Vote Information for Friday 2 April 2010


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21:43U618??52210.231.115.*Profit GoalVery stable and reliable program. Get my profits again today.
21:29U808??55211.60.196.*Profit GoalReceived my payments today. Many thanks admin..Excellent payment record.
20:56U747??0963.216.57.*Profit GoalThis is a great program I withdrew 4 times and got paid, no excuses just paid. Thanks
20:41U463??4059.125.216.*Profit Goal4/2/2010 06:55 34442537 U6046532 (profit-goal withdraw account) + $5.35
20:14U341??9858.64.163.*Profit GoalDate: 2010-02-04 09:14:43 Batch: 34448524, From Account: U6046532 (profit-goal withdraw account) Amount: $7.50 Seems more and more HOT. Admin do the program very well.
19:54U361??43110.45.142.*Profit GoalI am so glad that I often received my profits by this good program.
19:52U252??29203.117.201.*Fxjkfund4/2/2010 21:35 34505103 U8968470 ( + $0.27
19:34U729??62 118.173.178.* EuroNanoInvestPaid on time. I am satisfied with this program. Very good!
19:30 U746??20 88.118.87.* Get HourlyReally instant paying. 02.04.2010 Withdrawal processed , Batch number : 34504629. Thanks.
19:06U064??9461.152.105.*Profit GoalPaying on time! Date: 2010-02-04 09:14:39 Batch: 34448276,From Account: U6046532 (profit-goal withdraw account) Amount: $2.20
18:59U508??36 112.142.126.* White FundPaid fast 4/2/2010 14:58 34476186 U3435355 (White Fund) + $2.50
18:46U831??49203.211.132.*Profit GoalReally wonderful to me.... Thanks Admin.. for your good work...
18:23U399??09202.75.46.*Profit GoalAlways been paid. So nice site and great program
18:22U517??9176.76.103.*Fxjkfund4/2/2010 20:09 34500388 U8968470 ( + $0.13
18:10U775??01 183.89.2.* White Fund4/2/2010 15:50 34479834 U3435355 (White Fund) + $2.16 Thank you admin.
18:07U808??55202.75.46.*White FundAlways been paid. So nice site and great program
17:55U241??46202.93.4.*Profit GoalPay me all the time. Hope the admin will keep on his good working.
17:17U747??09202.93.4.*White FundPay me all the time. Hope the admin will keep on his good working.
16:31U463??4089.19.6.*White FundVery stable and reliable program. Get my profits again today.
16:24U499??71 58.8.37.* EuroNanoInvest4/2/2010 14:18 34473475 U5450025 ( + $1.40, Thanks admin.
15:34U808??5589.19.6.*20000 InstantlyI received $30 referral commission today, super-project! keep paying please!!
15:28U996??51 91.121.84.* XZ FinanceI have received payment. This investment is a reliable program! 4/2/2010 09:41 34451355 U2260457 (XZ Finance) + $8.00
15:22U747??09202.93.4.*20000 InstantlyThe right choice to invest, paid me again and again,very great site!!!
15:20U618??52202.93.4.*Collect DollarsThe right choice to invest, paid me again and again,very great site!!!
15:18U747??09202.93.4.*2Hours InstantThe right choice to invest, paid me again and again,very great site!!!
15:07U154??1062.149.206.*Sot InvestI have forgotten all my money problems since deposited here!always got paid on time.
15:04U289??81207.234.185.*EuroNanoInvest4/2/2010 07:09 34440521 U5450025 ( + $0.91
14:54U404??1594.103.130.*EuroNanoInvestOops. Mistake. This! Date : 04.02.2010 9:37 From/To Account : U5450025 ( Amount : 4,20 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 34450573 Memo :
14:54U260??36121.124.127.*Fxjkfund4/2/2010 16:40 34484004 U8968470 ( + $0.06
14:42U402??02208.87.240.*EuroNanoInvestDate : 2010-02-04 10:58:08 From/To Account : U5450025 ( Amount : 1.4000 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 34457853 Memo : withdrawal
14:28U477??94221.148.139.*EuroNanoInvest4/2/2010 01:39 34425444 U5450025 ( + $0.42
14:08U303??4978.109.160.*EuroNanoInvestReceive my payment today. Date: 2010-04-02 05:23 Batch: 34434856 From Account: U5450025 ( Amount: $4.00 Memo: withdrawal
14:07U729??40 113.53.115.* White Fund4/2/2010 14:22 34473719 U3435355 (White Fund) + $2.99 Thanks admin.
