Vote Information for Wednesday 27 December 2006


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23:21 381??53 67.125.23.* ZefexWaiting for payment, admin does not answer my email. SCAM!
23:05380??9083.11.165.*Profit-For-AllPaying every day. Thanks.
23:03380??9083.11.165.*Invest2ProThey paying very well. Good program.
21:48363??80 172.153.106.* DayTradeProspaying new program
21:29135??42217.77.218.*Cheero investHonest site. Paid on time!
21:28135??42217.77.218.*ZefexHonest site. Paid on time!
21:27135??42217.77.218.*FRXCIHonest site. Paid on time!
21:26135??42217.77.218.*Happy Next DayHonest site. Paid on time!
21:25135??42217.77.218.*MarkCoHonest site. Paid on time!
21:23135??42217.77.218.*Q-InvestmentHonest site. Paid on time!
21:22135??42217.77.218.*LifeDollarsHonest site. Paid on time!
21:21135??42217.77.218.*OIL FundHonest site. Paid on time!
21:20135??42217.77.218.*Mutual InvestHonest site. Paid on time!
21:19135??42217.77.218.*Charge InvestHonest site. Paid on time!
20:02246??58194.145.216.*Cheero investPays constantly... I like!
20:00246??58194.145.216.*ZefexPays constantly... I like!
19:58246??58194.145.216.*FRXCIPays constantly... I like!
19:58372??80 200.82.95.* Golden FlowI recived my 4/56 paid in my e-gold acount thanks admin
19:55246??58194.145.216.*Happy Next DayPays constantly... I like!
19:54246??58194.145.216.*MarkCoPays constantly... I like!
18:47362??40193.151.57.*Fund 4 UsExcellent!!!
18:43362??40193.151.57.*Cheero investExcellent!!!
18:41362??40193.151.57.*Happy Next DayExcellent!!!
18:39362??40193.151.57.*OIL FundExcellent!!!
18:38362??40193.151.57.*Mutual InvestExcellent!!!
18:28298??3480.123.120.*Golden FlowPending $48!!!!!!!!
18:18373??9868.38.197.*Real Time Investpaid once again and once again!!! thank you administrations
18:03362??40193.151.57.*Charge InvestExcellent!!!
17:37367??64208.254.22.*Real Time Investlost deposit, no response... can ya say Swiss Gold II...
17:32345??4687.91.122.*Profit-For-AllPAID 3/15. Thx Admin! Very great Program!
17:01315??81208.47.90.*Mutual InvestI deposited $25 on Dec23. I received 1 payment on Dec24. Not Paying for 3 days now. I’ve emailed Admin but no reply. This is be one of those HYIPs that picks and chooses who gets paid.
16:15300??1281.25.246.*Cheero investSO far exellent program!
16:14300??1281.25.246.*ZefexSuperb work! The admin is a hard worker!
16:12300??1281.25.246.*FRXCILots of happy smiles tell it all! THE BEST EVER!
16:11300??1281.25.246.*Happy Next DayLove it! Love it! Love it!
16:07300??1281.25.246.*MarkCoBy far the best there is!!:)
15:51365??8824.174.116.*WerInvestI invested in the Christmas Plan and have not received a dime. I have also emailed these guys several times and no response. Be careful investing in those new plans. They are not paying!!!!!
14:38376??4188.147.150.*ProfitsExpressNot paid $130
14:12 375??14 211.142.212.* Golden Flow27-12 MY $ 216.3 PENDING
13:20373??26 59.100.60.* ST-ClubDeleted my account. Please Note: Look at all the positive votes, simple comment followed by a space and exclamation mark, all the same, bit sus ehh
12:50374??5282.160.48.*OnlineIncomeDirectThank You !
11:22366??89212.193.162.*Europe Trade Ltdno payments from Dec 22
11:22 190??25 82.99.245.*HexPayhonest admin
11:14361??82 202.171.17.* Money Trading SystemMe too, they not paid until now ... I invest on 12/25/2006
10:24369??84149.9.0.*OnlineIncomeDirectWell done !
9:39249??47 202.208.132.* FundKinSCAM.DON'T INVEST
9:02336??5384.204.20.*Golden FlowSuper HYIP paid me always, Admin GF the best
8:24229??15165.228.132.*LaceFundSpend in this pay today,
8:19229??15165.228.132.*NodHyipSpend in this pay today,
7:46379??4864.110.141.*Golden Flow26-12 MY $ 225 PENDING
3:34 386??79 203.149.3.* Mutual Investnot paid last 3 day
1:56 351??02 71.108.127.* KansHYIPnot paid