Vote Information for Saturday 24 April 2010


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21:43U843??07 118.173.172.* McLain FinanceReceive payment each time very well, thanks admin for everything.
21:38U729??62118.173.181.*McLain Finance4/24/2010 21:02 36492204 U8279046 (Mc'Lain Finance Inc.) + $2.50 , Thanks Admin.
21:24U874??94124.121.248.*McLain FinanceNice 4/24/2010 10:19 36460154 U8279046 (Mc'Lain Finance Inc.) + $3.00 Paid me again , Thanks admin.
20:59U729??62118.173.181.*White Fund4/24/2010 13:29 36469837 U3435355 (White Fund) + $1.20 , Thanks Admin.
20:51U122??4584.26.68.*ForexPaidMeHey guys,you can make a pile easily just by investing is this site.
20:18U331??3389.19.6.*White FundAlways receiving my payment on time, Thank you admin.
20:16U095??96110.164.242.*McLain FinanceI get paid follow my order thank admin.
20:10U266??37 95.24.69.* ForexPaidMeI am very thankful to this hyip,especially for all good things!
20:05U874??94124.121.248.*White Fund4/24/2010 10:34 36460627 U3435355 (White Fund) + $2.00 Very fast paid me , Thanks admin.
19:59U775??01 183.89.59.* White FundPaid again 4/24/2010 09:49 36458946 U3435355 (White Fund) + $0.90 thank you admin.
19:19U940??64 89.132.51.* ForexPaidMeGood company.Paid me without delay ! It is an Highly recommended site for investors!!!
19:02U095??96110.164.242.*EuroNanoInvestDon't worry when you invest because admin real paid.
18:23U363??5486.122.140.*ForexPaidMeIt is the excellent project. I am glad, that I participate in it!
15:30U224??3279.165.182.*RXN InvestmentsI can recommend them !
15:30U535??87121.156.104.*ForexNetClub Ltd.Quick payment....excellent,i'm happy and satisfied with their service! thank admin.
15:28U224??3279.165.182.*RTB ClubPaying me always on time !
15:25U317??3279.165.182.*Offshore Liberty ServiceAlways on time - thank you !
14:10U729??62118.173.216.*EuroNanoInvest4/23/2010 22:36 36429441 U5450025 ( + $4.00 , Thanks Admin.
14:07U650??88210.196.112.*ForexNetClub Ltd.really stable and reliable project. I obtained my profits as others. Date: 2010-24-04 07:27:12 Batch: 36452434 From Account: U3984568 Amount: $12.00 Memo: Withdraw to Kayla from
13:55 U672??47 94.76.194.* Fenivo CapitalYahoo! this my fisrt payment from them! Date: 4/24/2010 15:46 Batch: 36476577 From Account: U0815266 Amount: $0.67
13:39U640??09204.251.182.*EuroNanoInvest4/23/2010 18:03 36411900 U5450025 ( + $16.00
13:28U889??4174.143.26.*EuroNanoInvestDate : 2010-23-04 18:31:22 From/To Account : U5450025 ( Amount : 1.93 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 36414281 Memo : withdrawal
13:03U830??8263.64.21.*EuroNanoInvestNext payment Received instantly as usual. Date: 2010-04-24 03:29 Batch: 36438553 From Account: U5450025 ( Amount: $1.54 Memo: withdrawal
13:02U143??10202.172.169.*ForexNetClub Ltd.One of the best investment project! stable and always paid me on time.
12:50U773??30130.94.69.*EuroNanoInvest4/24/2010 10:16 36460058 U5450025 ( + $5.00
12:38U560??19130.94.69.*EuroNanoInvestDate: 2010-04-24 07:07 Batch: 36451687 From Account: U5450025 ( Amount: $52.00 Memo: withdrawal I've Received some referral commission instantly! Thanks admin!
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12:06U746??89209.120.245.*Pool Clubgot paid today Date: 4/24/2010 11:48 Batch: 36464799 From Account: U3349889 Amount: $2.10 Memo: Pool Club daily payment 2/40
11:29U065??93121.12.252.*EuroNanoInvestPaying on time and as promised. Absolutely no problem.
10:18U650??8861.33.231.*EuroNanoInvestI received payment today from this hyip again,Wonderful program, I am happy to be in!
10:09U143??1061.106.26.*EuroNanoInvestVery cool program ,PAYING still well and instant! thanks admin! Date: 2010-24-04 07:27:12 Batch: 36452434 From Account: U5450025 Amount: $8.00 Memo: withdrawal
9:56U824??74115.31.137.*EuroNanoInvestDaily payments received adain,paid me on time form the beginning with punctuality, Thanks Admin!
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8:34U883??24 124.120.204.* EuroNanoInvestBest ever paying hyips. You are doing wonderfully good admin.
7:51U199??73 123.26.216.* SteadyFund Ltd4/24/2010 09:20 36457264 U9424947 (SteadyFund) + $0.12 $0.01 $64.65 Hide details Merchant Reference: Memo: Withdraw to from SteadyFund Ltd : By
6:25 U960??87 203.82.92.* ForexPaidMeWow... they paid me instantly :)
6:07U739??29 64.56.70.* Pool Club4/23/2010 09:44 36370891 U3349889 ( + $0.70 I have already been paid as normal.thanks admin.
4:15U614??57 78.93.113.* Private Asset ManagementDate of payment 4/18/2010 22:02 Batch# 35917323 AccountU0351960 (Private Asset Management) – $50.00 for 2.5% daily for 1000 days. Paid directly to e-currency. The never pay me and even they don’t reply my e-mail several time
2:40U285??75 118.173.162.* EuroNanoInvestPaying on time and as promised. Absolutely no problem. 4/23/2010 15:52 36377951 U5450025 ( + $3.20
2:04U463??4061.33.231.*Earning GainGet paid many times with this project Date: 2010-23-04 08:54:48 Batch: 36366728 From Account: U8374593 (EarningGain) Amount: $10.25
1:51U508??36 112.142.127.* White Fund4/23/2010 19:10 36417591 U3435355 (White Fund) + $1.00
1:41U780??36112.142.121.*McLain FinancePaid received fast has no any problem good program investing, thank admin
1:27U341??9898.126.79.*Earning GainDate: 2010-23-04 08:58:34 Batch: 36367264 From Account: U8374593 (EarningGain) Amount: $210.00 Paid as always, Reinvested !! Thanks admin
1:26U780??36112.142.121.*White FundReceived thank admin 4/23/2010 19:08 36417515 U3435355 (White Fund) + $2.50
1:10U361??43205.209.140.*Earning GainAlways prompt payment and fast, So far so good... Keep it up admin!!
0:36 U216??33 180.73.79.* Fenivo CapitalGreat Customer Service and Timely Payment!! I got my paid. Date: 4/23/2010 22:46 Batch No: 36429720 Amount: $3.59
0:35U064??94222.73.4.*Earning GainReceived payment in timely manner Date: 2010-23-04 02:45:45 Batch: 36343846 From Account: U8374593 (EarningGain) Amount: $25.00
23:53U831??49122.210.123.*Earning GainWell organized, Well structured and thought out program, thanks for payment!
23:28U693??91122.210.123.*White FundWell organized, Well structured and thought out program, thanks for payment!
23:04U399??09202.55.224.*Earning GainI'm sure this program will keep paying in long run.