Vote Information for Thursday 2 September 2010


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23:49U702??2494.100.24.*Agostin FinancePAYING!!! AGAIN
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19:26U921??0362.195.120.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Pending withdrawal is from august the 7th 2010 and STILL NOT PAID. They never answered my e-mails, They pay only small amounts on selective accounts. DON'T INVEST, THEY ARE BIG SCAMMERS!!
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17:41 U178??35 184.9.147.* Tillotson InvestmentsSCAM!! SCAM!! SCAM!! ALL GOOD VOTES ARE FAKE! THIS PROGRAM IS SCAM, NEVER PAID, I CAN PROOVE!
16:50U610??68210.193.54.*OilstructureReceive my payment today. Date: 2010-09-02 08:06 Batch: 44045436 From Account: U4898120 (Oilstructure) Amount: $10.50 Memo: Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal
16:38U496??45218.189.30.*Oilstructure9/2/2010 16:54 44077109 U4898120 (Oilstructure) + $3.60 Merchant Reference: 225749 Memo: Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal
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14:14U152??5880.188.193.*PreciousFundDate: 2010-02-09 09:31:57 From/To Account : U2566475 (PreciousFund) Amount : 11.75 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 44049860
14:06U794??96195.34.77.*Sweet EarningThanks. Very table program, paid me again. Batch 44004513
14:01U794??96195.34.77.*EurAsian Investment9/1/2010 17:36 44013188 U0358421 (EurAsian Investment) + $275.69
14:00U098??45 94.100.24.* Glo Trade UK Ltdwhat a great program! just received payment again! great program! honest admin!
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13:49U581??22203.192.186.*Sweet EarningDate: 9/1/2010 15:46 Batch: 44005435 From Account: U9270628 Amount: $6.00
13:45U551??65178.33.21.*Glo Trade UK LtdGot paid today,thanks 9/2/2010 11:49 44056615 U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) + $22.00
13:43U780??36 222.123.21.* 5 Star InvestReceived! fast paid no delay good job admin best way invest, thank
13:41U581??22203.192.186.*EurAsian InvestmentDate: 2010-02-09 14:01:57 Batch: 44064289 From Account: U0358421 Amount: $124.00
13:38U067??80221.165.168.*Glo Trade UK Ltdgot paid on time from the site 9/1/2010 18:00 44014792 U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) + $55.00 thank admin.
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13:32U581??22203.192.186.*PreciousFund9/1/2010 15:23 44003918 U2566475 (PreciousFund) + $10.00
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13:21U867??66209.120.245.*Glo Trade UK LtdDate: 2010-09-01 13:49 Batch: 43997515 From Account: U3064004 Amount: $2.00 Memo: Referral Commission Some RC paid ,thanks admin.
12:45U307??93 12.87.49.* OrbisTrendsBest ever paying hyips. You are doing wonderfully good admin.
12:35U751??7764.27.11.*Glo Trade UK LtdI got paid again from here without any problem today,another good program for me.
12:25U628??6785.137.227.*OrbisTrendsThanks for paying out my payouts.
12:25U640??0999.89.84.*Glo Trade UK LtdThanks! Date: 2010-09-01 13:18 Batch: 43995698 From Account: U3064004 (Glo Trade UK Ltd) Amount: $33.00 Memo: 110% after 5days
12:10U889??41218.189.30.*Glo Trade UK LtdThe next payment received from Glo Trade UK Ltd on schedule : Date: 2010-09-01 13:51 Batch: 43997646 From Account: U3064004 Amount: $2.00 Memo: Referral Commission
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11:58U830??82202.190.201.*Glo Trade UK LtdPaid to all on time, so good ...honest admin! I will invest more again.
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11:46U599??64209.47.111.*OrbisTrendsPerfect working investment project. Recommend for everyone.
11:35U092??88173.3.16.*OrbisTrendsSuper work guys thanks for the payment.
11:13U252??77 79.0.148.* OrbisTrendsI get payment without any delay, really good program, thank you admin!
11:00U444??78 24.179.151.* OrbisTrendsPayment in my account within hours. Reasonable percentage assures longevity of this program.
10:47U230??7191.65.246.*OrbisTrendsGreat program! Pay on time! Support is the Best!
10:40U815??3369.22.184.*Sweet EarningThank you Admin for another fast payment!
