Vote Information for Thursday 25 March 2010


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22:32U056??91 114.128.11.* White FundExcellent program for fast payment thank you.
22:11U252??29210.193.55.*Fxjkfund3/25/2010 22:45 33763006 U8968470 ( + $0.27
22:03U729??62118.173.179.*White Fund3/25/2010 13:25 33711235 U3435355 (White Fund) + $3.00 , Thanks Admin.
21:33U677??41 61.200.29.* Earning MarketPayment Received , 3,880$ . Batch : 33760711 . tanks
21:28U539??07194.44.191.*Earning Marketpaid paid . many tanks
20:02U775??01 183.89.90.* White Fund3/25/2010 13:27 33711406 U3435355 (White Fund) + $5.00 Thank you admin.
19:41U783??93 78.155.86.* Real Trade CONOT PAYING user name : wewaza ...request $ 15.00 [cancel] Mar-23-2010 06:52:50 AM
19:33U274??40 112.121.176.* EaseForexOne of the best investment project!
19:13U911??7282.160.29.*RTB ClubGot paid again - thanks !
19:12U086??15112.153.162.*EaseForexJust received my commission payment quickly, thanks admin! ! 3/25/2010 11:25 33700713 U3740376 (EaseForex.Net) + $10.00
19:07U397??9991.198.227.*Offshore Liberty ServiceWell done !
19:00U327??51 117.47.142.* White Fund3/25/2010 13:27 33711440 U3435355 (White Fund) + $1.90
18:44U618??52202.93.4.*EaseForexGreat program! Always paying and no delays, Fantastic!!
18:00U808??5566.79.161.*EaseForexYou can make a huge profit just by investing is this site.
17:41U621??29202.75.46.*EaseForexvery good program paid me on time, no problem to cash out.
17:39U081??6368.193.36.*Interbank FX ClubGreat investments! Been paid on time!
17:38U081??6368.193.36.*NDCA Traders FundIn profit! They pay me on a regular basis!
17:38U081??6368.193.36.*Perfect Business SolutionOne of the best HYIP's. Very professionally and really HIGH Yield.
17:37U081??6368.193.36.*Wealth Generation ClubGood project. I am happy ;)))
17:35U240??8071.190.49.*Interbank FX ClubI successfully withdrew all my earnings. Thank you!
17:34U240??8071.190.49.*NDCA Traders FundGot my initial! In profit now. Excellent work!
17:33U240??8071.190.49.*Perfect Business SolutionBeen paid again! Brilliant job from the admin! Thanx!
17:32U240??8071.190.49.*Wealth Generation ClubExcellent company with excellent profits!
17:29U065??2275.63.59.*Interbank FX Clubget profits,i trust the admin will keep on his job.
17:28U065??2275.63.59.*NDCA Traders FundMy payout request has been processed.
17:28U065??2275.63.59.*Perfect Business SolutionNew Paid received today!I hope this one can last long.
17:27U065??2275.63.59.*Wealth Generation ClubGreat investment! paid me again, thanks.
17:26U610??1568.184.104.*Interbank FX ClubI got paid again! this site still paid to me no problem.
17:26U610??1568.184.104.*NDCA Traders FundAll request are processed very fast.thanks.
17:25U610??1568.184.104.*Perfect Business SolutionI have been paid again.really nice site
17:24U610??1568.184.104.*Wealth Generation Clubbeen paid. I think i should add more deposited.
17:23U046??9568.114.135.*Interbank FX ClubThanks admin paid me again and again
17:22U046??9568.114.135.*NDCA Traders FundJust got paid here again,thank admin.
17:22U046??9568.114.135.*Perfect Business SolutionPayment received again today, thanks!
17:21U046??9568.114.135.*Wealth Generation ClubAlways received my payment from here,i am happy.
17:21U516??09202.75.46.*White Fundvery good program paid me on time, no problem to cashout
17:20U526??2124.253.208.*Interbank FX ClubPaid to my LR on time like clock work.
17:19U526??2124.253.208.*NDCA Traders FundPaid me quickly every time and never miss payment.
17:19U526??2124.253.208.*Perfect Business SolutionAlways paid on time to me! i think this is a good site.
17:18U526??2124.253.208.*Wealth Generation ClubAnother great program,One of the top paying site.
17:05U516??09210.231.115.*EaseForexReceive my payment today. Thanks admin, Date: 2010-03-25 04:13 Batch: 33672844 From Account: U3740376 (EaseForex.Net) Amount: $26.00
17:02U830??6397.106.230.*Interbank FX Clubhonest admin,honest payout,tks a lot.
17:01U830??6397.106.230.*NDCA Traders Fundget profits as stable site.
