo: Withdraw to XXXXX from Mutual Trust Finance
14:22U872??9081.31.157.*Mutual Trust FinanceNext fast ref coms received again 9/28/2010 13:15 45664229 U8267074 (MutualTrustFinance) + $6.25 Thanks Admin
14:08U117??3078.109.160.*Mutual Trust FinanceDate: 9/28/2010 14:48 Batch: 45670319 From Account: U8267074 Amount: $3.60 Memo: Withdraw to Aoaxos from Mutual Trust Finance
13:52U751??7768.185.22.*OilstructureThe amount of 1.1 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Date: 6:22 27.09.10. Batch: 3839613. Memo: API Payment.
13:41U640??0966.63.164.*OilstructurePAID to MoneyDice always! Date: 2010-27-09 07:09:25 Batch: 45567119 From Account: U4898120 Amount: $1.00 Memo: Oilstructure: Referral profit withdrawal
13:18U526??82 212.152.60.* Eternal MoneyU5267082
12:58U610??68119.131.64.*12DailyProThe next payment received from 12DailyPro by schedule : Date: 2010-28-09 00:22:14 Batch: 45631505 From Account: U5952443 Amount: $4.05 Memo:
11:49 U823??15 91.210.156.*Invest Oil GasNOT PAYING
11:15U202??29 119.199.77.* Mutual FundsPAID ON TIME. Today received my payment again. Batch: 45646975. Thank admin. Very good and strong program.
10:57U289??8864.79.127.*Mutual FundsReceive my payment today. Date: 2010-09-27 14:22 Batch: 45597577 From Account: U6910311 (Financial Funds Corp) Amount: $2.85 Memo: Withdrawal #3637 amount $2.85 fee $0 Thanks admin
10:50U605??6764.79.127.*RFTPAYING. 9/27/2010 16:07 45604972 U6225468 (RFT) + $7.96
10:43U156??4795.110.197.*Waverley FinanceGot paid as usual. This is a great program and the plans are set for anyone.
10:40 U297??88 210.213.7.* Money IslandDon't invest it , So big Scam!!!!!!!!>>>>Hello tesok. $122.50 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account n/a. Transaction batch is n/a.
10:35U794??96203.113.124.*Mutual FundsAdd investment. Date 9/27/2010 16:07 Payment mode Account Batch 45604980 To U3863166 (Financial Funds Corp) From U***** Amount $100.00 Memo Invest to plan 1 user taoshen
10:26U248??70203.113.124.*RFTDate: 9/27/2010 20:59 Batch: 45623849 From Account: U6225468 Amount: $8.58 Memo: RFT Withdrawal
10:12U007??84173.13.170.*Compax Trade9/27/2010 15:33 45602603 U9393530 (Compax Trade Accounting) + $0.72
10:08U289??81209.44.106.*Compax TradeThe site paying to all investors,really nice program!
10:05U404??15198.65.144.*Compax TradeDate: 2010-09-27 16:33 Batch: 45606674 From Account: U9393530 Amount: $12.00 Memo:
10:02U402??0264.15.68.*Compax TradeYou have received a payment to your account U4210389: Date: 2010-28-09 02:53:20 Batch: 45635285 From Account: U9393530 Amount: $0.20 Memo:
9:59U477??94114.141.198.*Compax TradeThe amount of 4 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Date: 1:22 27.09.10. Batch: 3838792. Memo: API Payment..
9:54U303??4989.133.145.*Compax TradeAnother great program,one of the top paying site.
9:50U610??6877.68.42.*Compax TradeWe have been paid: Quote:You have received a payment to your account U5642771: Date: 2010-09-27 13:02:39 Batch: 45590961 From Account: U9393530 Amount: $1.00 Memo:
9:44U496??45119.131.64.*Compax Tradepaid me again Date: 2010-09-28 02:28 Batch: 45634651 From Account: U9393530 Amount: $10.00 Memo:
9:37U624??0475.99.168.*Compax TradeThey are paying well to me,all no problem!another good program for me.
9:33U873??85130.94.69.*Compax TradeTop HYIP site,very reliable so far ! got paid still very fast.
9:13U496??4574.63.220.*12DailyProDate: 2010-26-09 10:48:31 Batch: 45520182 From Account: U5952443 Amount: $1.80 Memo: Withdraw to hyips4all from 12DailyPro - Quick Cash it`s simple
9:08U624??0475.99.168.*12DailyProhis is a paying program,i have been paid many times and site still paying well!
9:02U873??8564.95.253.*12DailyProReceived payment again and again,this is one of the great Program!
8:55U098??45221.142.230.*12DailyProPayout fast super, Thank you admin: Date : 2010-27-09 12:58:42 From/To Account : U5952443 (12DailyPro) Amount : 6.50 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 45590758 Memo : Withdraw from 12DailyPro - Quick Cash it`s simple
8:20U898??71 121.121.179.* HourlyPayingDoes this site pay? Anyone?
7:48U026??8562.234.136.*Mutual FundsDate: 2010-28-09 07:51:55 Batch: 45646386 From Account: U6910311 Amount: $19.58 Memo: Withdrawal #3711 amount $19.58 fee $0 Thank you.
7:42U120??70188.227.8.*Eternal MoneyPayment is received! Date : 9/27/2010 12:42 From/To Account : U1474045 (Eternal Money) Batch : 45589889 Amount : $1.35
7:36U934??6562.234.136.*RFTPAYING Date: 9/27/2010 12:22 Batch: 45588764 From Account: U6225468 (RFT) Amount: $6.00 Memo: RFT Withdrawal Thank you.
5:25U490??39217.119.154.*Genuine Online BankDate: 9/27/2010 5:00:18 PM Ref Number: 3D8FE-2AAF8-8D7CA Transfer Received From Name/Email: EurAsian Investment: $37.00 USD NO PROBLEM HERE!!
3:49U056??91 222.123.82.* Money IslandThank you honest admin for fast payment this site nice support.
2:36U774??79202.183.141.*Money IslandPayment receive instant. very good hyip and admin thank you so much.
0:36U904??31 125.27.215.* Money IslandI appreciate the cleverness of the admin works very well. nice admin.