Vote Information for Sunday 31 December 2006


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0:55388??90219.83.97.*Golden FlowHappy New Year, Golden Flow's Admin. All the best for you during 2007.
0:11387??3660.53.4.*Golden FlowHAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you GOLDEN FLOW!!! Wishing you to reinstate your excellent HYIP program!
22:45388??90219.83.97.*KTCFundsKTCFund is one good paying site. Get paid for 3 of 11. Thanks Admin.
22:42365??74 61.5.68.* Easy Profit Networkbest program...always paying....invest ur money here.....thanx u admin......(indrajurex)
22:35 388??71 125.164.174.* WerInvest
17:40365??8824.174.116.*Golden-HoursThese guys are really paying. Thanks!!!!
17:32393??6572.232.94.*e-GoldMakersi got paid automatically fro
17:31393??8972.232.94.*e-GoldMakersPAYING PAYING PAYING
17:30393??8083.133.125.*e-GoldMakersbest program
16:41190??10152.163.100.*DayTradeProsgreat program and paying
16:35346??09 24.236.225.* AMC Programgot paid! thanks!
16:07 382??85 220.207.128.* Key4Profitsok,ok,
16:07362??40193.151.57.*Charge InvestExcellent!!!
15:55372??62195.174.200.*2007Profitsgot paid again thxxx
15:32323??91 219.92.255.* Profit-For-AllWill start paying again on monday or tuesday, 3 new program released.
15:22 382??81 213.136.101.*150ByDayVEry Good !!! I earned $260 for $200 invested. I try again
15:00371??35 85.144.163.* 2007ProfitsDamn, got paid instantly.
14:52326??4587.248.165.*OIL Fundpaid
13:57 235??03 218.101.79.* GoInvestmentClubThey have stopped withdrawal requests, not paying
13:39390??62 59.146.190.* e-GoldMakersIt doesn't answer even if it doesn't pay, and it inquires.
12:57 375??18 219.83.2.* WerInvestpaid...? fuck you... ur scam
11:39 291??91 85.10.199.*Easy Profit NetworkThis one is flooding my egold account with money. I love it! Instant withdrawals
11:25359??74222.124.123.*FX 950No paid my withdraw
10:54375??29202.162.199.*Diamond Earningthis is the best, always on time
10:36358??57 89.54.91.* Golden FlowGot Paid 23/56, thanks Admin !
10:30365??7461.5.69.*WerInvesti always got paying........thanx admin.....really realy true investment
10:17365??7461.5.69.*Golden Flowfor all member....please be patient....GOLDEN-FLOW doesnt like that...they will pay our me
10:09393??88148.233.159.*MKClubThe Payment was received over and over again! thank You!. Continue this prominent and remarkable act
10:02393??88148.233.159.*Traders-SalonNice to take part in this programm and get profit! Thanks, admin!
9:42359??74222.124.123.*Golden FlowNot paid pending from date Dec 28 till now this program is broken no paid no invest again
8:21 268??89 68.55.129.* Golden FlowPayments forever pending.
8:16358??38 125.160.234.* FinanceFundAWESOME, the money come to my account less than 30 minutes :)
7:47393??9472.232.94.*e-GoldMakersnumer one , tanks admin of e-goldmakers Company
7:45393??1272.232.94.*e-GoldMakerstanks , paid
7:42393??2872.232.94.*e-GoldMakerspaying , i got paid again.
7:41381??0083.133.125.*e-GoldMakersvery very good , i got paid for 4 st.
7:38382??4983.133.125.*e-GoldMakers1 has got 740$ till now from this program ,
7:33382??9283.133.125.*e-GoldMakersTanks admin. paid me
7:31384??2383.133.125.*e-GoldMakerspaying tanks from e-goldMakers Company
7:25 3931901 PROXY e-GoldMakers[Program Admin]> best on top of the world.
7:24393??8883.133.125.*e-GoldMakersi got paid for my 11 st, best
7:23393??9783.133.125.*e-GoldMakerspaid excuse my previous vote is wrong / tanks admin / best program
4:10349??68138.243.129.*Golden Flownotpay.........3494768
3:43264??39165.21.154.*NYC ProfitsVery Good site, PAID!
2:27249??47 202.208.135.* Golden FlowSincere ADMIN Thank you for continuing paying until now.Please contact me, when you newly start HYIP.
1:22382??82 60.48.167.* WerInvestnot a single payment received on the 301206.they dont reply the is a SCAM . [ calvinsaran]
1:13 375??37 59.39.58.* Golden Flowautopay system can't work these days,maybe for holidays or the taiwan earthquake,hope admin make it works as usual,better come out and explain