Vote Information for Thursday 15 April 2010


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22:59U693??91122.210.123.*Profit GoalNice payout received, Date: 2010-04-15 04:19 Batch: 35575140 From Account: U6046532 (profit-goal withdraw account) Amount: $13.00
22:36U935??5163.216.57.*Profit GoalGot my pays again today, the best investment program! Thanks admin!
22:11U273??56 125.164.99.* Profit GoalPayment completed for today!! How honest admin and excellent site!
21:27U086??15 202.153.168.* White FundPayment completed for today!! How honest admin and excellent site!
21:20U136??3063.220.4.*Profit GoalGrowing steadily and payments are never late! Got paid again, thanks
20:49U239??27190.158.156.*TopFinancialthe best !!! la mejor de todas thanks admin
20:30U621??2963.220.4.*White FundGrowing steadily and payments are never late! Got paid again, thanks
19:56U510??52 125.164.106.* Profit GoalGetting payment right on time! I'm Very happy. Right place to invest!!
19:02U816??0695.170.221.*WestFundsplan 4 Get paid quickly and correctly as always today. thanks admin!
18:54U763??30 118.172.226.* White Fundthank you admin Good fast payment.
18:43U095??96110.164.242.*Transcontinental ProfitPayment received to me 3.60$. thank you so much.
18:43U874??94124.120.8.*White Fund4/15/2010 08:39 35594147 U3435355 (White Fund) + $2.00 Very fast paid me , Thanks admin.
17:55U397??99216.224.124.*RTB ClubI am in profit with them !
17:49U857??3862.141.58.*Offshore Liberty ServiceGood job Admin !
16:21U499??71 58.8.35.* EuroNanoInvest4/15/2010 14:38 35627129 U5450025 ( + $1.40, Thanks admin.
15:51U506??7958.185.180.*ForexNetClub Ltd.You have received a payment to your account. Date: 2010-15-04 03:50:34 Batch: 35573902 From Account: U3984568 (Forex Net Club Payment Account) Amount: $28.00 Memo: Withdraw to Justin from Thanks admin
15:47U516??09112.216.60.*White FundGetting payment right on time! I'm Very happy. Right place to invest!!
15:30U095??96110.164.242.*EuroNanoInvestExcellent the work of the great care and pay very quickly.
15:12 U7278407 PROXY Live Profits[Program Admin]> Batch: 35595273 Amount: $5.50 Woow..I get paid instantly , thanks admin for the payment, Nice programe, Admin you are doing good job.
15:02U862??05219.76.210.*ForexNetClub Ltd.They continue paying well and as promised. Great program. Date: 2010-15-04 09:13:13 Batch: 35596516 From Account: U3984568 (Forex Net Club Payment Account) Amount: $21.00 Memo: Withdraw to Grace from Thanks admin
14:58 U827??98 92.124.40.* Auto Lr ProfitDid not pay since 08.04.2010. Pending Withdrawals: $51.29
14:53U122??45 188.24.50.* ForexPaidMegood plans and professional admin
14:35U266??37 94.253.236.* ForexPaidMebest of the best really good support and ontime payouts
14:19U940??64 81.198.1.* ForexPaidMebest of the best really good support and ontime payouts
13:59U363??5493.100.62.*ForexPaidMeGot paid me ontime thanks adminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
13:45U610??6883.17.168.*EuroNanoInvestDate: 2010-04-15 08:51 Batch: 35594996 From Account: U5450025 ( Amount: $2.10 Memo: withdrawal Thanks admin
13:39U430??27 212.22.60.* ForexPaidMegot paid yesterday for the $10 test spend, i have invested $50 now we vite when got paid
13:21U496??4564.79.69.*EuroNanoInvestgot apid again today Date : 2010-15-04 08:36:41 From/To Account : U5450025 ( Amount : 1.4000 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 35594019 Memo : withdrawal
13:13U295??3761.111.163.*ForexNetClub Ltd.Maybe this is really the best program online Serious paying program. i got paid again and again.
13:09U624??0499.70.220.*EuroNanoInvestDate : 2010-14-04 19:49:55 From/To Account : U5450025 ( Amount : 1.93 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 35547692 Memo : withdrawal
13:06U148??39 219.111.121.* A9 Corp.There is no payment of two days. There is not an answer though 24 hours passed either. SCAM
12:34U093??4063.64.21.*Umba FundI agree this will become next big program,paid again!
12:32U873??85201.39.1.*EuroNanoInvest04/15/2010 05:15 35578756 U5450025 ( + $0.70 Memo: withdrawal
12:22U228??73 94.19.154.* ForexPaidMeyou are the best, paid again
12:21 U904??24 122.210.123.*Umba FundThere are many hyip programs recently, but I only choose Umbafund , cause I never miss a payment
12:06U098??45 222.239.224.* EuroNanoInvestPaid and Voted! Payment from: Amount: $11.20 Batch: 35620083 Time: 15-04-10 01:06 Thanks admin!
11:42 U741??66 66.79.163.*Umba FundPayment confirm received today in my Liberty Reserve Account !
11:20U499??37 205.209.143.* Umba FundStill no problem with payments ^_^ I am very happy that I get paid
11:09U874??94 124.120.20.* Diamond TradeVery good project and real investment program. Paid well and always in time! Excellent site!
