Vote Information for Tuesday 25 May 2010


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22:53U529??23 66.138.56.* Vario Funds, LTD.Very good site, another payment received today, Thanks!
18:48U490??27 110.164.234.* Oil-InvestmentBest hyip very good support paid on time thank admin
18:46U780??36114.128.104.*Oil-InvestmentExcellent program best paid fast received without problem very fantastic, thank honest admin
18:39U729??62 118.173.201.* Oil-Investment5/25/2010 15:24 38636074 U1530450 (Oil-Investment) + $10.40 , Thanks admin.
18:28U508??36 117.47.144.* Oil-InvestmentSite send payment right on time. Hope to stay here for along time. Great program.
17:48U493??7289.131.71.*Flatron Cash LLCOK, VERY GOOT
17:19U253??13143.90.172.*Vario Funds, LTD.5/24/2010 09:23 38547656 U1069510 (Vario Funds, LTD. (Payment)) + $5.50 Thanks admin. I think it is paying well and hope it will last for time.
17:14U253??13143.90.172.*Vantre Finance, Ltd.Date: 2010-25-05 06:14:59 Batch: 38610560 From Account: U6513276 Amount: $2.00 Memo: Profit Spend from Vantre Finance, Ltd. thanks admin for doing good job.
11:40U876??44 78.84.90.* Currency-Servicespaid again and again, now i am in profit, very hostest admin
11:24U493??7289.131.71.*4FXCvery goot, very very goot, ok
11:21U499??71 58.8.37.* FenixTrustPaid! 5/25/2010 09:26 38617305 U2342846 ( + $5.50, Thanks admin.
11:09U190??90 93.95.95.* Currency-ServicesPaying complete $500 for 2 days.I hope it keeps going going .........but never gone
10:34U790??95 88.192.194.* Currency-ServicesOK, Stable! Great program! Paid without problem!!
10:22U883??24115.87.80.*Real Forex LTDGood program, I got payments automatically without problems.
10:18U309??09124.120.1.*Real Forex LTDGreat site I received my payment and no delay thanks admin.
10:01U079??60 89.179.43.* Currency-Servicescool design and very good plan, real love this one :)
9:32U490??27 124.157.139.* FenixTrust5/25/2010 09:24 38617195 U2342846 ( + $0.50
9:28U883??24115.87.80.*FenixTrustFast support and payment. 5/25/2010 09:26 38617313 U2342846 ( + $4.50
9:18U780??36114.128.104.*FenixTrustPaid me fast good job, thank 5/25/2010 09:24 38617239 U2342846 ( + $1.00
8:27U493??7289.131.71.*SteadyFund LtdOK, VERY GOOT
8:11U309??09124.120.1.*FenixTrustGreat site I received my payment and no delay thanks admin.
8:08U305??18 114.128.25.* FenixTrust5/25/2010 09:25 38617257 U2342846 ( + $1.00 Get paid again. Thanks a lot Admin. I will invest here for a long time indeed.
8:08U971??2785.144.252.*NDCA Traders Fundno answer admin!! no payments received !!!
8:03U971??2785.144.252.*Venture Finance answer admin!! no payments received !!!
7:52U874??94 124.120.9.* FenixTrust5/25/2010 09:25 38617275 U2342846 ( + $2.00 Very fast paid me , Thanks admin.
3:10U083??76 120.20.39.* Top Earn Club
23:15U037??3194.23.114.*SobEX Invest, Incgreat program, paying all the time. thank you sobex!