Vote Information for Sunday 8 August 2010


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20:40U224??32173.244.197.*GVB FundsReal program, real payments.
20:13U224??3262.212.67.*Offshore Liberty ServiceReal program, real payments.
20:08U224??3262.212.67.*ORT FundsReal program, real payments.
19:11U224??32208.53.142.*RXN InvestmentsReal program, real payments.
18:52U224??3262.212.67.*RTB ClubReal program, real payments.
18:19U224??32192.251.226.*VLS ClubReal program, real payments.
18:18U224??32192.251.226.*ARXN GroupReal program, real payments.
17:52U224??32192.251.226.*Green Financial ServicesReal program, real payments.
16:32U495??2593.104.210.*PerfectMoney8/8/2010 07:19 42589300 U4933475 (Perfect Money) + $2.40 Received my payment on time. Thanks.
16:22U739??29112.121.173.*PerfectMoneyDate : 2010-08-08 16:18:37 From/To Account : U4933475 (Perfect Money) Amount : 1.44 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 42605241 Memo : Withdraw to pigpai from
16:20U919??4864.235.48.*PerfectMoneyDate : 2010-08-08 16:34:11 From/To Account : U4933475 (Perfect Money) Amount : 2.40 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 42605876 Memo : Withdraw from
15:38U253??1364.235.48.*PerfectMoneyNext fast payment received again 8/8/2010 10:44 42595081 U4933475 (Perfect Money) + $1.00
15:14U512??94113.108.133.*PerfectMoneyPAYING Date: 2010-08-08 09:48:13 Batch: 42593238 From Account: U4933475 Amount: $1.20 Memo:Withdraw to from
15:01U551??6599.89.84.*OilstructureDate: 2010-08-08 11:56 Batch: 42597065 From Account: U0313767 (Oilstructure) Amount: $2.10 Memo: Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal Thanks admin
14:54U067??80209.216.233.*OilstructureThis one is my one of the top HY programs! i am earnning money from here
14:48U872??2999.70.220.*OilstructurePayout super project: Pay system : Liberty Date: 2010-08-08 09:45:49 Batch: 42592964 From: U0313767 (Oilstructure) Amount: 0,5 Currency: LRUSD Memo: Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal
13:48U451??89206.128.81.*Maxi Cash, Ltd.Received my new payment on time from Date: 2010-08-08 09:00 Batch: 42591389 From Account: U9471695 (Maxicash.Biz) Amount: $1.00 Memo: Thank admin!
13:43U862??05116.125.10.*PerfectMoneyWe have received payment today: Date: 2010-08-08 15:23:04 Batch: 42603194 From Account: U4933475 Amount: $0.60 Memo: Withdraw to Anthony from Thank admin.
13:39U309??28203.250.69.*PerfectMoneyPAYING still well and instant! thanks admin! Date: 2010-08-08 13:35:29 Batch: 42599840 From Account: U4933475 Amount: $2.40 Memo: Withdraw to Daniel from Thank admin.
13:33U295??37203.172.247.*PerfectMoneyDaily payments received adain,paid me on time,Thanks Admin!
13:18U904??31 125.27.209.* Safety Investment8/8/2010 13:34 42599818 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $15.00 Thanks admin for this money.
12:27U095??96 110.164.245.* Safety Investmentthis plan is payment received to me. 8/8/2010 13:21 42599423 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $15.00
12:19U202??56210.219.215.*PerfectMoneyDate: 8/8/2010 06:56 Batch: 42588482 From Account: U4933475 Amount: $1.44 Memo: Withdraw to Wyatt from Thank admin.
12:13U945??4366.232.147.*PerfectMoneyPAID to MoneyDice always! Date: 2010-08-08 00:11:56 Batch: 42581557 From Account: U4933475 Amount: $1.20 Memo: Withdraw to Luis from Thank admin.
11:45U141??72 118.172.101.* FenixTrustFast payments after withdrawal request.Thanks admin.
11:36U883??24 124.122.78.* Safety InvestmentReally cool program. 8/8/2010 13:04 42598918 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $7.00
11:36U874??94 124.120.0.* Safety Investment8/8/2010 13:20 42599393 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $10.00 Very fast paid me , Thanks admin.
11:33U845??8791.137.254.*Plex FundMaxhyip, why you list such programs? Not paid! My pmt pending since 6 days! The support does not answer!
11:21U502??1441.222.65.*Forex Trade AllianceNOT PAYING ;. I HAVE 9 DAYS PENDING . 12$ . IT IS POOR HYIP AND NOT REPLY TO MY MAILS ! HELP
10:25U098??45210.193.54.*PerfectMoneyDate: 2010-08-07 16:56 Batch: 42567780 From Account: U4933475 Amount: $2.40 Memo: Withdraw to from
10:19U551??6566.208.238.*PerfectMoneyI got paid again from here without any problem today,another good program for me.
9:50U082??87208.87.240.*InvolI always keen to be with you because you are great!got $22 again!
9:36U067??808.14.145.*PerfectMoneyreceived my another payment 8/7/2010 11:48 42556976 U4933475 (Perfect Money) + $1.20
9:33U872??2964.27.11.*PerfectMoneythanks! paid again,thanks! Date: 2010-07-08 11:02:35 Batch: 42555209 From Account: U4933475 Amount: $0.60 Memo:
9:29U867??66208.87.240.*PerfectMoneyPaid again today!wonderful rervice!thanks for admin offer us a stable program! you are best!
9:20U751??7799.157.223.*PerfectMoneyanother payment received on time! Date: 8/7/2010 16:02 From Account: U4933475 Amount: 1.20 LRUSD Currency: Liberty Reserve Batch: 42565593
9:13U640??0999.89.84.*PerfectMoneyReceived another payment today.paid very fast!best program for me.
9:08U889??41209.216.233.*PerfectMoneyDate: 2010-07-08 16:11:52 Batch: 42565896 From Account: U4933475 Amount: $2.40 Memo: Withdraw to vscrate from Thank you.
8:59U830??82130.94.69.*PerfectMoneygot paid again,thank admin! 8/7/2010 12:59 42559456 U4933475 (Perfect Money) + $1.20
8:54U773??3061.251.165.*PerfectMoneyI have received money from this best project today! thanks for paying to me.
8:38U056??91 114.128.46.* FenixTrustExcellent program for fast my payment thank you honest admin.
7:54U190??90 86.100.106.* Bookmaker-OfficeNice program.
7:48U790??95 89.216.141.* Bookmaker-Officethey paid me every payday
7:36U079??60 89.228.20.* Bookmaker-Officewithdrawal processed. great program.
7:21U122??45 78.49.38.* Bookmaker-OfficeIt's a paying HYIP!
6:50U266??37 95.167.229.* Bookmaker-Officevery good program excellent Always paid me
4:17U481??02204.12.243.*GroupuniversalThis program is paying on time!Thank admin for paying me and other investors!