Vote Information for Thursday 3 June 2010


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23:30U609??3566.208.238.*Buk InvestReceived $210 again from this so honest admin!It's the best. Very good.
22:21U493??7289.131.71.*GMTmoneyVERY GOOOOOOOT, ok , puntuality
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16:17 U947??80 60.53.28.* Online Profit Growing
16:15U956??5778.109.160.*Buk InvestPaid me today my withdrawal request. Thank you. Great investment program.
15:45U513??21 210.95.243.* Buk InvestGreat program,paid me again!6/3/2010 15:58 39158889 U8751210 ( + $345.00
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15:00U493??7289.131.71.*Trader Fund MarketBad & Good
14:48U284??53 85.237.229.* ForexNetClub Ltd.Pays! Excellent program! 6/2/2010 13:39 39090568 U3984568 (Forex Net Club Payment Account) + $78.64 Quality program to invest.
14:39U335??92110.168.100.*eBase InvestmentNo delay payments! Paid me without problems, thanks admin. 6/3/2010 15:38 39157442 U5068151 (eBase Investment) + $22.00
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13:51U634??1689.215.219.*Bookmaker-OfficeNice PAYING site and RATE Us page is pretty.
13:14U948??86208.87.240.*ForexNetClub Ltd.I received my payment 10 mins after i did my withdrawal.paid me 1,280$ today,thanks admin.
13:02U499??7161.90.26.*eBase InvestmentPaid again! 6/3/2010 14:29 39152428 U5068151 (eBase Investment) + $33.00, Thanks admin.
12:51U095??96180.183.234.*eBase Investmentthis plan is paid out.6/3/2010 14:33 39152688 U5068151 (eBase Investment) + $2.20
12:45U481??02 125.92.5.* ForexicaDate: 2010-06-02 22:06 Batch: 39117114 From Account: U9061072 (Forexica) Amount: $3.90 Memo: Withdraw from
12:32U095??96180.183.234.*FenixTrustvery well paid again.6/3/2010 13:03 39148095 U2342846 ( + $2.00
12:29U876??44 79.113.169.* Bookmaker-Officepaid for the forth time and within minutes! Thanks,
12:29U911??7282.160.29.*RTB ClubGot paid again - thank you !
12:26U911??7282.160.29.*Offshore Liberty ServiceGot paid again - thank you !
12:23U224??3285.17.254.*Green Financial ServicesGood job Admin !
12:17U499??7161.90.26.*Oil-InvestmentGot paid again! 6/3/2010 10:18 39137513 U1530450 (Oil-Investment) + $2.00, Thanks Admin.
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11:58U082??8766.232.101.*ForexNetClub Ltd.Everything ok with me too.Great!Congratulations to admin and to us all.
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11:37U190??90 95.88.77.* Bookmaker-OfficePaying Fast after Request!! Thanks for the good profit
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11:16U833??55219.163.149.*ForexNetClub Ltd.Receive payment again,admin total give me $1050,i invest $1500 again!!!
11:13U843??07 113.53.12.* FenixTrust6/3/2010 08:16 39133362 U2342846 ( + $2.50 Fast payment, Thanks admin.
11:10U305??18117.47.113.*FenixTrust6/3/2010 08:17 39133386 U2342846 ( + $1.00 Pay again. Here actually pay. Pay each time. Thanks a lot Admin.
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9:17U295??3774.53.188.*ForexNetClub paid again today! Date: 6/3/2010 09:08 Batch: 39135169 From Account: U3984568 Amount: $12.00 Memo: Withdraw to Paige from Thanks admin
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