Vote Information for Wednesday 25 August 2010


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21:36U827??96 82.128.62.* Westa Fund Investmentpayout recieve $11.5 , i made investment or $10 two days ago and the pay as promise... good job.
19:54U979??98 202.108.50.* Avanish TradePaid well and always in time! Excellent site! I will vote here after receive payment. username emiller87
18:13U050??4786.143.181.*Prudent InvestmentWell - they never had any intention of paying and still haven't! The owner, (Tom)'s email is When he's squeezed you dry he stops emailing you.
17:55U246??99 173.23.133.* OrbisTrendsGood Investment. Thanks for paying out the money.
17:19U843??07 118.173.147.* Profit - MineI am sure, when you investment here you will received my payment from admin always.
17:12U654??23168.120.80.*Profit - MineThanks , I got paid for today.
17:09U729??62118.173.179.*Profit - Mine8/25/2010 18:35 43606079 U2143382 ( + $11.40 , Thanks admin.
17:00U780??36 180.183.118.* Profit - MineFirst paid received fast without any problem very impressive, thank admin.
17:00U089??12 222.123.110.* Profit - MineThe fastest Easiest money I can ever earn. Good system. Excellent program.
16:43U120??7087.248.237.*Tour FundsPAID! 8/25/2010 16:22 43597515 U1600903 (TourFunds) + $1.75 Memo: Withdraw to Travolta from Tour Funds
16:41U477??9458.102.149.*OilstructureDate : 2010-25-08 11:19:24 From/To Account : U0313767 (Oilstructure) Amount : 3.15 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 43580429 Memo : Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal
16:30U303??49 121.33.144.* Oilstructure2010-08-25 17:54:51 43603554 U0313767 (Oilstructure) + $3.15 Payment received, Thank you.
16:25U610??68218.189.30.*OilstructureGot paid quickly and correctly as always. Thank you, Admin! Date: 8/25/2010 14:17 Batch: 43589527 From Account: U0313767 (Oilstructure) Amount: $3.15 Memo: Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal
15:55U932??44 77.194.247.* OrbisTrendsReal investments are here. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity.
15:43U162??25203.152.212.*Groupuniversalvery nice site, paid me well,I like it very much.
15:32U603??43204.12.224.*GroupuniversalThis is honest project, i got paid. Gonna to invest more.
15:29U551??65218.189.30.*PerfectMoney8/25/2010 16:12 43596851 U4933475 (Perfect Money) + $10.00
15:27U781??4258.218.211.*GroupuniversalExcellent program, always paying! very recommended to join here,should reinvest here.
15:24U067??8038.105.100.*PerfectMoneyPayment received instantly as usual Date: 2010-25-08 15:51:19 Batch: 43595549 From Account: U4933475 To Account: U5635283 Amount: $18.00 Memo: Thank you, admin !
15:22U872??29209.120.245.*PerfectMoneyWell organized project!Right place to invest,this site always paid me well ,really excellent program
15:18U867??6678.109.160.*PerfectMoneyNext payment Received instantly as usual, Date: 2010-08-25 14:43 Batch: 43591084 From Account: U4933475 (Perfect Money) Amount: $5.50 Memo:
15:16U633??91125.92.54.*GroupuniversalThis one keeps on paying and paying, great program
15:14U751??77130.94.66.*PerfectMoneyDate : 2010-25-08 15:55:21 From/To Account : U4933475 (Perfect Money) Amount : 14.40 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 43595859 Memo : Withdraw to wilsons from
15:11U640??0924.249.163.*PerfectMoneyDate: 2010-08-25 15:18 Batch: 43593397 From Account: U4933475 (Perfect Money) Amount: $8.75 Memo: Got paid by instantly withdrawal as usual! Best paying program, stable & reliable!
15:08U889??41210.193.54.*PerfectMoneyReceive my payment today. Date: 2010-08-25 09:23 Batch: 43574485 From Account: U4933475 (Perfect Money) Amount: $7.20 Memo:
15:05U830??82206.170.202.*PerfectMoneyVery honest admin, got paid daily profit again,thank admin.
15:01U773??3075.99.168.*PerfectMoneyDate : 2010-25-08 15:27:00 From/To Account : U4933475 (Perfect Money) Amount : 12.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 43594094 Memo : Withdraw from
14:58U560??1964.27.11.*PerfectMoneyReceive my payment today. Date: 2010-08-25 15:47 Batch: 43595335 From Account: U4933475 (Perfect Money) Amount: $120.00 Memo: Withdraw to from Thanks admin
14:56U904??50 202.153.172.* PerfectMoneyInvested their plans right now! site paying me fine.