17:01U830??6397.106.230.*Perfect Business SolutionHow hot and paying program!get my paid normally
17:00U830??6397.106.230.*Wealth Generation Clubone of the best investment project! stable and always paid on time.
16:56U303??42222.186.9.*Sot InvestNo problem with payments ! just received $23.65 BATCH is 33721629
16:55U239??9424.151.189.*Interbank FX ClubI got money already to my LR account today.
16:55U239??9424.151.189.*NDCA Traders FundI have forgotten all my money problems since deposited here.!!
16:54U239??9424.151.189.*Perfect Business SolutionExcellent performance in paying among hyips so far.
16:53U239??9424.151.189.*Wealth Generation Clubstable and reliable program.paid me again.
16:52U622??6199.30.143.*Interbank FX ClubThe best hyip site.runs steadily and smoothly.
16:51U622??6199.30.143.*NDCA Traders FundPaid! They send confirmation email too!
16:51U622??6199.30.143.*Perfect Business SolutionThanks admin very much again.I have been paid again and again.
16:50U622??6199.30.143.*Wealth Generation ClubPaid to me some referral commission today.
16:48U182??5369.162.203.*Interbank FX ClubVery stable hyip since start, possibly the best among Long Term.
16:48U182??5369.162.203.*NDCA Traders FundNice payment received.Thanks admin a lot.
16:47U182??5369.162.203.*Perfect Business SolutionI got money already to the LR account just.
16:46U182??5369.162.203.*Wealth Generation Clubget paid as other guys who deposited and been paid with this project.
16:44U634??9624.211.208.*Interbank FX ClubForget your problems,your concerns;since this program will support you forever!
16:43U634??9624.211.208.*NDCA Traders FundA program with a great future. always pay me.
16:43U634??9624.211.208.*Perfect Business SolutionExcellent program paid without problem I stronglly recommend this program
16:42U634??9624.211.208.*Wealth Generation ClubThank you for payment. Good job, admin. Very happy!!!
16:30U499??71 58.8.33.* EuroNanoInvest3/25/2010 15:09 33723368 U5450025 ( + $1.40, Thanks admin.
16:24U682??4361.221.189.*Sot InvestI think they are real investment program, cause I have paid $210 again, amazing!
16:24U747??09210.231.115.*White FundReceive my payment today. Date: 2010-03-25 04:13 Batch: 33672844 From Account: U3435355 (White Fund) Amount: $2.64 Thanks admin
16:15U618??1469.112.41.*Interbank FX ClubAlways Got the payment on time,thanks admin,Hope can keep on the good jobs.
16:15U618??1469.112.41.*NDCA Traders Fundpaid good. Thanks for your job!!! Again paid, as always without problems. Thanks Admin.
16:14U618??1469.112.41.*Perfect Business SolutionWell organized project. Right place to invest! Really good, this guy paid me, excellent!!!
16:14U662??28 112.142.114.* White Fund3/25/2010 13:27 33711422 U3435355 (White Fund) + $2.00==>Wonderful paid, Thanks Admin [ ^ _ ^ ]
16:14U618??1469.112.41.*Wealth Generation ClubVery very good program, honest Admin, got paid immediately!
16:12U524??5924.178.185.*Interbank FX ClubThis program is unique. They pay always fast
16:11U524??5924.178.185.*NDCA Traders FundNice program and honest admin. Paying!
16:11U524??5924.178.185.*Perfect Business SolutionGreat hyips, good work, good investment you are the source of money.
16:09U524??5924.178.185.*Wealth Generation ClubI will forever invest here for your honest in paying.
16:07U569??1424.0.234.*Interbank FX ClubReally well done site, got my paid.
16:07U569??1424.0.234.*NDCA Traders FundThanks for your honesty.payout is received.
16:07U747??0963.216.57.*EaseForexThe best investment program. Runs steadily and smoothly.
16:06U569??1424.0.234.*Perfect Business SolutionPaid ! Really good ! Thanks !Great HYIP!!
16:06U569??1424.0.234.*Wealth Generation ClubExcellent program paid without problem I strongly recommend this program.
16:03U917??4076.99.34.*NDCA Traders FundAlways on time,I am glad for my profit. Thanks.
16:02U917??4076.99.34.*Perfect Business SolutionAdmin are very impressive,got paid on time!
16:02U034??13202.93.4.*Sot InvestI am glad that I receive money from them again ! The amount is $536.07 , hope this can last forever
16:02U917??4076.99.34.*Wealth Generation ClubGot paid and I have made many profits.
15:58U335??6971.89.2.*Interbank FX Clubpaid and paid very fast as always!!! Thanks for the stable,long term,paying trustworthy program !!
15:57U335??6971.89.2.*NDCA Traders FundThanks! I have again received fast payment.