10:35U442??07 68.73.194.* OrbisTrendsThanks admin. Paid for today i love you admin.
10:30U309??28211.217.193.*Compax TradeDate: 2010-09-02 02:39 Batch: 44036205 From Account: U9393530 (Compax Trade Accounting) Amount: $3.60 Memo:
10:26U295??37121.147.223.*Compax Tradereally stable and reliable project.I obtained my profits as others.
10:23U252??15 68.68.99.* Visa Earnings Investmenti got my referral bonus so much happy for timely payment
10:23U202??5666.232.147.*Compax Tradeget next paid without any problem.Thanks honest admin. Date: 2010-02-09 08:17:49 Batch: 44046412
10:17U945??43118.33.114.*Compax TradePM instantly payment received ..thanks admin The amount of 9 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Date: 8:11 02.09.10. Batch: 3632745. Memo:
10:17U815??3369.22.184.*PreciousFundThank you Admin for another fast payment!
10:15U827??9683.216.184.*Visa Earnings InvestmentNice admin, i have being paid for the 2nd time. I think this project is going to become the hottest online very soon
10:12U535??8765.98.240.*Compax TradeThe next instant payment is received 9/2/2010 08:43 44047418 U9393530 (Compax Trade Accounting) + $10.50
10:06U650??8861.76.252.*Compax TradeDate: 2010-02-09 00:38:38 Batch: 44033321 From Account: U9393530 (Compax Trade Accounting) Amount: $20.02 Memo:
10:01U143??1087.215.193.*Compax TradeNice payment received again.the program paid me normally.thank you admin.
9:55U824??74213.199.192.*Compax TradeDate: 2010-02-09 02:06:33 Batch: 44035345 From Account: U9393530 Amount: $1.00 Memo:
9:50U506??79203.232.22.*Compax Tradestable program!I have been paid as normal.well done,thank you admin. 9/2/2010 00:42 44033497 U9393530 (Compax Trade Accounting) + $1.50 $0.02 Memo:
9:49U872??29208.96.17.*Plex FundDate: 2010-09-02 02:25 Batch: 44035867 From Account: U0233959 (Plex Fund) Amount: $6.00 Memo: Withdraw to quella from Plex Fund Thanks a bunch !!
9:45U862??05 110.45.146.* Compax Tradegot paid instantly .thanks admin 9/2/2010 06:21 44042131 U9393530 (Compax Trade Accounting) + $0.50
9:42U867??6675.99.168.*Plex FundNext payment Received Instantly as usual, Date: 2010-02-09 07:54:02 Batch: 44044871 From Account: U0233959 Amount: $1.50 Memo:
9:28U751??7799.89.84.*Plex FundPaid always on time!i'm happy and satisfied with their service! thank admin.
9:20U824??74 60.48.203.* Maxi Cash, Ltd.Next instant payment received again 9/2/2010 09:26 44049582 U9471695 (Maxicash.Biz) + $0.75 Thanks Admin
9:19U640??09130.94.69.*Plex Fund04:22 02.09.10 Receive 3631636 U2987087 +0.38 Received Payment 0.38 USD from account U2987087. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to bsdh from Plex Fund.
9:07U889??41221.142.230.*Plex FundDate: 2010-01-09 15:32:42 Batch: 44004525 From Account: U0233959 Amount: $1.50 Memo: Withdraw to keyhyip from Plex Fund
6:32U603??43125.92.18.*ForexicaPay me everyday and on time thank you
5:44U236??4169.31.103.*Sweet EarningPaid me once again! Honest admin,thanks!
5:41U236??4169.31.103.*PreciousFundPaid me once again! Honest admin,thanks!
4:10U481??02 180.186.64.* LegestradeThis is a very nice program. Hope it can run for long time
3:45U649??6860.28.128.*LegestradeI get payment without any delay!
3:26U098??2061.75.116.*Legestrade9/1/2010 20:32 Batch Number : 44024285 From Account : U7387745 (LegesTrade) Amount : $10.25 Memo : Withdraw from
3:12U633??91210.197.215.*LegestradeDate: 2010-08-31 20:58 Batch: 43959417 From Account: U7387745 (LegesTrade) Amount: $2.50 Memo: Withdraw from
2:34U162??25212.95.52.*LegestradeDate: 2010-31-08 20:58:46 Batch: 43959403 From Account: U7387745 Amount: $17.50 Memo: Withdraw from