11:05U202??56 122.199.179.* EuroNanoInvestpaying me...Very good project I will be invest here for a long time. and my money is safe, cheers!
10:52U535??8788.48.249.*EuroNanoInvestPayment received without any problem. I hope the admin will keep on his good job. 4/15/2010 07:12 35587533 U5450025 ( + $2.8
10:47U003??4298.126.79.*Umba FundI was paid ! thank you so much ! Umbafund already paid me many times
10:45U143??1062.110.158.*EuroNanoInvestHow honest admin and reliable program. Paid me another profits fastly Date: 2010-15-04 04:19:47 Batch: 35575136 From Account: U5450025 Amount: $5.60 Memo: withdrawal
10:23U824??74116.48.128.*EuroNanoInvestreally stable and reliable project.I obtained my profits as others. 4/15/2010 09:13 35596516 U5450025 ( + $1.25
10:18U499??5761.221.189.*Umba FundIt is a brilliant project ! Me and my friend have been paid so many times
10:00U273??56 125.164.100.* InvestStarts4/15/2010 04:27 35576138 U0284377 (investstarts) + $4.50 thanks for payment
9:54U506??79121.88.4.*EuroNanoInvestThe program is paying without any problem.thanks admin a lot. Date: 2010-15-04 03:50:34 Batch: 35573902 From Account: U5450025 Amount: $6.80 Memo: withdrawal
9:40U219??40 94.102.119.* ForexPaidMeThe request was processed in time,very honest site!
9:03U535??87 61.33.231.* Zeus Capital ManagementTheir site works fine and they pay me well. One of the best 4/15/2010 09:13 35596516 U1844391 (Zeus Capital Management) + $4.50
8:57U874??94 124.120.5.* EuroNanoInvestSite send payment right on time to me. hope it stay here for a long time. great program for me!
8:51U703??33 188.134.22.* ForexPaidMegot my payment thanks admin
8:42U411??18220.149.168.*Umba FundPaid me $35 again,it is the best program!!total got $130 for referral bonus!
8:30U650??88218.54.149.*Zeus Capital ManagementGot paid on time as always, really worth to invest in it. Date: 2010-15-04 03:50:34 Batch: 35573902 From Account: U1844391 (Zeus Capital Management) Amount: $2.50 Memo: Zeus CM Payment Thanks admin!
8:17U883??24 124.122.156.* EuroNanoInvestI was paid again.I think the admin will do the site better and better.
7:53U702??34 82.159.184.* ForexPaidMeReceived payment today again $50.
7:49U995??7177.68.42.*Umba FundNext payment direct to my LR account,always on time,admin so honest!
7:14U065??93125.89.69.*EuroNanoInvestReally cool program, my favorite place to invest, paid me again and again!
7:11U729??62118.173.178.*EuroNanoInvestRecieve my payment so fast.Very good site.More power.
6:51U634??16 93.103.241.* ForexPaidMethanks admin for the nice payment
6:34U883??3166.216.91.*Umba FundReally great program,paid me on time!thank you admin!
6:23U729??62118.173.178.*White Fund4/15/2010 05:22 35579457 U3435355 (White Fund) + $2.50 , Thanks Admin.
6:13U641??8187.241.234.*ReliableProfitmy id 224. Amount : 20.0000 Batch : 35519178 +Amount : 0.4400 Batch : 35519184+ Amount : 5.0000 Batch : 35526902+ (Amount : 1.0000 Batch : 35527579 - reward) Thank you admin
5:38U499??71 58.8.41.* White Fund4/15/2010 01:16 35568924 U3435355 (White Fund) + $2.00, Thanks admin.
5:12U963??40 92.48.115.* M.G.Fthe future looks bright, i will keep investing
5:10U441??30119.236.57.*Umba FundReceived my payment once again ! This must be a good program
4:58U904??31 125.27.218.* Diamond TradeHave been extremely satisfied with the payment and good care. thanks admin.
3:47U252??21222.186.9.*Umba FundReceived my profit again ! Still no problem with payment !!
3:30U510??92123.50.210.*Umba FundHighly recommend this site ! They never miss a payment !
3:20U285??75 113.53.2.* EuroNanoInvestGood Investment always receveid my payment without delay,
3:10U720??1863.216.57.*Umba FundI get paid with a plan 3 payment ( Daily profit 25% for 15 days ), $625.25 . thank you
2:51U301??13 183.182.7.* Umba Fundmy 10/15 payment received a sec ago ^_^ as usual its $300USD ( I invested $2K at the begining )
2:38U324??17 112.121.164.* Umba FundThanks for the big payment proof again ! I have received $30,000
2:21U516??39211.60.196.*Umba FundPaid ! Amount: 900 USD, Batch: 35470651
1:00U253??1361.201.51.*StableReturnPaying!it seems stable now.4/14/2010 11:30 35504318 U6539233 ( + $2.00
0:58U902??77 115.135.95.* Green Financial ServicesThank you admin
23:51U274??40111.92.246.*Profit GoalGot paid today from this project 4/14/2010 04:03 35471485 U6046532 (profit-goal withdraw account) + $6.00
23:20U086??1560.248.121.*Profit GoalAdmin is honest and always pay on time. Good customer Service... Really HOT program!!