Vote Information for Thursday 27 May 2010


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16:24U539??6191.137.254.*Relax TradeSerial scammer, BEWARE and do not invest!
15:06 U404??89 41.129.11.* SecobyAmount : 1.5000 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 38748095
12:54U493??7289.131.71.*Flatron Cash LLCvery very very goot, bueno muy bueno. OK.
12:26U919??48113.108.133.*Vario Funds, LTD.Another payout obtained. Date: 2010-05-26 19:02 Batch: 38721299 From Account: U1069510 (Vario Funds, LTD. (Payment)) Amount: $2.80 Memo: Withdraw to master from thank you admin.
12:09U919??48113.108.133.*Vantre Finance, Ltd.5/26/2010 15:25 38705674 U6513276 (Vantre Finance, Ltd.) + $1.00 get paid as promissed.thanks admin again.
11:22U095??96183.89.210.*FenixTrustPaid to me with out problem.5/27/2010 08:37 38748272 U2342846 ( + $1.20
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9:38U729??62 118.173.180.* FenixTrustInstant payment received. 5/27/2010 08:39 38748366 U2342846 ( + $2.50
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6:54U438??68 203.82.92.* Green Financial Services
5:08U872??90130.94.69.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Date: 5/26/2010 19:02 Batch: 38721343 From Account: U4563654 Amount: $1147.00
3:55U484??5578.109.160.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Very table Program. Admin Good Job. Paid as usual. Batch:38741773 Amount: $500.00
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