Vote Information for Monday 12 April 2010


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23:28U274??4063.223.79.*EaseForexVery fast payment when requested and great support system
23:12U086??1576.76.103.*EaseForexI stronglly recommend this program, Excellent program paid without problem
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18:41U274??40111.92.246.*InvestStartsI Receive another payment today, thank you! 4/12/2010 16:29 35326754 U0284377 (investstarts) + $15.87
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17:49U729??40 118.172.176.* White Fund4/12/2010 11:18 35301890 U3435355 (White Fund) + $3.00 Thanks admin.
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15:18U499??71 58.8.40.* EuroNanoInvest04/12/2010 12:17 35305951 U5450025 ( + $1.40, Thanks admin.
15:12U095??96110.164.241.*EuroNanoInvest4/12/2010 08:59 35290350 U5450025 ( + $2.70
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14:48U295??37210.196.112.*Zeus Capital Management4/12/2010 04:11 35272600 U1844391 (Zeus Capital Management) + $3.00 received another payment from the site, thanks
14:25U190??90 85.85.201.* ForexPaidMePayment received - Thank You
13:53U859??81190.2.61.*Umba Fund4/12/2010 03:44 35270103 U4425652 ( + $22.50 paid again,thanks!
13:52U535??8767.212.168.*Zeus Capital ManagementReceive my payment today. Thanks admin Date: 4/12/2010 10:51 Batch: 35299773 From Account: U1844391 (Zeus Capital Management) Amount: $3.85 Memo: Zeus CM Payment
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13:09U962??90183.182.25.*Umba FundMy father invested $500 yesterday and he start to get payment today!
13:07U773??30 94.230.178.* EuroNanoInvest4/11/2010 08:44 35219795 U5450025 ( + $0.28 $0.01
13:02U079??60 79.118.168.* ForexPaidMeWonderful Site That Pays faster than others
12:55U316??09209.120.245.*Umba FundI got the 3st payment, thanks admin, nice work!
12:50U072??70205.209.162.*Umba Fund$10 paid to my LR account, thanks a lot.
12:47U560??1963.131.23.*EuroNanoInvestPaiment: Date : 2010-09-04 18:07:13 From/To Account : U5450025 ( Amount : 1.4000 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 35099111 Memo : withdrawal
12:46U524??5976.224.115.*NDCA Traders FundJust got paid here again,thank admin.
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12:27U610??1568.199.178.*NDCA Traders FundPaid! They send confirmation email too!
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12:26U610??1568.199.178.*Tillotson InvestmentsPaid to me some referral commission today.
12:25U046??9575.47.70.*NDCA Traders FundI got money already to the LR account just.
12:24U046??9575.47.70.*Wealth Generation Clubget paid as other guys who deposited and been paid with this project.
12:24U046??9575.47.70.*Tillotson InvestmentsPayout request has been processed.
12:20U239??9471.233.189.*NDCA Traders FundThank you for payment. Good job, admin. Very happy!!!
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12:16U904??5066.216.91.*EuroNanoInvestinstantly! 4/11/2010 09:24 35221428 U5450025 ( + $0.70
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12:13U182??5367.175.17.*NDCA Traders Fundpaid good. Thanks for your job!!! Again paid, as always without problems. Thanks Admin.
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12:04U335??6972.51.212.*NDCA Traders FundAlways paying!I'll reinvest!
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12:03U335??6972.51.212.*Tillotson InvestmentsThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today.
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12:01U121??7970.92.176.*Tillotson InvestmentsAdmin are very impressive,got paid on time!
11:59U864??3567.244.153.*NDCA Traders FundThanks! I have again received fast payment.
11:58U864??3567.244.153.*Wealth Generation ClubPAYING THANKS ADMIN FOR THE PAYMENT
11:57U864??3567.244.153.*Tillotson Investmentsthank you admin again because you have kept your promise again today.
11:56U310??11130.94.69.*EuroNanoInvestPaid to U1520407 4/11/2010 23:03 35262678 U5450025 ( + $50.00
11:54U368??0072.92.78.*NDCA Traders Fundpaid and paid very fast as always!!! Thanks for the stable,long term,paying trustworthy program !!
11:53U368??0072.92.78.*Wealth Generation ClubPaid quickly no problem,honest admin!thanks!!!
11:53U368??0072.92.78.*Tillotson Investmentspaying without trouble, thanks for payment
11:28U850??61205.209.140.*Umba FundPaid! amount $350, batch is 37425238
11:10U899??3698.126.79.*Umba FundMy 7/15 payment is received. I am in profit now
10:48U611??8566.79.164.*Umba FundUmbafund is the best program I've ever join!! Admin paid USD 100 to me
10:13U904??1474.222.21.*True EarnThis site is completely a liar, swallowed my money and blocked my account, donn't invest even one cent here, or you will regret!!!!!
10:01U392??41217.150.244.*Online Investment FundPayment received again on time
9:35U285??75113.53.120.*Diamond TradeI receive my payment it very fast. Recommed to join this site.I invest here.
9:34U508??36 114.128.42.* Diamond TradeI like this site it so fast paid, good support and very nice program .Thanks admin.
9:08U862??05110.45.147.*EuroNanoInveststable program! I have been paid as normal. well done, thank you admin. Date: 2010-12-04 10:22:34 Batch: 35296876 From Account: U5450025 Amount: $16.00 Memo: withdrawal
8:59U874??94 124.122.66.* EuroNanoInvestA great paying site like you are needed for big investors like me... i invested.
8:53U295??3787.215.193.*EuroNanoInvestReally wonderful to me! always get pay here, thanks admin for your good work. 4/12/2010 02:21 35267273 U5450025 ( + $7.70
8:41U494??00 122.195.5.* Umba FundHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project!
8:37 U769??77 58.254.17.* Real-PayI make a deposit 10 $. Has been paid to the LR! But the site does not add funds to my account!
8:37U894??66193.151.104.*Transcontinental ProfitVery Good
8:07U883??24 124.121.219.* EuroNanoInvestI love this site.on time payment.And I got paid again today.Thank you admin.
8:02U202??5661.220.138.*EuroNanoInvestThis one paid to me still regularly, keep up good work. Date: 2010-12-04 03:42:08 Batch: 35269843 From Account: U5450025 Amount: $5.60 Memo: withdrawal
7:28U945??4361.39.182.*EuroNanoInvest4/12/2010 04:11 35272600 U5450025 ( + $4.20 Very Good This is honest project, i got paid again. to invest more.
7:21U535??87210.99.208.*EuroNanoInvestAnother Very good project and real investment program. really Perfect site, all no problem!
7:02U065??93121.12.252.*Transcontinental ProfitI get payment without any delay, really good program, thank you admin!
6:58U963??40210.222.93.*M.G.FPayment is very fast I like this program thank you admin.
6:09U115??34 112.168.72.* Umba FundVery very nice site,paid me another payment,$60 again.thanks!
5:28U641??8187.241.234.*ReliableProfitAmount : 5.0000 Batch : 35278059 id 181. Thank you admin
3:01U285??75113.53.120.*EuroNanoInvestRecieve my payment so fast. 4/12/2010 07:48 35238620 U5450025 ( + $2.00
1:25U729??62 118.173.178.* EuroNanoInvestConstantly getting stable profit. Serious project. Always pays.
0:02U609??3566.208.238.*Umba FundI have no complaints here. Good program,paid on time,thank you!