Vote Information for Monday 3 May 2010


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23:36U729??62 118.173.179.* McLain Finance5/3/2010 18:19 37124730 U8279046 (Mc'Lain Finance Inc.) + $5.00 , Thanks Admin.
23:09U729??62118.173.180.*White Fund5/3/2010 18:05 37123728 U3435355 (White Fund) + $1.90 , Thanks Admin.
22:38U843??07202.28.66.*McLain Finance5/4/2010 00:09 37142147 U8279046 (Mc'Lain Finance Inc.) + $5.00 Thanks admin.
22:08U843??07202.28.66.*HYIP.netReceive my payment today, paid so fast. thanks admin.
21:45U780??36222.123.69.*McLain FinancePaid good job admin, thank 5/3/2010 18:24 37125023 U8279046 (Mc'Lain Finance Inc.) + $3.00
21:30U338??6864.191.11.*BiPrimaxDate: 2010-03-05 19:55:02 Batch: 37130684 From Account: U8523087 Amount: $1.00 Memo:
21:22U780??36222.123.69.*White FundPaid received great thank 5/3/2010 17:14 37119714 U3435355 (White Fund) + $1.00
19:20U064??94113.30.68.*White FundAwesome n Real investment program, I strongly recommend this project, you won't be regret !!
18:37U831??4998.126.176.*White FundGood site with nice support. Received payment again and again
17:56U399??09 63.223.79.* White FundDate : 2010-03-05 15:02:45 From/To Account : U3435355 (White Fund) Amount : 18.0000 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 37110141
16:34U499??71 61.90.26.* EuroNanoInvest5/3/2010 11:10 37097516 U5450025 ( + $1.40, Thanks admin.
16:19U729??62118.173.180.*EuroNanoInvestThis is a great program. It took me a while to join them.
15:18U081??63 66.53.99.* WACE Funds LtdBest Programs, i like this, received payments on time, thanks admin.
14:29U821??61 211.218.137.* Forex Express5/2/2010 14:18 37047060 U1708302 (Forex Express) + $2.00 Memo: Withdraw from
14:28U082??8789.216.16.*True Earn5/2/2010 21:39 37066798 u0297947 (true earn) + $106.00 thanks admin paid!
14:13U082??8789.216.16.*Ance FinanceThank you. You are the best.Money allways in time. I keep investing as much as I can.
14:10U697??63 83.158.80.* WACE Funds LtdOne of the best systems on the market. Paying well, solid and honest.
13:51U878??09 91.66.37.* WACE Funds LtdHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project!
13:20U222??97 88.210.67.* WACE Funds LtdReally great program! Payment received very fast! Thanks!
13:10U948??8664.27.11.*True EarnStill paying! great program ever, always paid for small and big invest.thanks!
13:10U065??93125.89.69.*EuroNanoInvestPaid! With this site everyone will earn greater money! Thanks admin!!
13:01U948??8664.27.11.*Ance FinanceGrowing steady and payments are never late!got paid again today, thanks ancefinance!
12:56U118??79 87.12.251.* WACE Funds LtdPayment recived again! Very good site with stable plan!
12:51U746??89118.220.100.*Forex Expressthank for paid me on time!5/2/2010 22:47 37069311 U1708302 (Forex Express) + $10.00
12:35U942??07118.123.8.*GroupuniversalVery good program, i like it because they auto withdraw to me every time and keep good support.
12:31U451??89213.180.112.*Forex ExpressCool site.. Always received my payment on time, very satisfied with this program.Thank admin.
11:55U738??96 58.8.65.* McLain FinanceVery good.No delay payments! Paid me without problems, thanks admin.
11:54U633??91202.133.246.*GroupuniversalThe best INVESTMENT project! STABLE and always pays really on time.
11:34U162??25120.50.34.*GroupuniversalReceived Payment Again,as fast as usually,Thank ADmin
11:31U874??94124.120.12.*McLain FinanceGood program, friendly admin and fast payment! I hope this will stay long!
11:22U874??94124.120.12.*EuroNanoInvestGood program, friendly admin and fast payment! I hope this will stay long!
11:18U603??43119.133.99.*Groupuniversalkeep paying to me,very good site
11:16U285??75113.53.15.*HYIP.netAlways receiving my payment on time, recommended to join this program, Thank you admin.
11:09U883??24124.120.209.*HYIP.netPaid by instantly withdrawal as usual,This is one of the great Program!
11:01U729??62118.173.178.*McLain Finance5/3/2010 12:25 37100930 U8279046 (Mc'Lain Finance Inc.) + $2.00 , Thanks Admin.
10:53U653??77119.133.99.*Forexicagot payment,thanks
9:05U596??3981.138.7.*True EarnGOt my first payment,paid on time thanks admin!
9:00U596??3981.138.7.*Ance FinanceReceived $45 ref commission,admin paid on time,thanks!
8:43U714??01119.147.115.*ForexicaPAID AGAIN, super fast, like usual!!! Thanks
8:30U515??10 121.101.215.* ForexicaReceived another payment today, very good program.
8:27U883??24124.120.209.*EuroNanoInvestKeep being paid without any problems ^^ highly recommended.
8:25U095??96110.164.242.*EuroNanoInvestNow i get paid from admin. this program is very best!!!
8:12U393??11114.80.100.*ForexicaNICE PAYMENT FROM ADMIN THANKS
7:58U411??18173.13.170.*True EarnI got paid again,thank you honest admin!
7:48U411??18173.13.170.*Ance FinanceHave received payments and rate very good. Thanks admin.will reinvest soon!
7:27U539??83125.92.80.*Gain interestThe program is stable and it pays only what I need. excellent vote for It !
7:24U325??3078.129.227.*Businez TradeVery good admin alwalys paid, Hot program !!!!
7:18U325??3078.129.227.*Advanced InvestPaid me by weekend!! thank's
7:18U481??02125.92.87.*Gain interestPAID AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Highly recommended to everyone!!!!!
6:45U741??01125.92.87.*ForexicaPAID AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Highly recommended to everyone!!!!!
6:20U273??32120.50.34.*ForexicaIm very happy to across things like this iv been searching for things like this 4 long
5:53U995??7138.105.100.*Ance FinanceGreat site and honest man,received $315 again!
5:31U285??75113.53.15.*EuroNanoInvestVery good project and real investment program. Paid well and always in time! Excellent site!
4:47U539??83222.122.12.*Forexicapaying site
4:20U098??20218.213.194.*ForexicaAn excelent program
3:54U649??68202.133.246.*ForexicaHow cool! Requested payout and received instantly.
3:38U488??91 74.63.253.* ForexicaGot $3.00 payment via Liberty Reserve in time! Very great site!
3:17U145??3269.197.175.*ForexicaThey don't lie! Paid as advertised
2:55U942??0774.63.253.*ForexicaPayment received, perfect is number one
2:31U633??91 174.139.129.* ForexicaThis one is always paying and for a long time . Thank you admin!
1:59U162??2558.218.211.*Forexicaeverything goes well and get the payment as normal
1:35U603??43118.123.8.*ForexicaI love this site. Receive my funds without problems and very quickly. An excellent site to invest in....