Vote Information for Friday 30 April 2010


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22:01U338??6864.191.11.*BiPrimaxDate: 2010-30-04 13:31:37 Batch: 36921684 From Account: U8523087 Amount: $1.00 Memo:
21:56U780??36 222.123.30.* HYIP.netPaid fast good program paying and good support too, thank admin keep going.
21:02U874??94 124.121.246.* HYIP.netI think the program runs stronger.It is wothy to recommend highly.
19:33U136??30122.147.11.*White FundReal investment program. Very good project...No problem at all!!
19:24 U453??82 82.128.87.* Barclay Premier FundI made a deposit of $25 on April 20,2010 and nothing has been paid to me as profit promised since then. I sent messages but no reply. my e-mail
19:09U510??52183.90.184.*White FundI love this Great program, payment always on time!!
18:36U239??57204.74.218.*Businez Tradethank you admin, I have received payment
18:34U239??57204.74.218.*Advanced Investthank you admin, I have received payment , into the second plan, a good joob thank you very much
18:34U775??01 183.89.36.* McLain Finance4/30/2010 17:17 36940469 U8279046 (Mc'Lain Finance Inc.) + $3.50 thank you admin.
18:17U843??07202.28.66.*McLain Finance4/30/2010 17:21 36940842 U8279046 (Mc'Lain Finance Inc.) + $4.00 Thanks admin.
18:17U274??40118.46.206.*White FundThe right choice to invest, Paid me again and again, very great site!!!
17:44U056??91 112.142.6.* McLain FinanceExcellent program for fast payment thank you admin.
17:38U499??7158.8.40.*White FundPAID!!! 4/30/2010 11:01 36911205 U3435355 (White Fund) + $1.50, Thanks admin.
17:34U902??51 125.167.242.* The Cash Gallonsscammer!! no payment no respond email...scamm..
17:31U309??09 124.120.16.* White FundIt's fantastic paid me so fast thanks admin this site is great.
16:27U499??7158.8.40.*EuroNanoInvestPaid again as always. This is a very good site and honest admin.
16:05U065??93121.12.252.*EuroNanoInvestwhat a great program! just receive payment again! great program! HONEST admin!
15:38 U850??82 188.165.186.* Profit MarketDate: 2010-30-04 17:20:29 Batch: 36940730 From Account: U1950701 Amount: $15.00 Memo: PM Daily Payout
14:46U729??62118.173.179.*EuroNanoInvestRecieve my payment so fast.Very good site.More power.
13:57U958??7278.109.160.*Ance FinanceVery good my vote!Thanks for paying admin!it's very good for us!!!
13:29U263??24 87.170.14.* Solid Tradertwo pendings, one of them over 24 hours, user: blackwater
12:53U095??96 124.121.135.* EuroNanoInvestI get payment without any delay, really good program, thank you admin!
12:30U570??9364.251.8.*Ance Financereally great program! payment received very fast!thanks!
11:52U332??89209.51.197.*HourlypaymeeLooks great here, I will give a test spend in this program.
11:43U335??92 124.120.100.* McLain FinancePays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest.
11:36U874??94124.120.4.*McLain FinanceReceived payment again and again,this is one of the great Program!
11:20U874??94124.120.4.*EuroNanoInvestGot paid again as always,really worth to invest in it.
11:16U830??85124.137.27.*Ance FinanceI once again thank the Administrator. Payment has received!
9:47U309??09 124.120.23.* McLain FinanceAlways recieved on time thanks admin This program is be cool.
9:25U143??10121.124.127.*Pars-Forexstable program!I have been paid as normal.well done,thank you admin. 4/30/2010 05:22 36893474 U1530409 (Pars-Forex) + $1.50
8:52U904??50130.94.69.*HourlypaymeeSite send payment right on time to me. 4/30/2010 07:50 36899395 U8173696 (hourlypaymee) + $1.25 thanks!
8:31U310??1172.52.194.*HourlypaymeeThis program is paying on time!Thank admin for paying me and other investors!
8:18U821??61112.153.148.*Hourlypaymeenext payment received,thanks Date: 2010-30-04 02:42:29 Batch: 36886584 From Account: U8173696 Amount: $1.68 Memo:
8:17U883??24124.120.210.*HYIP.netI love this site.on time payment.And I got paid again today.Thank you admin.
8:16U338??08 217.224.247.* Trader Fund Marketscam - i am waiting of money more than 24 hours
8:12U113??02 113.129.125.* HourlypaymeeInteresting looking site. Plans look good. Will be joining soon.
8:06U746??89130.94.69.*HourlypaymeeNice site,paid me still on time!i think worth recommend to my friends.
8:04U883??31207.234.185.*True EarnNext payment paid as usual,like before.I think is the stable program.
8:01U883??24124.120.210.*EuroNanoInvestThe Perfect program! Don't wait, invest and receive the profit!
7:54U883??31207.234.185.*Ance FinanceToday paid again! Fine program, excellent service.
7:51U285??75 113.53.15.* McLain FinancePayment received . 4/30/2010 00:27 36881675 U8279046 (Mc'Lain Finance Inc.) + $2.50
7:42U729??62118.173.179.*McLain Finance4/30/2010 09:06 36904715 U8279046 (Mc'Lain Finance Inc.) + $5.50 , Thanks Admin.
7:02U451??8992.79.182.*Hourlypaymeegot paid Date : 2010-29-04 13:27:17 From/To Account : U8173696 (hourlypaymee) Amount : 5.50 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 36834795 Memo:
6:10U115??34130.94.69.*Ance FinanceThank you for the great job and payment!
5:44 U388??70 125.160.17.*Collect Dollarsmy withdrawal request pending have made since 21 April 2010 until now not received payment with username lou0529
5:41U393??68 120.37.70.* Hourlypaymeegot paid. thanks.
5:25 U097??21 119.121.68.* HourlypaymeeDate: 2010-30-04 02:03:44 Batch: 36885523 From Account: U8173696 Amount: $2.00 Memo: Withdraw to cashy from
5:06U605??67 218.66.213.* Hourlypaymee4/29/2010 17:42 36857302 U8173696 (hourlypaymee) + $35.00
3:04U285??75 113.53.18.* EuroNanoInvestAnother Very good project and real investment program. really Perfect site, all no problem!
0:08U570??93168.216.142.*True EarnThis program is a really nice program.I got paid again and again!They are the best!