Vote Information for Saturday 5 June 2010


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23:42U282??6964.27.11.*Buk InvestGot my paid again.I think it is honest and good hyip for investors.
23:16U673??56173.13.170.*Buk InvestReceived 10% referral commissions;106$ total; seems to be a real honest admin.
19:33U490??27110.164.234.*Oil-InvestmentExcellent program paid very fast and good support.
17:58U132??68 213.238.88.* Top Earn Club#reklama2000 - another AlertPay payout. Amount: $150, reference number: 9B9EE-66C0D-2CB26. Thanks Nick
17:13U508??36117.47.40.*eBase InvestmentSite send payment right on time. Hope to stay here for a long time. Great program.
17:13U493??7289.131.71.*GMTmoneyvery very very goot, bueno muy bueno. OK. $+43.20
16:54U493??7289.131.71.*Flatron Cash LLCvery very very goot, bueno muy bueno. OK. $36++++
16:47U508??36117.47.40.*Oil-InvestmentSite send payment right on time. Hope to stay here for a long time. Great program.
16:44U843??07202.28.66.*Oil-InvestmentI invested here again. because admin paid always, Honest admin.
16:16U729??62 124.122.125.* Oil-Investment6/5/2010 09:26 39254328 U1530450 (Oil-Investment) + $2.10 , Thanks admin.
16:16U370??91 218.152.49.* Buk InvestVery fast paid,Got $210 today!Good job.I will reinvest soon!
16:14U874??94 124.120.3.* eBase Investment6/5/2010 16:28 39270133 U5068151 (eBase Investment) + $2.20 Got paid again , Thanks admin.
15:45U224??3287.118.104.*VLS ClubPaid as always thanks !
15:42U224??3287.118.104.*ARXN GroupPaid :-)
15:40U093??4038.105.100.*Buk InvestTheir site works fine and they pay well. One of the best program.
15:38U662??7387.118.104.*GVB FundsPaid :-)
15:26U317??32 79.136.50.* RXN InvestmentsPaid :-)
15:06U499??7161.90.25.*eBase InvestmentGot paid again. 6/5/2010 09:00 39253786 U5068151 (eBase Investment) + $33.00, Thanks admin.
14:59U407??7865.199.106.*Buk InvestThis program and Admin are very impressive honest,i got paid today in time as promised.
14:35U499??7161.90.25.*Oil-InvestmentThis is a serious paying investment program. Always pay without problems! Thanks admin.
13:44U141??72 118.172.11.* Earn ProjectAlways received paid, thank admin.
13:24U729??62 124.120.162.* eBase InvestmentPaying here , Thanks admin! 6/5/2010 09:01 39253843 U5068151 (eBase Investment) + $22.00
13:03U904??31 113.53.132.* Earn ProjectWork best and get paid very fast, thanks admin for good job.
12:49U603??43 219.130.149.* ForexicaNext Fast payment received,Very honest admin
12:32U490??27110.164.234.*FenixTrustReceive payment today paid very fast. good support thank admin
12:06U305??18114.128.31.*FenixTrustHas been paid already. Of course here actually pay. Admin of excellent Thanks a lot Admin.
12:00U729??62124.120.173.*Earn ProjectConstantly getting stable profit. Serious project. Always pays.
11:54U729??62124.120.173.*FenixTrustGot my payment as usual, thank you admin and keep up.
11:45U780??36180.183.127.*eBase InvestmentStill fast paid very good admin, thank. 6/5/2010 10:15 39256804 U5068151 (eBase Investment) + $11.00
11:38U843??07202.28.66.*FenixTrustReceive payment each time very well, thanks admin for everything.
11:20U095??96180.183.234.*FenixTrustsupport very good paid when request always it so greet.
10:54U490??27110.164.234.*Earn ProjectPaid very fast and good support.make money for me very much thank
10:53U305??18114.128.31.*Earn Projectllent program. Thank you very much admin.
10:49U843??07202.28.66.*Earn ProjectInvestment here, you will receive payment from the admin every time.
