Vote Information for Saturday 10 July 2010


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21:58U702??3482.158.64.*Bookmaker-OfficePayment is received in time. Administration thanks
21:37U702??3482.158.64.*BestTraderPROpay!pay!pay! in term of attending to customer.
21:19U634??1679.141.116.*Bookmaker-Officeget profits again and again.thanks HONEST admin.
21:13U651??59216.155.148.*Future Trails Increceived $20.00 to LibertyReserve account U******. Batch is 41088720
20:59U634??1679.141.116.*BestTraderPROVote surprising & wonderful, got paid. thanks $30.
20:32U876??4489.72.143.*Bookmaker-OfficeSafest site to invest in. Never misses a payment. Keep up the good work.
19:47U190??9095.160.188.*Bookmaker-OfficeI have got the payment again,GOOD LUCK FOR ALL
19:24U790??9595.160.188.*BestTraderPROYou serve me with honesty, God shall be with you always
18:58U079??6089.149.53.*Bookmaker-OfficeAfter a couple of investments I didn't find any bugs in this program, it works stably now
16:27U079??60 83.23.175.* BestTraderPROHONESTY PROGRAM IT PAID FIRST
15:46U253??13210.197.151.*Osvincalways received my payment on time.I trust the admin will keep on the good job and paid all investors for long time.
15:44U919??4864.235.48.*HOXGot paid fast.very good site. 7/10/2010 08:29 41060299 U0387577 (HOX) + $1.80
15:42U919??4864.235.48.*OsvincGot paid fast.very good site. 7/10/2010 08:29 41060299 U0387577 (HOX) + $1.80
15:32U512??94113.108.133.*HOXPayment received as usual. 7/10/2010 13:37 41070443 U0387577 (HOX) + $1.60 thanks admin.
15:30U512??94113.108.133.*OsvincPayment received as usual. 7/10/2010 09:57 41063110 U1914024 (OSV) + $1.20 thanks admin.
15:11U320??61202.133.53.*RDX Stock Marketnee yamma pukuni denga lanja kodaka naa $25.00 dengesavu gadara donga lanja kodaka ila mosam chese badulu naa lavada okka sari kudiste ichevadini kadara lavadaga. by :EMMonitor(U3206561)
14:17U199??72113.53.245.*Gas-InvestmentVery good hyip.I recevied payment everyday.Admin is honest.Thanks you.
13:59U310??11 116.68.32.* OilstructureThis site with good support and fast withdrawal every time.
13:50U821??61209.173.43.*OilstructureThis site is real always paying well. withdraw my money all the time that i want,got paid no problem.
13:38U199??72113.53.245.*FenixTrustBest program.Very fast payment and Good support.Thanks you so much.
13:36U746??8964.27.11.*OilstructureThis program is paying on time!Thank admin for paying me and other investors!
13:35U141??72 180.180.178.* Gas-InvestmentNice paid received fast again best program make profit, thank admin.
13:03U511??89117.47.112.*FenixTrustPay again Here to pay each time. Great Admin. Thank you very much.
13:02U508??36 222.123.18.* FenixTrustYeah!! .This site always paid. I stay to invest here, very nice admin.
13:00U874??94 124.120.251.* Gas-InvestmentSite send payment right on time to me. hope it stay here for a long time. great program for me.
11:46U650??88189.126.109.*Antar Fund, INC.Pay me on time so good ... 7/10/2010 07:57 41058982 U7829107 (Antar Fund.) + $6.00 honest admin Thanks!
11:20U945??43221.132.84.*Advanced InvestAlways received my payment from here, i am happy. 7/10/2010 07:57 41058982 U0474704 (Advanced Invest) + $33.00
11:15U120??70 217.118.92.* Ferein FundsPayment is received! 10:08 10.07.10 3340981 U1960445 Received Payment 1.2 USD from account U1960445. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Withdraw to Evgeny from
10:48U827??96 216.155.132.* Bristol Investmenti will continue voting for you daily as long as you continue paying me.
10:26U925??77121.12.252.*FenixTrustToday paid again! Fine Program, excellent service!
10:02U824??74121.88.4.*Ferein FundsFirst fast payment received: Date: 2010-10-07 06:55:34 Batch: 41057246 From Account: U5721394 Amount: $21.00 Memo: Withdraw to Farren from Thanks admin
9:49U477??94211.232.141.*OsvincThis program is a really nice program,i got paid again and again!They are the best!
9:48U477??94211.232.141.*HOXThis program is a really nice program,i got paid again and again!They are the best!
9:39U506??79110.45.139.*Ferein FundsReceive my payment today.Thanks admin Date: 2010-10-07 01:41:03 Batch: 41051709 From Account: U5721394 Amount: $10.00 Memo: Withdraw to Jacob from
9:33U303??49119.93.224.*HOXGot paid from the site,thank admin! Date: 2010-09-07 17:29:05 Batch: 41035512 From Account: U0387577 Amount: $0.60 Memo:
9:32U303??49119.93.224.*OsvincReceived my payment 7/9/2010 17:10 41034456 U1914024 (OSV) + $1.20
9:31U843??07202.28.66.*FenixTrustReceived my payment again, admin paid so fast, thanks admin.
8:55U610??6859.152.223.*HOXThanks! Date: 2010-07-09 19:22 Batch: 41041278 From Account: U0387577 Amount: $0.72 Memo: Withdraw to XXXXX from HOX
8:54U610??6859.152.223.*OsvincThanks! Date: 2010-09-07 18:00:07 Batch: 41037057 From Account: U1914024 Amount: $0.40 Memo:
1:05U842??45 64.120.190.* Fresh ReturnPay me on time so good ... 7/9/2010 8:53 41009961 U4761971 (Fresh Return) + $11.00 honest admin Thanks!