Vote Information for Sunday 25 July 2010


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22:46U835??63 178.79.130.* SobEX Invest, IncDon t paid they block my PW,they still over $400.SCAM
19:23U819??8067.205.102.*Zeus Fundsimmediate pays and support....thanks admin
15:49U904??31 125.27.206.* Safety Investment7/25/2010 15:14 41841997 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $15.00 Thanks admin for great care and payment.
15:48U874??94 124.120.20.* Safety Investment7/25/2010 14:50 41840860 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $10.00 , Nice , Got paid again , Thanks admin.
15:38U477??94130.94.69.*Oilstructure8-th payment received in 5 minutes! Date: 2010-25-07 11:00:31 Batch: 41833914 From Account: U0313767 Amount: $0.60 Memo: Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal
15:31U303??4964.27.11.*OilstructureDate: 2010-25-07 11:25:44 Batch: 41834816 From Account: U0313767 Amount: $0.42 Memo: Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal
15:26U610??68 75.125.161.* OilstructureThis is one of the best program that i know.paid to me no problem,invest your money here is right choose.
15:26U536??83110.159.40.*Clean Profit
14:45U780??36180.183.123.*Safety InvestmentAlways received paid, thank admin. 7/25/2010 14:52 41840928 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $10.00
14:24U490??27124.157.139.*FenixTrustGood Investment and paid on time very good support thank you
14:17U398??04 95.132.101.* World Wide FundPaid 7/25/2010 15:58 41843447 U4847856 (World Wide Fund) + $0.30
14:13U199??72113.53.245.*FenixTrustBest program.Fast payment and good no problem.Thanks admin.
14:11U826??1691.189.182.*XXL HYIPI am (username: derty), i have been paid $1,080.00
14:10U780??36180.183.123.*FenixTrustPaid without any problem good site investing, thank admin.
14:06U737??95 200.7.210.* XXL HYIPinvesting in 1200% .. Always got paid
13:54U737??95165.228.6.*LibertyReserve DollarsThe great, thank you
13:42U095??9661.90.251.*FenixTrustGreet program this real plan and paid very fast.
13:14U095??9661.90.251.*Safety Investmentadmin is paying now!! 7/25/2010 14:46 41840682 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $15.00
13:12U141??72 118.172.51.* Safety InvestmentNext payment Received today, 7/25/2010 14:46 41840702 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $11.00
12:22U079??60 94.222.112.* Bookmaker-Officethis is cool you won the medal.
12:09U122??45 81.179.4.* Bookmaker-OfficeSerious paying program!
11:46U266??37 87.198.41.* Bookmaker-OfficePaying me well and fast for more than 3 weeks. A great investment. Solid and honest.
11:30U940??6494.248.154.*Bookmaker-OfficeYou are too good, too much, best of which I have ever had of.
11:21U883??24 124.120.215.* FenixTrustKeep paying me everyday without delay. Fast support and payment.
10:54U363??54 81.174.2.* Bookmaker-OfficeWith what the world say about you make the true!!!!!!!!
9:07U488??19 122.171.4.* Perfect Timerspayments r in the mean time without delay and d site security was superb,tks admin for ur nice job and i wish to continue d work to become top hyip in the future.
9:02U535??87210.99.208.*Antar Fund, INC.paid! 7/25/2010 09:30 41831190 U7829107 (Antar Fund.) + $3.00
8:50U309??28211.192.84.*Maxi Cash, Ltd.thanks for paying to me. Date: 2010-25-07 09:01:47 Batch: 41830693 From Account: U9471695 (Maxicash.Biz) Amount: $0.40 Memo: Withdraw from Maxi Cash, Ltd Thank you, admin!
4:21U536??83110.159.40.*Clean Profitnot paid on 24/07/2010