Vote Information for Friday 16 July 2010


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21:32U594??99 178.32.5.* Best Invest CO11,300$ Received From : / Batch : 41413043 / tanks.
20:19U780??36 222.123.132.* Up To MillionReceived! good program paid me fast Im stay invested keep going admin, thank
19:16U511??89114.128.28.*Gas-InvestmentExcellent website. Actually paid. Pay fast. Admin support very good. Thank you very much.
18:28U843??07202.28.66.*FenixTrustGood site, paid again, thanks admin.
17:19U122??45 84.3.182.* BestTraderPROPerfect working investment project. Recommend for everyone
17:16U526??8293.186.164.*Instant MachinePayment is received! Admin you are the best
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16:54U508??36 114.128.179.* Gas-InvestmentReally paid !! Thanks for my payment it very fast. Hope to stay along time.
16:39U940??64 78.8.108.* BestTraderPROI want to invest, i need more explaination
16:17U095??96110.164.247.*Gas-Investmenttoday i'm so happy because i'm get paid from admin.thank !!
15:46U120??7087.248.237.*Instant MachinePayment is received! 16.07.10 07:15 Received Payment 12.95 USD from account U2601568. Batch: 3359943. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Travolta from
15:30U813??3074.63.253.*CarProfitClubGot payment! Good site! Thanks!
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14:22U228??73 217.120.129.* BestTraderPROThis is great, paid up to $400, what a good job admin.
14:22U849??34 84.221.197.* ScurectionWHAT CAN I SAY?!FANTASTIC!!INVEST HERE You have received a payment to your account u8491634: Date: 2010-15-07 16:38:16 Batch: 41339903 From Account: U8568270 Amount: $88.00 Memo: Withdraw to BASTARDO
14:00U219??40 77.254.9.* BestTraderPROalways assured of prompt payment anytime i invest
13:50U451??89200.32.238.*ALC FundGot paid from ALC Fund. 7/16/2010 00:39 41359629 U8209808 (ALC Fund) + $0.56
13:34U703??3378.22.77.*BestTraderPROPays always without delays, Thank you Admin.
13:31U741??79204.48.120.*ALC FundNext payment Received instantly as usual. Date: 2010-07-15 17:32 Batch: 41342833 From Account: U8209808 (ALC Fund) Amount: $3.42 Memo: Thank you, admin!
13:28U883??24110.168.120.*Up To MillionPaid on time to me! The site good to invest.
13:11U007??84209.216.233.*ALC FundDate: 2010-16-07 06:52:27 Batch: 41369000 From Account: U8209808 Amount: $10.00 Memo:
12:57U289??81130.94.69.*ALC FundThis site is real always paying well. withdraw my money all the time that i want,got paid no problem.
12:18U702??34 77.29.131.* BestTraderPROHope things will go well as before when i invested $20.i already invested $200.
12:05U904??31113.53.130.*FenixTrustWeb reliable for the best executive and received payment fast, thanks admin.
12:04U404??15119.93.224.*ALC Fundreceived payment instantly Date: 2010-07-16 02:43 Batch: 41362368 From Account: U8209808 (ALC Fund) Amount: $9.11 Memo: Thanks admin!!!
11:53U883??24110.168.120.*FenixTrustVery stable professional project. I got payment!
11:47U634??16151.60.83.*Bookmaker-OfficePayment is received in time. Administration thanks
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11:41U904??31113.53.130.*Safety InvestmentWeb reliable for the best executive and received payment fast, thanks admin.
11:19U883??24110.168.120.*Safety InvestmentPayment received very fast! 7/16/2010 11:41 41381408 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $7.00
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11:04U876??44 90.154.242.* Bookmaker-Officeget profits again and again.thanks HONEST admin.
10:57U508??36180.183.119.*FenixTrustThis site very popular, very nice program.Thank for my payments.
10:45U508??36180.183.119.*Safety Investment7/16/2010 11:41 41381388 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $11.00 Thank for paid today. > Very nice Admin
10:31U876??44188.195.212.*BestTraderPROwe have paid all of your profit , Fast paid, thanks admin
10:15U780??36 114.128.106.* Safety InvestmentPaid no problem, thank admin 7/16/2010 11:40 41381364 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $10.00
10:12U511??89114.128.28.*Safety Investment7/16/2010 11:39 41381342 U8714175 (Safety Investment) + $12.00 Great Admin. Thank you very much.
10:05U490??27 110.164.235.* FenixTrustPaid me again paid very fast very good support thank admin.
9:59U190??9077.240.67.*Bookmaker-OfficeSafest site to invest in. Never misses a payment. Keep up the good work.
9:23U190??90 83.7.236.* BestTraderPROBest HYUP! Always pays correctly and on time.
9:18U143??10203.156.168.*Antar Fund, INC.First fast payment received: Date: 2010-16-07 03:57:58 Batch: 41364027 From Account: U7829107 (Antar Fund.) Amount: $5.50 Memo: Withdraw to Nathan from Antarfund.Com Thank you, admin!
9:05U945??43202.59.153.*Maxi Cash, Ltd.You have received a payment to your account: 7/16/2010 07:34 41370131 U9471695 (Maxicash.Biz) + $1.70 Thank you admin.
8:45U790??9591.66.182.*Bookmaker-OfficeI have got the payment again,GOOD LUCK FOR ALL
8:16U790??9591.66.182.*BestTraderPROHope things will go perfectly!! got my payout.
8:01U477??94 121.78.229.* Oilstructure7/15/2010 09:24 41316773 U0313767 (Oilstructure) + $1.30 7/15/2010 09:24 41316777 U0313767 (Oilstructure) + $1.26
7:51U303??49202.190.201.*OilstructureThis program is a really nice program,i got paid again and again!They are the best!
7:41U610??6859.152.223.*OilstructurePaying fine to me,thanks! Date: 2010-07-15 12:32 Batch: 41325319 From Account: U0313767 (Oilstructure) Amount: $2.00 Memo: Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal
7:22U079??60 78.236.41.* Bookmaker-OfficeAfter a couple of investments I didn't find any bugs in this program, it works stably now
6:34U079??6084.41.61.*BestTraderPROthis is exquisitely different from the rest, simply the best
6:18U320??61202.133.53.*RDX Stock MarketI deposited $25 on Jul-2-10 on daily profit but to day is jul-16-2010 even I does not recived any profit Fully SCAM very careful in this site Cheate fello.he make good votes self dont beliave him he was fully cheater.