Vote Information for Thursday 28 December 2006


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0:37387??3660.51.136.*Golden FlowGolden Flow, you are in the top 10 of all HYIP's!!! Reinstate the confidence of your investors. Happy New Year!!!!
0:32 11??46 71.105.10.* SwiftEarningAbsolute scam! Paid at first and when I sent more they froze account and stop paying. Stay Away!
0:1992??46 4.152.63.* Paid4ChristmasI have 4 pending. One on the 27th, two on the 28th, and one on the 29th.
0:04146??53 222.231.50.* MKClubMKClub always pays without delay. It is a great program!
21:53135??42217.77.218.*Cheero investGreat investment program!
21:52135??42217.77.218.*ZefexGreat investment program!
21:51135??42217.77.218.*FRXCIGreat investment program!
21:50135??42217.77.218.*Q-InvestmentGreat investment program!
21:49135??42217.77.218.*LifeDollarsGreat investment program!
21:48135??42217.77.218.*OIL FundGreat investment program!
21:46135??42217.77.218.*Charge InvestGreat investment program!
20:40300??1281.25.246.*Cheero investPaimants ar on time and constant!
20:38300??1281.25.246.*ZefexThe admin is very honest!
20:37300??1281.25.246.*FRXCIPaid allmost in a minute!
20:35300??1281.25.246.*Happy Next DayGReat! PAid on time!
20:34300??1281.25.246.*MarkCoLOve it! The Best!
20:25376??4888.147.150.*FRXCINot paid !!!
20:20376??4188.147.150.*ZefexNot paid !!!
20:04388??3266.74.148.*Profit-For-AllPaid ontime everytime. Great job.
20:01367??64208.254.22.*Real Time Investnuther AmsterDamn Scam... now they've fooled me twice, but I'm still not as pissed as "26171" he's been around a while how many times did they git him?
19:48359??74222.124.66.*Europe Trade LtdI profit Dec 28 no payments please you answer now
19:41246??58194.145.216.*Cheero investPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
19:40359??74222.124.66.*Golden FlowHi Why to my profit today you not yet send while your payment systems automatically but to this moment still its[his] pending will how many hours to hope [reply/ answer] you now.
19:39246??58194.145.216.*ZefexPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
19:38246??58194.145.216.*FRXCIPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
19:36246??58194.145.216.*Happy Next DayPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
19:34246??58194.145.216.*MarkCoPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
19:12367??6680.90.47.*ST-ClubPaying on time !
19:06367??66 203.81.239.* OnlineIncomeDirectI make money here !
19:00379??9982.160.48.*OnlineIncomeDirectSuper Program !
18:59379??9982.160.48.*ST-ClubWell done !
18:02 361??62 84.19.176.* Golden DividendsPaying like a clock
17:31384??56203.144.160.*WerInvestWhere do I have to k... ass to get my money?!!! Oh, be a paid monitor of course!!!! DONT PUT YOUR MONEY HERE, THE Y SCAMMED ME FOR 200 BUCKS, PAID ONLY 4 TIMES!!!!!
17:15190??10205.188.116.*DayTradeProsgot paid
16:51376??23125.160.67.*Golden Flowpatient, employees of vacation, withdrow manual. hope to await early januari 2007. very very best hyip.
16:19377??84 217.87.20.* Golden Flowpending again !!!!! 3ND DAY now $72,92.
16:06384??2383.133.125.*e-GoldMakersgot paid again.
16:03382??9283.133.125.*e-GoldMakersbest best best
16:00382??4983.133.125.*e-GoldMakerson top of the world
15:57382??6483.133.125.*e-GoldMakersi like it, paid me for 9 times till now!
15:55382??4983.133.125.*e-GoldMakers1 program / numer one,
15:50382??2083.133.125.*e-GoldMakersgot paid
15:47382??0283.133.125.*e-GoldMakerstank , best
15:43 42??26 189.167.4.* Profit-For-Allbeen paid 15/15. very good program
15:42382??1483.133.125.*e-GoldMakers1 has got 400$ till now from this program , best
15:31381??0083.133.125.*e-GoldMakersexcuse / paid me
15:07348??5569.163.244.*DayTradeProsgreat new paying site
14:50379??4864.110.141.*Golden Flownot paid scam
13:20229??15165.228.132.*LaceFundSpend in this pay today,
12:54229??15165.228.132.*NodHyipSpend in this pay today,
12:00 252??61 194.116.195.* e-GoldMakersno paid. scam
11:31 225??91 213.136.127.* MaxigoldMaxigold is a ponzi scheme!! They pay me only 4/15 and after stopped all payment without any explanation. I invested $350 with them on 12/18/2006. Be carefull, don't invest with this nest of scammers!!!
8:33368??5081.169.183.*Intermediate-Investpaying for me .. 10 days
8:19392??17 60.50.80.* Golden-Hoursget paid on every withdrawal request
8:05336??5384.204.20.*Capital On Line27th dont withdraw, today closed
7:18315??81208.47.90.*Capital On LineOn Dec28 morning, I found this on the COL domain – "This Account Has Been Suspended. Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible." Is COL gone?
7:05251??09195.162.37.*Paid4ChristmasNo pAYOT!!!
6:23326??0174.34.78.*MaxigoldPaid for two weeks now. In profit.
4:08 346??73 204.110.228.* Golden Flowhas paid everyday for over 40 days, great company thanks
3:36387??90202.93.228.*Golden Flowpending ....26/12 $187 PENDING 2ND DAY!!!!!!!!!!
3:23373??4760.51.136.*WerInvestNot even a single payment is received for my investment dated Dec. 25,2006.
3:07 377??77 219.95.139.* Real Time InvestNot paid for 5 days ! Pay me please admin (xianshi)
2:56316??39 74.52.44.* Profit-For-AllPaid 4/15. So gar so good.
2:29382??82 60.48.54.* Cheero investhonest program.always pay on time.thanks admin
1:26388??9264.110.141.*Golden Flowpending again????????????????????.