Vote Information for Saturday 30 December 2006


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23:05290??45195.5.50.*FXEasyPaid ! Thank you
23:04290??45195.5.50.*ZefexPaid ! Thank you
23:02290??45195.5.50.*FRXCIPaid ! Thank you
23:00290??45195.5.50.*Q-InvestmentPaid ! Thank you
22:59290??45195.5.50.*LifeDollarsPaid ! Thank you
22:57290??45195.5.50.*OIL FundPaid ! Thank you
20:42 247??50 24.107.80.* Profit-For-AllNot paid for 7 days after investment, no reason.
18:41 379??69 202.146.253.* Golden FlowNot paid date 28 and 29 pending please paid me profit now
18:40 377??30 189.149.66.* Cheero investTHE PAGE HAVE A PROBLEM, YOUR A SCAM!!! GIVE ME MY MONEY!!! DON'T INVEST!!!
17:08336??53 87.237.112.* Golden FlowNot paid
16:59 82??04 213.102.128.* Golden Flownot paid 4 Days, not invest here!
16:58190??10152.163.100.*DayTradeProsexcellent program
16:52385??41212.242.193.*e-GoldMakersThe have not paid me for mine, Withdrawal since 28 december, and i read to admin no reponse.
16:34328??51217.15.131.*Golden FlowDoes not pay from 26-th.
16:13 224??81 202.247.200.* FinanceFundPaid out thanks Admin
16:12370??9969.211.9.*Golden Flowover 1700usd still pending for 4 days - no reply from admin
16:01241??0282.236.125.*Europe Trade Ltdhappy new year 3 janv 2007 start news
15:58241??0282.236.125.*FX Golden Unionnot paid scammed fuck
15:54365??8824.174.116.*ePann IncE-pann is paying very consistently and fast right now. Thank You!!!!
15:04348??55 64.12.116.* DayTradeProspaid me
14:14176??20202.152.64.*LaceFundEG time 3:42 pay me .it's good.
14:11271??9680.255.41.*Profit-For-AllProgram is paying and good
14:09271??9680.255.41.*Fund 4 UsGood program paying
14:07176??20202.152.64.*NodHyipEG time 2:37 pay me .it's good.
13:53323??9280.255.41.*WerInvestAlways paid good program
13:50323??9280.255.41.*LaceFundGood program always paying early
13:46323??9280.255.41.*Profit-For-AllI have been receiving payment i hope you continue the good work
13:42323??9280.255.41.*MaxigoldI have been receiving payment keep the good work
13:27362??40193.151.57.*OIL FundExcellent!!!
13:23 391??68 88.8.196.* MexProfits
12:41362??40193.151.57.*Charge InvestExcellent!!!
11:47388??90219.83.97.*Golden FlowDear Admin, for 30 December, I have no received my payment yet. But, I am still believe, Golden Flow is the good paying site with honest admin.
10:55384??81 125.161.130.* ZefexFuck You Zefex....No Paid............Scam...scam....30/12/06
10:23 171??45 85.202.201.* TipTopBenefitPaid me... Thanks Admin! ViVAL
9:36229??1280.227.0.*LaceFundToday,paid 3/18,good program.
9:31361??18204.13.236.*OnlineIncomeDirectPaid again. Thanks !
9:13229??1280.227.0.*NodHyipToday,paid 7/200,good program.
8:16 391??74 60.49.85.* WerInvestnot a single payment received.
7:35 353??90 124.81.113.* Golden FlowGOLDEN FLOW is Very very BEST HYIP, I Hope will better next year, We care of you Golden Flow, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007
6:52175??16200.65.127.*LaceFundPaid me today,thank you.
6:46175??16200.65.127.*NodHyippaid me today.thank you.
6:34 377??43 60.52.8.* Diamond EarningExcellent! Paid instantly..You done good job! Carry own..
6:21387??3660.51.136.*Golden FlowWishing Golden Flow to have his investors a HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5:22384??2372.232.94.*e-GoldMakersGreat program. Paid on time!
5:13382??9283.133.125.*e-GoldMakerspaid! SuperHYIP!!!
5:07382??4983.133.125.*e-GoldMakersGreat program. Always paid!
5:03382??6483.133.125.*e-GoldMakersPaid ! Thank you
4:37382??4983.133.125.*e-GoldMakersJoin it! Paid always on time!
4:28382??2083.133.125.*e-GoldMakersPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
4:24382??82 60.48.164.* Night Goldthey are not paying!!!it is SCAM!!![calvinsaran]
4:20381??0083.133.125.*e-GoldMakersPaid.Good support.
4:19301??68 82.52.57.* Golden FlowLast payment 26/12 .Not paid date 27, 28 and 29 pending. Please paid me!!!
4:16393??9172.232.94.*e-GoldMakersFavorite program. Paid!
4:14393??8883.133.125.*e-GoldMakersexcellent program thanks &keep up the good work.
4:11393??2872.232.94.*e-GoldMakersGreat investment program!
4:10363??80 172.148.195.* DayTradeProsa great site
4:09 3931901 PROXY e-GoldMakers[Program Admin]> paid
2:14376??23 125.160.67.* Golden Flowmy pending 4 day have been paid $ 893. thank admin.
2:07384??68 60.52.1.* SwiftEarningpaid..very good hyip..good performance..thanks
1:56372??62195.174.200.*2007Profitsgot paid thanks
1:46382??82 82.83.135.* Capital On LineWithdraw Request 3 days ago not completed. They NEVER PAID TO ME.