Vote Information for Wednesday 8 September 2010


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19:54U573??89 85.178.93.* Uniqe FundDear Admin, thank you very, very much for the quick withdraw -instant payment.
19:27U594??40 64.107.254.* OrbisTrendsGet paid as other guys who deposited and been paid with this project.
19:12U456??1877.20.149.*OrbisTrendsNice payment received. Thanks admin a lot.
18:52U957??09 67.71.155.* OrbisTrendsVery stable hyip since start, possibly the best among Long Term.
18:33U442??0768.72.137.*OrbisTrendsGot paid today, best program and honest admin.
18:14U056??91 117.47.220.* Market InvestigatorThank you honest admin for fast payment this site nice support.
18:12U508??87 85.72.226.* OrbisTrendsThank you for payment. Good job, admin. Very happy!
16:56U780??36 117.47.224.* Market InvestigatorReceived Paid fast without problem excellent working, thank admin.
16:12U883??24124.121.222.*Market InvestigatorGreat project, payment is always fast and on time.
16:06U815??33 69.22.186.* Sweet Earninggot my profit again.thanks admin!
16:04U751??77218.158.99.*OilstructureGreat investments starts here, the most stable hyip that i know.
15:57U640??09220.212.122.*OilstructureDate: 2010-08-09 16:23:17 Batch: 44441241 From Account: U4898120 Amount: $0.11 Memo: Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal Thank you.
15:50U108??35 112.143.6.* Market InvestigatorThe fastest Easiest money I can ever earn. Good system. Excellent program.
15:48U236??41 216.66.45.* Sweet EarningPaid me $1.50.Thanks Admin!
15:47U889??41124.219.55.*OilstructureThey are paying well to me,all no problem!another good program for me.
15:36U729??62118.173.178.*Market InvestigatorAnother instant payment received. This program deserves to be rated 1st.
15:20U477??94212.95.52.*Glo Trade UK LtdDate: 2010-09-07 23:42 Batch: 44396254 From Account: U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) Amount: $33.00 Memo: 110% after 5days Paid to me still no problem and it is regular! thanks
15:14U303??49178.33.21.*Glo Trade UK LtdAdmin is honest and pay me on time.just re-invested more here.
15:08U499??7161.90.26.*Hourly-CashPay as usual, so great hyip. The admin is so honest.
15:05U610??6868.71.47.*Glo Trade UK LtdDate : 2010-08-09 14:03:54 From/To Account : U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) Amount : 55.0000 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 44432414 Memo : 110% after 5days
14:58U496??4598.126.2.*Glo Trade UK Ltdreceived payment again from here Date: 2010-09-07 22:20 Batch: 44392802 From Account: U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) Amount: $55.00 Memo: 110% after 5days
14:56U904??31125.27.210.*Market InvestigatorFeel very happy to receive this money and very thanks admin.
14:54U883??24124.121.222.*Hourly-CashPaid me like usually thanks admin. Keep your program forever.
14:52U624??0476.73.113.*Glo Trade UK Ltdwhat a great program! just received payment again! great program! honest admin!
14:45U873??85204.45.58.*Glo Trade UK LtdThe next payment received from Glo Trade UK Ltd on schedule : Date: 9/8/2010 14:08 Batch: 44432701 From Account: U3064004 Amount: $2.50 Memo: Referral Commission
14:45U843??07202.28.66.*Market InvestigatorI am sure, when you investment here you will received my payment form admin always.
14:43U738??96 58.8.60.* Market InvestigatorThanks for payment keep being paid.
14:42U499??7161.90.26.*Market InvestigatorI have no complaints here. Good program, paid on time, thank you!
14:40U571??83222.123.29.*Market InvestigatorPaid my payment very fast. I like this program . I get money from this program more. Thanks admin.
14:39U098??45110.34.128.*Glo Trade UK LtdThanks for paid me on time 9/7/2010 23:43 44396286 U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) + $22.00
14:29U551??6561.75.116.*Glo Trade UK Ltdalways paid me and did not miss a single payment,great site.
14:28U499??7161.90.26.*High Profit ProjectA program with a great future. Always pay me.
14:19U067??80220.212.122.*Glo Trade UK Ltdsite paid me on time,thank admin Date: 2010-09-07 14:04 Batch: 44362795 From Account: U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) Amount: $22.00 Memo: 110% after 5days
14:12U872??29124.219.55.*Glo Trade UK LtdThe site still works fine and they pay well,one of the best hyip program!
14:06U843??07 118.173.165.* High Profit ProjectPaid on time, Thx for admin.
13:59U141??72118.172.62.*High Profit ProjectReceived payment again and again, this is one of the great Program!
13:58U571??83222.123.29.*High Profit ProjectGreat site. I recieve my payment on day. Recommed to join on site. ^^!
13:55U169??56 114.128.12.* High Profit ProjectGetting payment right on time!Very happy.
13:49U729??62118.173.178.*Hourly-Cash9/8/2010 15:37 44438236 U0219009 (Hourly Cash) + $1.00 , Thanks Admin.