14:52U603??68112.121.173.*PerfectMoneyDate : 2010-25-08 15:27:00 From/To Account : U4933475 (Perfect Money) Amount : 12.40 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 43594092 Memo : Withdraw from
14:52U310??11209.216.233.*PerfectMoneygot paid again today 8/25/2010 14:16 43589426 U4933475 (Perfect Money) + $9.00
14:49U821??6199.70.220.*PerfectMoneyDate: 2010-25-08 02:13:23 Batch: 43559641 From Account: U4933475 Amount: $60.00 Memo: Got paid as usual.thanks admin.
14:48U739??2994.76.218.*PerfectMoneyDate: 2010-25-08 02:13:23 Batch: 43559641 From Account: U4933475 Amount: $9.60 Memo: Got paid as usual.thanks admin.
14:46U746??89130.94.69.*PerfectMoneyDate : 2010-25-08 15:13:11 From/To Account : U4933475 (Perfect Money) Amount : 24.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 43593017 Memo : Withdraw to undervision from
14:42U211??44 24.87.88.* OrbisTrendsOne of the very good program, still paid to me.
14:41U451??89115.95.70.*PerfectMoneyJust verify this program, payment received again! very good site with stable plan!
14:33U919??4864.235.48.*PerfectMoneyPaying 8/25/2010 12:21 43583789 U4933475 (Perfect Money) + $12.40
14:21U253??13 210.197.212.* PerfectMoneyPayment received instantly as usual Date: 2010-25-08 15:51:19 Batch: 43595549 From Account: U4933475 To Account: U5635281 Amount: $6.72 Memo: Withdraw to john from
14:17U512??94113.108.133.*PerfectMoneyReceive my payment today. Date: 2010-08-25 09:23 Batch: 43574485 From Account: U4933475 (Perfect Money) Amount: $5.00 Memo:
14:14U289??8199.70.220.*Plex FundNext payment Received Instantly as usual, Date: 2010-25-08 07:48:49 Batch: 43570534 From Account: U0233959 Amount: $1.50 Memo: Thank you, admin!
14:08U404??1575.99.168.*Plex FundJust verify this program, payment received again! very good site with stable plan!
14:06U942??0794.76.208.*Agostin FinancePerfect working investment project.Thanks for paying me again and again!
13:56U317??31216.218.211.*Instantly GainGot paid instantly and invest Thanks admin
13:53U402??02203.172.247.*Plex FundPayment from: Plex Fund Batch: 43583388 Time: 25-08-10 12:13 Thanks admin!
13:53U317??31216.218.211.*Hourly Bankpaid me again and again
13:43U470??79216.218.211.*Instantly GainReceived my payment just need 1second
13:40U470??79216.218.211.*Hourly BankGreat site for me!!
13:37U110??9564.62.196.*Instantly GainExcellent program paid without problem I stronglly recommend this program
13:35U110??9564.62.196.*Hourly BankVery good project and real investment program. Paid well and always in time! Excellent site!
13:33U477??9477.68.36.*Plex FundDate: 2010-25-08 14:49:03 Batch: 43591447 From Account: U0233959 Amount: $0.90 Memo: Withdraw from Plex Fund Thank you.
13:31U582??4568.68.107.*Instantly GainPaid to my Liberty Account Today.some referal commission arrived again,Great Going.
13:31U633??91222.73.85.*Agostin Financea great program, reinvested again, they are paying
13:29U582??4568.68.107.*Hourly BankExcellent Very nice looking site! Hurry up to join and get your profit!
13:25U303??49213.199.192.*Plex FundProgram looks real great! i still successfully received my earnings from it.
13:23U153??15216.66.45.*Instantly GainPayment received again i am constantly getting stable profit from the site. thank admin
13:21U153??15216.66.45.*Hourly Bank$1800 received, thanks
13:18U282??35 84.202.185.* OrbisTrendsNice to see everyone happy and get paid. Really looks great.
13:15U120??85 74.82.24.* Hourly BankVery good site, and perfect service from the admin. Received another payment today.paid very fast!best program for me.
13:10U095??8868.68.108.*Hourly Bankstill get paid on time! Great program
13:04U189??70 72.240.63.* OrbisTrendsThanks this program. Payment received!
13:04U120??8568.68.108.*Instantly GainThey always pay ontime.
13:02U781??4294.100.24.*Agostin Financethis is the best program I finaly made profit, thanks
12:59U095??88 216.66.59.* Instantly GainGet paid as always , Thank you admin.
12:46U464??86 91.60.75.* OrbisTrendsReally the best program online Serious paying program.
12:28U746??89130.94.69.*Mutual FundsReceived my payment . Date: 2010-08-24 21:32 Batch: 43551082 From Account: U6910311 (Financial Funds Corp) Amount: $3.45 Memo: thank admin!
12:18U081??6366.66.83.*OrbisTrendsAll in time. Super project! Payment received. Thanks.
