Vote Information for Monday 21 June 2010


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21:04U788??05207.172.209.*TopFinancialThey are only paying for some people and only small amounts , in some monitors they are listed as not paying , like;;hyipmonitor;hyipdowline ;anyway i just want to see and read this before you put your money down because they are
20:22U079??60 79.163.185.* BestTraderPROReceived payment today again $50.
19:20U122??4578.22.229.*BestTraderPROthanks admin for the nice payment
18:29U729??62 124.122.117.* FenixTrustReceived daily profit. 6/21/2010 13:38 40080741 U2342846 ( + $4.00
16:56U252??2168.71.58.*Buk InvestSeems to be a reliable program, admin answered my question very fast , it's worth to try
16:40U588??4898.126.56.*Buk InvestThanks Buk Invest, I received $115.5 few hours ago , I think all investers should check this out !
16:37U603??68112.121.173.*Businez TradeNice payment received.thanks admin. Date: 2010-21-06 08:04:04 Batch: 40065503 From Account: U2883107 Amount: $54.50 Memo: Trade Plan 1, Businez Trade
16:23U299??20 96.9.151.* Buk InvestNext payment is received + $4.00 , thank you
16:08U174??27 204.12.219.* Buk InvestI was paid once again ! I hope admin can keep his good work
16:04U940??37 115.117.225.* Perfect Timers6/21/2010 17:40 40096068 U5387642 (PerfectTimers) + $2.20 $0.03 received another payment ontime guys
15:42U630??6194.76.234.*Buk InvestThey paid my $782 withdrawal request today! Batch: 40090547 !
15:23U536??23213.229.82.*Buk InvestBuk Invest never let me down! They said that my profit are guaranteed, and they did, I get my money today
15:13U305??18 117.47.114.* FenixTrust6/21/2010 13:38 40080783 U2342846 ( + $4.00 I have been here always pay. Admin of your superior.
15:00U249??93 110.81.131.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Received another payment. very perfect.
14:57U677??42 94.100.24.* Buk InvestReceive payment again and again non-stop everyday ! ^.^
14:44U335??92 124.120.235.* FenixTrustExcellent program,paid to me as always.Thanks admin 6/21/2010 13:49 40081339 U2342846 ( + $3.00
14:33U216??58 59.120.117.* Buk InvestGot another payment,$282 again,admin so honest,thx!
14:03U266??37 87.255.88.* Bookmaker-OfficeThey are really punctual,do not be in doubt
13:49U499??71 58.8.38.* FenixTrustPaid! 6/21/2010 13:41 40080915 U2342846 ( + $6.00, Thanks admin.
13:48U821??6164.251.8.*OilstructureDate : 2010-21-06 09:35:01 From/To Account : U0313767 (OilStructure) Amount : 0.22 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 40069562 Memo : Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal
13:48U940??64 79.116.198.* Bookmaker-OfficeI really appreciate your fast and ontime paying
13:41U746??8963.131.23.*OilstructureThis program really beautiful and reliable! The site is worth to recommend!
13:26U490??27 110.164.234.* FenixTrust6/21/2010 13:39 40080789 U2342846 ( + $6.00 very good support and paid on time.
13:24U067??8068.233.230.*Advanced Invest6/20/2010 16:37 40044199 U0474704 (Advanced Invest) + $33.00 Memo: admin paid on time to me,thank you!
13:14U451??89210.181.242.*Oilstructure6/20/2010 18:39 40048397 U0313767 (OilStructure) + $1.20 Memo : Oilstructure: Profit withdrawal
13:07U056??91 222.123.86.* FenixTrust6/21/2010 13:33 40080517 U2342846 ( + $5.00 Thank you honest admin for payment.
13:06U363??54 81.82.155.* Bookmaker-OfficeNever lose such a big payment
12:51U273??75193.151.104.*Hedgingfundrealy paying!!!
12:06U904??31 125.27.210.* FenixTrust6/21/2010 13:34 40080593 U2342846 ( + $4.00 Thank you admin of paying this amount.
11:55U822??08 69.72.212.* Buk InvestToday payouts received as usual,i am happy to invest this site.Just invest 1,200$ again!
11:55U883??24 124.120.75.* FenixTrustExcellent program! Honest admin. Thank you. 6/21/2010 13:35 40080639 U2342846 ( + $3.00
11:48U095??96183.89.151.*FenixTrustAdmin paid to me!!6/21/2010 12:24 40077275 U2342846 ( + $2.00
11:33U309??09 124.120.16.* FenixTrustI get paid on time and no problem after paid thanks admin.
11:10U814??8064.6.188.*Buk InvestI got the 3st payment, thanks admin, nice work!
11:06U430??27 80.109.217.* Bookmaker-OfficeThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
9:44U228??73 79.113.175.* Bookmaker-Officeyou make a name for yourself since you are always honest & punctual.
9:44U393??6889.19.6.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Stay Long Time. Very Cool. Paid as usual.
8:32U684??64 200.143.204.* CovenantpayNEVER MISS PAYMENT......WHAT A WONDERFUL PAYING COMPANY
8:18U784??40 61.250.224.* Buk InvestVery nice and perfect.A profitable program without any problem.
7:19 U0943036 PROXY Covenantpay[Program Admin]> Wonderful investment site in paying
6:42U098??20111.68.9.*Groupuniversalget my profits as always. Seems stable and reliable.I hope it will become stronger in the coming future.
6:38U649??6863.223.79.*Groupuniversalgot payment like usually.. be the best
6:30U488??91204.12.219.*GroupuniversalThis is a great program, have been paid fast a few times already, thanks!
6:28U145??32113.105.172.*GroupuniversalI got my money fast, I have been with this site since the beginning. I've been in profits for months. Keep up the good work.
6:27U942??07 119.133.98.* GroupuniversalGreat program. Pays consistently. Invested again today. Good communication with admin. Go !!!!
6:10U523??43 174.139.6.* Buk InvestThey paid me some ref commision , good job!
5:35U137??6889.19.14.*Buk InvestIt's a great experience to watch my profit grows in BukInvest ! I think all people should try it too
5:30U026??8581.138.7.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Good Program, I deposit. 6/20/2010 14:34 40040172 U4563654 (O.F.T.) - $2000.00
5:09U924??9967.220.199.*Buk InvestDeposited $10 yesterday and get paid $10.5 today ! Thanks !!!!
4:50U820??54123.50.210.*Buk InvestI want to appreciate Buk Invest for paying to me , I joined them since a week ago and so far so good ! keep getting paid
4:36U286??59205.209.142.*Buk InvestPaid me $96.05 today ! Admin you are the best ! I love you
4:16U269??67202.55.224.*Buk InvestBukInvest is awsome, they keep paying to all investers including me ! My withdrawal was processed in this monring , thanks!
3:55U034??13112.121.185.*Buk Invest$11 received as usual ! thank you !
1:13U091??01123.215.19.*TrumpforexclubVery solid program, serious approach and regular payouts.