10:46U535??8766.232.147.*ForexNetClub Ltd.6/5/2010 04:33 39246090 U3984568 (Forex Net Club Payment Account) + $191.00 Excellent program, paid to me as always. I like this program more and more.
9:58U783??94112.153.148.*ForexNetClub Ltd.I love this site.on time payment.And I got paid again today.Thank you admin.
9:43U780??36180.183.127.*Earn ProjectGood start paid me very fast great program, thank admin.
9:27U780??36180.183.127.*FenixTrustPaid still fast love in this program very honest, thank admin.
9:18U883??24124.120.200.*FenixTrustThis program is one of the best place to invest. I have received my payment today.
9:15U196??2389.216.16.*ForexNetClub Ltd.Got my second referred commission with no problem great $132.
9:11U883??24124.120.200.*Earn ProjectPaid on time,very nice,hope the site can be hotter and hotter.
8:50U309??09124.122.65.*Oil-InvestmentThis program is cool and everything is perfect thanks admin.
8:49U593??6391.82.13.*GoldWayMoneypaid me once
8:37U650??88213.132.37.*ForexNetClub Ltd.Sent me payments without any problems. Great admin, and never miss a payment.
8:31 U525??26 202.28.38.*ForexNetClub Ltd.just paid me fast. 6/4/2010 12:20 39207541 U3984568 (Forex Net Club Payment Account) + $56.54 So nice site and honest admin.good job
8:29U041??9694.193.108.*ForexNetClub Ltd.Paid as noral,really nice program!6/4/2010 12:28 39207998 U3984568 (Forex Net Club Payment Account) + $1012.00
8:14U883??24124.120.200.*Oil-InvestmentGreat job admin!Thanks very much for paying me on time.
8:12U309??09124.122.65.*FenixTrustThis program is cool and everything is perfect thanks admin.
8:11U879??67210.5.65.*Top Earn ClubReceived my first payment to my Liberty Reserve account - Manual Date: 6/5/2010 08:48 Batch #:39253512 U7814646 (TopEarnClub) Amount: $2.76 Thanks admin! Great program!
7:59U041??9694.193.108.*Buk InvestAdmin is honest.I like this hyip site,it really worth to invest big money for me.
7:43U143??10222.114.39.*ForexNetClub Ltd.This is a realistic program for anyone looking for site to invest. Paid to me regularly,keep up good work.
7:43U190??90 77.222.190.* Bookmaker-OfficeVery good HYIP Project.I was paid many times.
7:42U309??09124.122.65.*eBase Investment6/5/2010 09:02 39253963 U5068151 (eBase Investment) + $22.00 This program is cool and everything is perfect thanks admin.
7:32U309??09124.122.65.*Earn ProjectThis program is cool and everything is perfect thanks admin.
7:23U998??6968.233.230.*ForexNetClub Ltd.I got paid again! this site still paid to me no problem.
7:16U790??9585.23.24.*Bookmaker-OfficeGet paid again and stable program for investors.
6:40U079??60 62.163.110.* Bookmaker-OfficeI get paid instantly,thanks a lot! get paid instantly,thanks a lot!
6:40U998??6968.233.230.*Buk InvestPaying me again as faster,thanks 6/5/2010 04:49 39246564 U8751210 ( + $213.00
5:24U122??45 93.103.201.* Bookmaker-OfficeGreat program and site!Got payment again. Thanks
4:36U266??37 89.212.72.* Bookmaker-OfficePaid again,get my profits very fast,so hot program.
3:12U346??02216.135.2.*Global Bond FundROTTEN SCAMMER!!! STOLE 20....DONT INVEST
1:44 U940??40 194.183.153.* ForexNetClub Ltd.Fast payment, 2010-06-04 12:20 39207523 U3984568 (Forex Net Club Payment Account) + $72.84 very satisfied with this program.Thank admin.
0:56U650??88213.199.192.*Businez TradeGot paid! very good. I think this one is forever. thanks honest admin. 6/4/2010 11:50 39206034 U2883107 (Businez Trade Group) + $1090.00