14:07U612??7967.212.168.*Sot InvestVery good looking program.I am sure I will put more money into it after some time.
13:51U729??62 118.173.178.* White Fund4/2/2010 14:23 34473763 U3435355 (White Fund) + $5.50 , Thanks Admin.
13:49U095??96124.157.135.*EuroNanoInvest4/2/2010 09.12 34441121 U5450025 ( + $2.70
13:09U843??07 113.53.17.* White FundFast payment. nice program and nice suppout.
13:03U830??8565.44.141.*Sot Invest4/2/2010 03:48 34429632 U7306351 ( + $34.50,paying me again,thanks
12:47U780??36 112.142.112.* Diamond TradeGreat nice received paid today very good program investing has no any problem, thank admin.
12:20U316??8965.44.141.*ForexNetClub Ltd.A great program in my opinion. referral bonus paid on time and without problems. Very good work!
11:37U763??30 118.172.238.* Diamond TradeThis website actually pay to be invested over
11:04U883??24124.120.214.*Diamond TradeKeep paying me everyday without delay. Fast support and payment.
10:43U285??75 118.173.165.* EuroNanoInvestGot Paid Again today .4/2/2010 08:52 34440951 U5450025 ( + $2.10
9:33U572??28 98.126.8.* XoseaFund$11.00 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account U572XXX8.
9:18U122??45 89.137.150.* Cash-BrowserStable & reliable paying program, one of the BEST PROGRAM ;-)
9:10U991??8384.54.199.*ReliableProfitpaid thanks
9:08U883??24124.120.214.*EuroNanoInvestPaid me again! This is really a good program to invest.I am happy to be here!
8:57U266??37 82.245.218.* Cash-BrowserI am thankful for all the helps which you have done.
8:56U824??7464.215.150.*EuroNanoInvest4/2/2010 07:14 34440805 U5450025 ( + $8.40 Excellent program,paid to me as always. I like this program more and more.
8:54U600??4787.215.193.*Sot InvestGot daily profits as promissed.happy with this program!
8:38U506??79113.28.43.*EuroNanoInvest4/2/2010 01:48 34425630 U5450025 ( + $10.50 Sent me payments without any problems. Great admin, and never miss a payment.
8:31U600??4787.215.193.*ForexNetClub Ltd.Received my payments today.Many thanks admin.. Excellent payment record.
8:29U940??64 217.23.199.* Cash-BrowserReally fast payment.
8:16U862??05202.59.153.*EuroNanoInvestreally good program.I was paid as usual. Thanks admin very much. 4/2/2010 06:52 34437358 U5450025 ( + $7.70
7:53U363??54 88.191.72.* Cash-BrowserVery satisfied with this program. Always PAID me fast. Great investment.
7:51U650??8884.124.75.*EuroNanoInvestNext payment Received on time as usual. Date: 2010-02-04 01:36:19 Batch: 34425356 From Account: U5450025 ( Amount: $1.60 Memo: withdrawal Thanks admin!
7:50U874??94124.120.9.*EuroNanoInvestI decided to vote this program because i always got paid and on time.
7:41U535??8785.25.240.*EuroNanoInvestget paid again. Date: 2010-04-02 00:00 Batch: 34421857 From Account: U5450025 Amount: $1.93 Memo: withdrawal Thank you.
7:12U430??27 95.25.112.* Cash-BrowserCongrats to all who getting paid. PAID me today, too!!
7:02U246??62210.99.208.*Sot InvestVery very nice site,paid me another payment,$210 again.thanks!
6:31U246??62210.99.208.*ForexNetClub Ltd.Payment is received! 4/1/2010 10:58 34357592 U3984568 (Forex Net Club Payment Account) + $435.00
4:38U629??32 74.218.93.* ForexNetClub Ltd.very good program! I recived next payment - $109.00
2:45U324??1789.19.25.*Sot InvestThis program is very reliable ! I have been paid many times
2:23U516??39204.13.69.*Sot InvestTIUGANDA Apr-1-2010 06:57:52 AM $33.07 || NEW PAYMENT RECEIVED !! ^_^
1:36U303??42183.182.25.*Sot InvestSome commision are being paid ! I hope admin can keep his good work to operate SOTINVEST
1:11U682??43219.90.119.*Sot InvestI am glad to be one of their invester ! each day I received money non-stop :-D
0:52U014??83 210.105.34.* Sot InvestI had received $10.5 again as my 1 day plan expired , good job
0:32U034??13210.231.115.*Sot Investhello my name is yokohamayamada , I received $72,000.00 payout from them , thank you