Vote Information for Monday 28 June 2010


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23:40U237??7064.27.11.*Buk InvestStill paying! great program ever, always paid for small and big invest.thanks!
20:19U136??3068.71.47.*AperoxPaid me ontime !! Great program, paid VERY FAST!!
19:33U510??52112.140.186.*AperoxI have been paid again!! 2010-06-28 06:32:24 40432389 U1567156 ( + $47.50 Thanks so much admin, keep your good work!
18:59U274??40112.121.170.*AperoxPerfect working investment project, the best thing that ever happened to me is investing with this site.
18:34U086??15218.158.99.*AperoxReceived $200 payout from my $500 investment on PLAN 4, Really Amazing Program!!
18:05U621??29219.117.215.*AperoxThis program is working in a good shape. Only positive impressions with these project.
17:53U122??4592.254.248.*BestTraderPROGet ride of all your problems & be happy forever by this ontime paying.
17:42U536??23114.112.177.*Buk InvestIt's my second time to receive payment from Buk Invest , Thank you , I will invest more in the future
17:29U677??4266.79.163.*Buk InvestPaid me !! 6/28/2010 06:20 40432107 U8751210 ( + $105.00
17:25U266??37 82.228.198.* BestTraderPROTheir honesty and punctuality arrest attention
17:17U523??43202.93.4.*Buk InvestThey keep paying me again and again non-stop , Thank you so much !
17:01U137??6889.19.17.*Buk InvestIt's a brilliant online investment program! I had deposited my money yesterday and get back my profit and principal today !
17:00U940??64 83.6.175.* BestTraderPROI admire your integrity & faithfulness.Really wonderful
16:49U924??99183.182.28.*Buk InvestI received a big payment from them few minute ago, batch is 4043221
16:30U873??8572.52.194.*Advanced Investthe site paid fine to me & nice site,thanks 6/28/2010 17:20 40464450 U0474704 (Advanced Invest) + $220.00 Memo:
16:29U820??54 111.68.2.* Buk Investso far so good, still getting paid everyday, nice!
16:07U286??5961.110.199.*Buk InvestJust receive a withdrawal from them! thanks
16:00U363??54 94.21.119.* BestTraderPROInvest here and got backed fast and ontime.
15:14U430??27 83.20.238.* BestTraderPROGet paid today as usual. Nice project.
14:59U242??26 116.48.157.* Oil Forex Trading Co.wonderful rervice!thanks for admin offer us a stable program! you are best!
14:37U228??73 188.2.29.* BestTraderPROBest site for instant payout system.
14:21U919??48 64.235.48.* TheForexFundsAsk for withdrawal: Withdrawal processed, batch_id: 40428562 really good site.
14:19U253??13211.3.151.*TheForexFundsPayment received. 6/26/2010 19:17 40385023 U4790152 (TheForexFunds INC) + $1.80
14:17U800??8464.235.48.*TheForexFundsPaid again instant. Thanks admin Date: 2010-25-06 09:40:43 Batch: 40312628 From Account: U4790152 Amount: $1.60 Memo: Withdraw to leave from Thank you.
14:15U603??68193.164.131.*TheForexFundsDate: 2010-27-06 09:39:55 Batch: 40401658 From Account: U4790152 Amount: $3.60 Memo:
14:10U512??94113.108.133.*TheForexFunds6/26/2010 02:39 40354729 U4790152 (TheForexFunds INC) + $2.00 Thank you admin.
14:04U219??40 151.46.172.* BestTraderPROregular payouts Honest and correctly paying HYIP.
13:35U404??15119.30.132.*OilstructureI received another payment today,admin paid me very fast ,thank you!
13:34U703??3380.223.80.*BestTraderPROpretty good and fast growing project!
13:25U402??02210.222.93.*Oilstructure6/27/2010 15:33 40411901 U0313767 (Oilstructure) + $1.00 Memo: Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal
13:24U787??0064.27.11.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Nice Program. get $10 from my Ref. thanks very much.
13:13U269??6761.152.93.*Buk InvestThey paid me $66.67, batch is 40432000, thank you so much
13:12U034??13205.209.143.*Buk InvestI am very satisfied of their service ! $56.50 was paid to my e-currency account
13:11U014??83 183.182.28.* Buk InvestIt's recommended to join Buk Invest ! I joined them few weeks ago and so far everyday I keep receiving my payment without any troble !