13:38U571??83222.123.29.*Hourly-CashReally paid !! Thanks for my payment it very fast. Hope to stay along time.
13:31U141??72118.172.62.*Hourly-CashJust got paid again from the site.I am very happy with this program and got returns.
12:45U535??7562.31.20.*OrbisTrendsExcellent program paid without problem I stronglly recommend this program.
12:18U801??7199.131.3.*OrbisTrendsA program with a great future. Always pay me.
12:05U475??41213.37.37.*OrbisTrendsForget your problems, your concerns, since this program will support you forever!
11:49U849??1176.188.172.*OrbisTrendsPaid good. Thanks for your job! Again paid, as always without problems. Thanks Admin.
11:24U732??56 84.26.225.* OrbisTrendsAlways Got the payment on time, thanks admin, Hope can keep on the good jobs.
10:51U190??1883.216.184.*Visa Earnings Investmentwith my observation so far, am sure they will be around for awhile, i test them with both small and big investment and they pay them all.
9:43U439??5395.154.201.*High Profit Projectpaid ontime . very good
9:25U108??35 112.142.192.* High Profit ProjectVery good program. Payment very fast. Great admin, Excellent support.
8:48U098??45212.95.52.*Plex FundDate: 2010-07-09 14:14:25 Batch: 44363340 From Account: U0233959 Amount: $0.75 Memo: Withdraw to keyhyip from Plex Fund Thank you.
8:44U551??65178.33.21.*Plex FundAlways paid on time to me! i think this is a good site.
8:40U067??8076.73.113.*Plex Fundinstantly payment Withdrawal processed, batch_id: 44417311 Account Balance: $0.00 Pending Withdrawals: $0.00
8:36U872??29204.45.58.*Plex FundNext payment Received Instantly as usual, Date: 2010-09-08 08:08 Batch: 44413265 From Account: U0233959 (Plex Fund) Amount: $1.50 Memo: Thank you, admin!
8:31U867??66112.140.186.*Plex FundThis is a very nice program.Hope it will last forever.
8:21U268??62180.149.49.*Visa Earnings InvestmentYou are paying me like fire....Keep on rocking....I RATE YOU AS KING, MIGHTIEST PROGRAM
7:30U904??31125.27.210.*High Profit ProjectFeel very happy to receive this money and very thanks admin.
7:10U560??19178.33.21.*Compax TradeDate: 9/7/2010 10:14 Batch: 44350209 From Account: U9393530 (Compax Trade Accounting) Amount: $0.60 Memo:
7:07U904??50 69.197.128.* Compax TradeThis site paying to me well& great admin
7:02U310??1198.126.2.*Compax Tradepayment received from (Compax Trade Accounting) Date: 2010-09-08 02:37 Batch: 44401193 From Account: U9393530 (Compax Trade Accounting) Amount: $2.60 Memo: Thanks !
6:59U821??6176.73.113.*Compax Trade9/7/2010 13:06 44359686 U9393530 (Compax Trade Accounting) + $0.88 Merchant Reference: 2922
6:55U746??89204.45.63.*Compax TradePaid promptly,the site is paying to me, thanks!
6:52U451??8968.71.47.*Compax TradeRecieved payment instant. Date: 9/7/2010 13:03 Batch: 44359472 From Account: U9393530 (Compax Trade Accounting) Amount: $0.61 Memo: Thank you admin.
6:48U741??79110.34.128.*Compax Trade9/7/2010 21:21 44390523 U9393530 (Compax Trade Accounting) + $0.50
6:43U007??84112.140.186.*Compax Tradepaid to me as always today! i like this program more and more
6:37U289??81218.158.99.*Compax TradeYou have received a payment to your account U5366061: Date: 2010-07-09 17:42:16 Batch: 44378000 From Account: U9393530 Amount: $1.00 Memo: Thank you.
6:32U404??15220.212.122.*Compax TradeI am very satisfied with this investment,payments fast to my liberty account everytime!
5:58U729??62118.173.178.*High Profit ProjectPAYING...PAYING.Received profit payments as per request. Very good program. Thanx admin.
4:54U615??20210.197.148.*Agostin Financel later realised that no one invest here that will regret...this truly the best in paying
4:46U781??42125.92.17.*Agostin FinanceI got paid now after reinvest, previous payment recieved.
4:42U780??36 180.183.124.* High Profit ProjectPaid! received fast very impress good program invest, thank admin.
3:47U906??25202.152.202.*Sweet EarningAnother payment received! Batch:44397212. Thanks Admin!
2:02U007??28204.12.243.*Groupuniversal9/7/2010 22:58 44394542 U4788261 (GroupUniversal) + $1.80
1:55U830??51110.34.129.*GroupuniversalDate: 2010-07-09 22:58:55 Batch: 44394618 From Account: u4788261 Amount: $6.80 Memo: Withdraw from
0:54U714??0168.71.47.*GroupuniversalI am in PROFIT ,this is a serious paying INVESTMENT program .always pays