12:09U451??8978.109.160.*Mutual Fundsreceived payment from You have received a payment to your account U5642771: Date: 2010-08-24 21:32:21 Batch: 43551066 From Account: U6910311 Amount: $0.57 Memo: Withdrawal #1593 amount $0.57 fee $0
12:09U678??55 98.210.114.* OrbisTrendsHot program, they paid me after the investing. Thanks admin.
12:00U603??43173.212.228.*Agostin FinanceI have been getting my interest payments no problems.keep up the good work.
11:50U883??24 110.168.104.* Safety InvestmentNew Paid received! thank admin. 8/25/2010 12:47 43584959 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $7.00
11:44U787??96 78.23.99.* OrbisTrendsWithdraw my profit without problem. Thanks admin.
11:29U162??25125.92.54.*Agostin FinanceRecommend this one for everyone
11:26U568??48 89.79.248.* OrbisTrendsSuper Program, quality program! Paying steadily, thank you admin!
11:18U918??20 213.93.156.* OrbisTrendsThank you for doing all that you have promised.
11:04U529??2366.189.133.*OrbisTrendsPaying, great program and excellent site.
11:01U904??31 125.27.220.* Safety Investment8/25/2010 12:30 43584205 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $15.00 Thanks admin for good job and payment.
10:48U287??33 75.15.177.* OrbisTrendsPaid me like usually thanks admin. Keep your program forever.
10:35U980??11 151.54.30.* OrbisTrendsAdmin is honest and pay on time.
10:25U599??64209.47.111.*OrbisTrendsI strongly recommend this program. They are fantastic.
10:05U490??27 110.164.171.* Safety Investment8/25/2010 11:43 43581621 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $20.00 Paid on time and very good support thank admin.
9:38U535??8762.110.158.*Maxi Cash, Ltd.Paid me another profits fastly Date: 2010-25-08 10:35:39 Batch: 43577973 From Account: U9471695 (Maxicash.Biz) Amount: $1.70 Memo: Withdraw from Maxi Cash, Ltd Thank you, admin!
8:26U117??30 65.198.96.* Oil Forex Trading Co.This is one of the best investmen program,most solid and honest,always paying, highly recommended. 8/24/2010 17:39 43537678 U4563654 (O.F.T.) + $1500.00
8:24U945??4358.71.174.*PerfectMoneyI will invest here more. Date: 2010-25-08 03:44:35 Batch: 43562283 From Account: U4933475 Amount: $6.00 Memo: Withdraw to Dylan from Thank admin.
8:17U535??87211.54.17.*PerfectMoneypaid! Thanks admin. Date: 2010-25-08 02:43:28 Batch: 43560615 From Account: U4933475 Amount: $47.11 Memo: Withdraw to Megan from Thank admin.
8:11U650??88115.21.65.*PerfectMoneyI got paid again and again! Date: 2010-25-08 02:01:31 Batch: 43559293 From Account: U4933475 Amount: $20.00 Memo: Withdraw to Brandon from Thank admin.
8:05U143??10213.132.37.*PerfectMoneyReceived another payment today. 8/25/2010 09:17 43574180 U4933475 (Perfect Money) + $57.03
7:58U824??74121.124.127.*PerfectMoneyi got paid today. Thanks admin! 8/25/2010 01:06 43558183 U4933475 (Perfect Money) + $13.09
7:43U443??7780.201.97.*Excel InvBatch: 43414892 Amount: $26 Memo: Payment to Timon -- 2th 52% revenue of my 50 bucks investment.
7:36U027??04 216.123.168.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Paid to all on time, so good honest admin! I will invest more again.
6:47U026??85220.241.65.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Paid 3000$ again. Transaction batch is 43541695. my name: vane jose. thanks.
5:33U500??35209.92.144.*Oil Forex Trading Co.I am in, spend 3900$ again. Date 8/24/2010 14:51 Payment mode Account Batch 43525355 To U4563654 (O.F.T.) From U****** Amount $3900.00
3:14U714??01110.34.128.*ForexicaStill paying well to me!i think it is nice site.seem no other programe like this one.
2:54U872??90 117.24.245.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Thanks for payment. Today Paid batcth: 43521961. got $5000 again.
1:55U780??36 112.142.198.* Safety InvestmentNice Paid always received, thank 8/24/2010 20:51 43549001 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $10.00
1:17U515??10 173.212.228.* ForexicaPaing my ! Thanks admin !!! Very very Good !!! Always paing!!! I'll reinvest! Great program!
1:09U615??20 113.93.249.* Forexicawell seriouse program! Honest admin. hyip is one of the best!
0:59U256??68 203.82.94.* ForexHighIncomeI lost $52. Why MaxHyip give status " PAYING " very fast after a few days listing??? I hope next time, MaxHyip to supervision before give status " PAYING "!!!!