Vote Information for Friday 9 July 2010


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20:54U917??40 216.183.71.* United Cash BankThis program is really reliable: easy to invest and fast to withdraw. Thank you!
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19:15U763??30110.164.231.*Genuine Online BankWeb This investment should pay a very real throughout.
19:10U511??89117.47.184.*Genuine Online Bank7/9/2010 15:34 41029198 U3546101 (Genuine Online Bank) + $200.50 Paid very quickly. Admin Very good. Thank you very much.
19:09U843??07 118.173.147.* Genuine Online Bank7/9/2010 13:27 41023095 U3546101 (Genuine Online Bank) + $120.30 Thanks admin.
19:03U729??62118.173.178.*Genuine Online BankMy payment as usual. 7/9/2010 11:55 41018076 U3546101 (Genuine Online Bank) + $120.50
18:58U780??36 222.123.132.* Genuine Online BankNice paid fast good job great program, thank admin. 7/9/2010 13:07 41022127 U3546101 (Genuine Online Bank) + $150.90
17:57U701??91125.64.96.*Real - EarnPAYING .... PAYING .... PAID (((FULLY INSTANTLY))) OR AUTOMATIC . VERY NICE
17:54 U471??73 213.131.35.* Real - EarnPayment Received From , 5,500$ , Batch : 41042572 , very good . cool
17:24U729??62118.173.178.*FenixTrustPAYING...PAYING.Received profit payments as per request. Very good program. Thanx admin.
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15:44U763??30110.164.231.*Real - EarnWhat works best to do work with our firm.
15:33U800??84218.150.163.*HOX7/8/2010 21:08 40990481 U0387577 (HOX) + $1.40 Obtained some payment again. thanks.
15:31U800??84218.150.163.*Osvinc7/9/2010 12:17 41019628 U1914024 (OSV) + $1.00 Obtained some payment again. thanks.
15:25U603??6864.235.48.*HOXall payment were sent to my LR account.I think i have chosen a right site.
15:24U603??6864.235.48.*Osvincall payment were sent to my LR account.I think i have chosen a right site.
15:20U511??89117.47.184.*Gas-InvestmentVery good support. It is a great website. Thanks Admin for the payment.
15:03U300??9577.93.42.*Gas-Investment(vitorio) Date: 09.07.10 14:41 Batch: 3338818 Received Payment 5.5 USD from account U2312204. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to vitorio from
14:562??5767.212.83.*Earn Companytanks admin for payment . it is working . tanks
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13:38U400??1367.212.83.*Real - EarnPayment Received , 2,350$ , Batch : 40995104 , it is really working . very good.
12:59U883??24124.120.212.*Gas-InvestmentI am very satisfied of their service . they really pays me and they process the payment very quickly.
12:42U202??5665.98.240.*Antar Fund, INC.Pays! 7/9/2010 08:06 41008097 U7829107 (Antar Fund.) + $4.40 Excellent program! Quality program to invest.
12:41U451??8999.89.84.*OilstructureDate: 2010-08-07 08:02:14 Batch: 40948200 From Account: U0313767 Amount: $2.00 Memo: Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal
12:31U952??42 70.85.97.* Future Trails Incalways pay ontime... best program
12:28U741??79209.216.233.*OilstructureDate: 2010-08-07 14:38:22 Batch: 40969068 From Account: U0313767 Amount: $2.00 Memo: Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal
12:12U007??84205.251.137.*OilstructureThis program is paying me constantly, i can envision a bright future here.
12:03U430??27 88.160.55.* BestTraderPRObig % received in twinkling of eyes...I will continue to pray for the owner
11:57U295??3767.151.246.*Advanced InvestI have received money from this best project today! thanks for paying to me.
11:55U490??27124.157.139.*Gas-InvestmentPaid on time and very good support thank.
11:36U862??05221.132.84.*Maxi Cash, Ltd.Always received my payment from here, i am happy. 7/9/2010 08:06 41008097 U9471695 (Maxicash.Biz) + $10.00
11:05U228??73 178.36.2.* BestTraderPROhey!!! this is unbelievable I receive my referral commission just now.
