Vote Information for Wednesday 9 June 2010


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23:59U906??31 75.125.78.* Buk InvestVery good looking program.I am sure I will put more money into it after some time.
23:46U862??05218.54.149.*Businez TradeNext payment Received on time as usual. Date: 6/8/2010 19:17 Batch: 39427678 From Account: U2883107 (Businez Trade Group) Amount: $5750.00 Memo: Trade Plan 2, Businez Trade Thanks admin
23:35U472??5265.98.240.*Buk InvestPayment received 6/9/2010 03:56 39445212 U8751210 ( + $108.35
22:13U474??21202.71.103.*IPC FundGot paid again today - THANK YOU ADMIN !
21:26 U11??85 200.117.151.* IPC FundExcellent program, they pay me every day a few minutes after my request
21:18U843??07113.53.8.*Oil-Investment6/9/2010 22:14 39494591 U1530450 (Oil-Investment) + $15.00 Thanks admin.
16:19U132??6893.105.249.*Top Earn Club#reklama2000 - another AlertPay payout. Amount: $15, reference number: 95974-62DFE-6276A. Thanks Nick
16:05U095??96 183.89.164.* FenixTrustNew payment received like clockwork, great program,
15:28U335??92 124.121.252.* eBase InvestmentI receive my payment it very fast.Thanks admin 6/9/2010 15:32 39474799 U5068151 (eBase Investment) + $33.00
15:23U467??49121.88.53.*Buk InvestGot 326$ today,so nice site,invest 400$ again!
14:45U493??7289.131.71.*Flatron Cash LLCvery very very goot, bueno muy bueno. OK.+ $ 36.00
14:43U790??98206.128.81.*Buk InvestSome referral commission payment received on time as $106
14:39U015??8189.123.122.*Interbank FX ClubI make a 20$ deposit since 28 May.Never pay and admin not respond!Huge SCAM!!!Do not invest here!!!Also Global Bond Fund and Wealth Generation Club
14:33U015??8189.123.122.*Global Bond FundI make a 20$ deposit since 28 May.Never pay and admin not responding!Huge SCAM!!!Why maxhyip not move this in "not paying"???
14:29U015??8189.123.122.*Wealth Generation ClubI make a 20$ deposit since 28 May.Never pay and admin not responding!Huge SCAM!!!Do not invest here
14:13U959??5164.251.8.*Buk InvestI get payment without any delay,really good program,thank you admin!
14:08U500??3562.253.246.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Always Paid. Batch 39382190. I Like.
13:53U309??09124.122.68.*Oil-Investment6/9/2010 15:33 39474875 U1530450 (Oil-Investment) + $13.00Today I received again I’m proud of this site thanks admin.
13:30U310??77 93.136.197.* Get Hourly itor/monitor_id/19/program_id/8194/Bakster-www
13:16 U811??86 202.70.54.* GMTmoneyVery Good, honest, pay ontime
12:36U309??09124.122.68.*eBase Investment6/9/2010 12:45 39465696 U5068151 (eBase Investment) + $22.00 Today I received again I’m proud this site thanks admin.
11:49U221??9781.138.7.*Buk InvestThe best paying program! Got next payment from admin!thank you very much!
11:33U065??93121.12.252.*eBase InvestmentPaying on time and as promised, Thanks. 6/9/2010 12:06 39463128 U5068151 (eBase Investment) + $11.00
11:24U065??93121.12.252.*FenixTrustNew payment received like clockwork, Thanks. 6/9/2010 11:03 39460140 U2342846 ( + $3.00
11:12U087??16122.249.239.*Buk InvestThis program never missed a paid again, so glad to be with site.
10:48U780??36117.47.151.*eBase InvestmentPaid! excellent program, thank admin. 6/9/2010 11:20 39461306 U5068151 (eBase Investment) + $11.00
10:45U843??07113.53.8.*FenixTrust6/9/2010 11:00 39459984 U2342846 ( + $4.00 Fast payment, Thanks admin.
10:38U490??27110.164.234.*FenixTrust6/9/2010 11:02 39460096 U2342846 ( + $1.50 Thank paid on time good support.
10:35U883??24124.120.103.*eBase InvestmentPAID! No problem. 6/9/2010 12:02 39462985 U5068151 (eBase Investment) + $22.00
10:32U305??18 117.47.115.* FenixTrustHello everyone, I have been paid from here every time. This is the latest proof of payment. 6/9/2010 11:00 39459938 U2342846 ( + $3.00 Thanks Admin.
10:30U780??36117.47.151.*FenixTrustStill paid fast, nice thank. 6/9/2010 10:58 39459888 U2342846 ( + $2.00
10:06U883??24124.120.103.*FenixTrustVery good investment program. 6/9/2010 10:58 39459856 U2342846 ( + $3.00
9:34U879??67210.5.65.*Top Earn Clubeceived my third payment to my Liberty Reserve account - Manual on time! Date: 6/8/2010 08:20 Batch #:39388993 U7814646 Amount: $2.77 $0.03 Memo: Withdraw to elexexpert from TopEarnClub Thanks admin! Great program!
9:24U228??73 93.81.48.* Bookmaker-OfficeGot my payment on time,admin paid very faster, thanks!
9:13U219??40 109.60.29.* Bookmaker-OfficePaid very quickly,excellent program!thanks admin!!
8:38U703??3383.2.96.*Bookmaker-OfficeI'd like to express my thanks to you for being so on time & honest.
8:27U829??76 95.72.219.* IPC FundNot paying to 09/06/2010
8:08U451??89130.94.69.*Advanced Investfirst payment received on time,thanks Date: 6/8/2010 19:45 Batch: 39429151 From Account: U0474704 Amount: $155.00 Memo: Advanced Plan 1,
7:48U091??01 92.48.115.* TrumpforexclubI recommend you this fast and on time paying. This is fantastic.
7:42U702??34 85.179.131.* Bookmaker-OfficeThe best program for investing.I am thankful for all the helps which you have done.
7:41U419??56125.128.35.*Buk InvestPay me normally,i think the program runs smoothly.good site!
7:03U634??1691.117.75.*Bookmaker-Officethis program is highly impressive keep it up God love you
6:47U722??18 125.245.208.* ForexNetClub Ltd.get paid here.hope it will last for long time. 6/8/2010 11:58 39400442 U3984568 (Forex Net Club Payment Account) + $76.62
6:07U046??0174.63.253.*NiyainvestI have invested $150,paid me today on time,very good programs,support here
6:01U242??26 120.37.69.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Table program, 6/8/2010 04:13 39382199 U4563654 (O.F.T.) + $20.61
3:40U393??6864.27.11.*Oil Forex Trading Co.$10.10 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account UXXXXXX. Cool.
2:27U249??93 119.204.48.* Oil Forex Trading Co.So happy for this program. Paying Date: 6/8/2010 17:59 Batch: 39423471
1:38U295??3759.18.92.*Businez Tradeget paid again. Date: 6/8/2010 19:17 Batch: 39427678 From Account: U2883107 (Businez Trade Group) Amount: $109.00 Memo: Trade Plan 1, Businez Trade Thanks admin