12:59U702??34 80.99.209.* BestTraderPROI made second investment today
12:56U821??61119.93.224.*Businez Tradereceived my payment on time from admin,thank you! Date: 6/27/2010 18:03 Batch: 40416786 From Account: U2883107 Amount: $109.00 Memo: Trade Plan 1, Businez Trade
12:48U740??38222.122.34.*Instant Earnstill paying! great program ever, always paid for small and big invest.thanks
12:47U309??09 124.120.11.* Forex BenefitThis site is cool I received again thanks.
12:44U821??61119.93.224.*Maxi Cash, Ltd.6/27/2010 16:39 40414369 U9471695 (Maxicash.Biz) + $1.00 Memo: Withdraw from Maxi Cash, Ltd thanks!
12:37U477??94119.93.224.*OilstructureThis program and Admin are very impressive honest,i got paid today fast as promised.
12:32U490??27110.164.234.*Forex BenefitVery good hyip and good support paid on time thank.
12:29U876??4478.92.70.*BestTraderPROVery happy with my profit here. Good program, paying on time daily.
12:20U499??71 58.8.39.* Forex BenefitGood program, got paid again today. Thanks admin.
12:19U634??1678.92.70.*Bookmaker-Office100% good place to get your profit!
12:11U290??24121.147.223.*Buk InvestI just received next payment today!paid instantly,thanks again!
12:08U500??35207.145.195.*Oil Forex Trading Co.6/27/2010 16:33 40414019 U4563654 (O.F.T.) + $50.50
12:06U141??72 118.172.3.* Forex Benefitget paid when i withdrawal request.thank!
12:02U508??3658.8.58.*Forex BenefitGreat site, very best hyip. I recieve my payment on day. Recommed to join this site. ^^!
11:53U634??1680.54.16.*BestTraderPROVery nice looking site. Always pays on time.
11:44U904??31 125.27.221.* Forex BenefitGood profit on your investment and thanks to a highly admin.
11:42U876??4480.54.16.*Bookmaker-OfficeI am very happy with you keep the good work up admin
11:41U176??61 123.49.18.* Hyip Genuine
11:25U849??3478.6.104.*Gold Grabget paid!!!my program ends today.will reivest.every day they paid me istantly.this is my last withdraw:Withdraw to account u8491634. Batch is 40449643
11:22U242??5565.169.169.*Buk Invest$424 received as usual,without any problem,still instantly,really amazing site.invest $500 again!
11:07U190??9084.105.217.*BestTraderPROReceive money,Very professional management and many other good things
10:34U056??91 112.142.6.* Forex BenefitThank you i received Payment very fast your great site nice admin.
10:23U883??24124.120.105.*Green Money FundI verify this program, Payment received! Very good site with STABLE plan!
10:13U190??90 78.131.35.* Bookmaker-OfficeJust got $30 paid by this program just re-invest $50 we vote again if got paid
10:06U883??24124.120.105.*Forex Benefitwow,i got pay,i love the honest admin,thx!
10:06U511??89 117.47.186.* Forex BenefitThis actually paid. I will invest more here. Excellent support. Thanks Admin.
10:04U729??62 118.173.178.* Forex BenefitBest hyip... this site deserve get the top ranking.
9:27U129??4174.53.188.*Buk InvestPaid $165 to me,really good site,thx!invest 200$ again!
9:05U790??95109.111.28.*BestTraderPROThe best program for investing and earning money.
8:29U394??4958.185.216.*Buk InvestPaid without problems.receive $129 today,reliable program so far!
8:15U790??95109.111.28.*Bookmaker-OfficeHave a good luck by investing here.
7:09U079??6089.239.103.*BestTraderPROReally good Paying hyip ! Everything is very Good .
6:07U324??1769.197.158.*Buk InvestRef commision received, thank you
5:59U079??6089.239.103.*Bookmaker-OfficePaid instantly! Awesome program and admin!!
5:46U301??13 64.120.133.* Buk InvestStill get paid as usual ! No pending withdrawals , I am very happy !
5:34U720??18 63.223.122.* Buk Invest6/28/2010 06:21 40432121 U8751210 ( + $72.00
5:16U510??9268.71.47.*Buk InvestNo doubt they are the best investment program in 2010 ! I just receive $112.00 without any problem
3:42U874??94 124.120.13.* Forex BenefitGood program, friendly admin and fast payment! I hope this will stay long!
3:20U702??24 204.12.219.* GroupuniversalAdmin is honest.I like this hyip site,it really worth to invest big money for me.
2:05U603??43 119.133.207.* GroupuniversalPay me everyday and on time thank you
1:49U186??8258.147.21.*Trader Fund MarketNOT PAY - BLACKLIST BY GOLDPOLL - NO ANSWER E-MAIL