10:43U897??2596.21.143.*BestHourlyType Amount Date Withdrawal $ 58.49 Jul-9-2010 12:12:32 AM Withdraw to account U8979325. Batch is 41010672 Withdrawal $ 2.40 Jul-8-2010 08:07:15 PM Withdraw to account U8979325. Batch is 41003129 Withdrawal $ 3.50 Jul-8-2010 09:14:35 AM Wit
10:17U219??40 151.13.58.* BestTraderPROpaying all my investments and also my friend's
9:41U703??33 92.244.249.* BestTraderPROsurprise to see the 180% profit coming in my akk after 23 hours
9:31U790??9595.93.102.*Bookmaker-Officegreat and paying as promise
9:26U849??3478.6.104.*ScurectionGet paid again!!!reinvest!!invest here!!$24.63 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account u8491634. Transaction batch is 40982553.
9:11U790??9595.93.102.*BestTraderPROgreat and paying as promise
8:57U702??3485.141.151.*Bookmaker-Officeits a previledge to be part of this paying hyip site.
8:36U634??1685.141.151.*BestTraderPROEverything about this hyip and the management is superb
8:19U876??44 151.61.94.* Bookmaker-OfficeUnique payment ! I got paid on time.
8:18U320??61202.133.53.*Earn CompanyFully SCAM,I invested $10 on July-5-2010 in 170% after 2 days plan,when I am withdrawal then he delete my account,he is theif he stolen my $10, dont invest ID:EMMonitor
7:53U876??44 217.23.205.* BestTraderPROI got paid.I will rate and post more when receive new payment.
7:35U190??9062.98.29.*Bookmaker-Officethe future looks bright investing in this hyip site
7:20U190??9062.98.29.*BestTraderPROI am so glad to see the last portion of 350% profit in my today
6:12U079??60213.22.28.*Bookmaker-OfficeBest HYIP! Pays correctly and time!!!
5:51U079??60213.22.28.*BestTraderPROalways promtply.great programme
5:13U496??4577.68.42.*HOXPaying on time,thanks 7/8/2010 08:45 40949843 U0387577 (HOX) + $1.50
5:12U496??4577.68.42.*OsvincGot paid again today 7/8/2010 15:26 40971881 U1914024 (OSV) + $0.48 thank admin!
5:06U624??0461.250.179.*HOXPaid again Date: 2010-07-08 18:06 Batch: 40981926 From Account: U0387577 (HOX) Amount: $0.60 Memo: Withdraw to XXXXX from HOX
5:05U624??0461.250.179.*OsvincDate: 7/8/2010 11:16 From Account: U1914024 (OSV) Amount: 1.20 LRUSD Currency: Liberty Reserve Batch: 40955574
4:24U873??85203.211.150.*OsvincToday's payout received as usual, i am happy to joined this site.
4:23U873??85203.211.150.*HOXToday's payout received as usual, i am happy to joined this site.
2:59U739??29193.164.131.*TheForexFundsget my payment all the site.I think the admin is doing a good work.
2:57U603??68218.150.163.*TheForexFundsPaid! Date: 7/8/2010 16:16 Batch: 40974844 From Account: U4790152 Amount: $3.60 Memo:
2:53U495??25202.133.246.*TheForexFunds7/8/2010 13:43 40965975 U4790152 (TheForexFunds INC) + $1.50
2:34U253??13 211.131.156.* TheForexFunds7/8/2010 14:30 40968451 U4790152 (TheForexFunds INC) + $2.90 thank you admin.
2:08U996??51 94.229.22.* Fresh ReturnFast payment, 7/8/2010 14:21 40967877 U4761971 (Fresh Return) + $11.00 very satisfied with this program.Thank admin.
23:48U512??94113.108.133.*TheForexFundsPaid again instant. Thanks admin The amount of 1.8 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Date: 15:23 07.07.10. Batch: 3331960. Memo: API Payment.