15:57U335??6971.89.2.*Perfect Business SolutionPAYING THANKS ADMIN FOR THE PAYMENT
15:56U335??6971.89.2.*Wealth Generation Clubthank you admin again because you have kept your promise again today.
15:56U120??70 87.248.237.* British-Market3/25/2010 16:12 33730490 U5338309 (BritishMarket) + $7.00
15:54U121??7976.116.144.*Interbank FX Clubi receive another payment today,admin paid on time,thank you!
15:54U969??69123.50.210.*Sot Invest$ 105 is received today !! Batch is 33670357
15:54U121??7976.116.144.*NDCA Traders FundStill paying my request. Good project. Reinvest more.
15:53U121??7976.116.144.*Perfect Business Solutionpaying without trouble, thanks for payment
15:52U121??7976.116.144.*Wealth Generation ClubPaid quickly no problem,honest admin!thanks!!!
15:51U864??3576.179.48.*Interbank FX ClubHonest admin! Reliable and always paid on time! Be sure to check out the site!
15:50U864??3576.179.48.*NDCA Traders FundFast payment from the admin thanks
15:50U864??3576.179.48.*Perfect Business SolutionHey guys,you can make a pile easily just by investing is this site.
15:49U864??3576.179.48.*Wealth Generation ClubPay me honest admin and very excellent program!
15:45U728??8598.213.232.*Interbank FX ClubTo my mind this PROGRAM is the best of all ever seen! Paid me as usual, so far so great.
15:44U621??2963.216.57.*White FundThe best investment program. Runs steadily and smoothly.
15:43U728??8598.213.232.*NDCA Traders FundThe perfect site... Do not wait, INVEST and receive the profit.
15:42U728??8598.213.232.*Perfect Business SolutionWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic Thinking about reinvesting money, hope program will paid as quick as usual.
15:42U728??8598.213.232.*Wealth Generation ClubYou have again INSTANTLY paid me.
15:41U368??0070.171.160.*Interbank FX Clubpaid again what more can I say, great site, well done
15:40U368??0070.171.160.*NDCA Traders FundExcellent program! Never misses payment.
15:40U368??0070.171.160.*Perfect Business SolutionI got all my payment !!! This site is paying again. Thanks very much Admin
15:39U368??0070.171.160.*Wealth Generation ClubVery Honest payouts and on time! Get paid today as usual.
15:31U934??6872.179.172.*Interbank FX ClubI'm here with the test spend. Always paying!!
15:30U934??6872.179.172.*NDCA Traders FundReally site is very good and works for a long time! I RECOMMEND this program. Have paid!
15:29U934??6872.179.172.*Perfect Business SolutionReal investments are here . Do not miss this wonderful opportunity
15:29U850??61204.13.69.*Sot InvestI invited my friend to join two days ago, he said he received paid today and he was very happy : D
15:28U934??6872.179.172.*Wealth Generation ClubWell organized project. Right place to invest!
15:26U910??4224.209.141.*Interbank FX Clubamazing hyip!!! Thanks! Got PAYMENT today!
15:25U910??4224.209.141.*NDCA Traders Fundpaying again and again, how wonderful, thanks
15:25U910??4224.209.141.*Perfect Business SolutionAll in time. Super project! payment received. Thanks.
15:24U910??4224.209.141.*Wealth Generation ClubThank you for doing all that you have promised.
15:23U217??1274.195.126.*Interbank FX Clubpayments regular ! i like to work with this program!
15:22U217??1274.195.126.*NDCA Traders FundThe next payment is received.
15:22U217??1274.195.126.*Perfect Business SolutionPaid me like usually thanks admin..keep your program forever
15:21U217??1274.195.126.*Wealth Generation ClubI have no complaints here. Good program,paid on time,thank you!
15:14U270??0472.92.78.*Interbank FX ClubToday's payout received as usual, i am happy here.
15:14U270??0472.92.78.*NDCA Traders Fundstill get paid on time! Great program
15:13U270??0472.92.78.*Perfect Business Solutionstable and always paid on time.
15:13U270??0472.92.78.*Wealth Generation Clubgetting payment right on time! Very happy.
15:11U678??5024.53.151.*Interbank FX Clubgood program problem
15:11U678??5024.53.151.*NDCA Traders FundThis is a very good site and honest admin.
15:10U899??36183.182.25.*Sot Investmy referral commision was processed by admin!
15:10U678??5024.53.151.*Perfect Business SolutionNew Paid received!I hope this one can last long.
15:09U678??5024.53.151.*Wealth Generation Clubthanks this program , Payment received!
15:07U517??9176.76.103.*Fxjkfund3/25/2010 15:51 33727280 U8968470 ( + $0.13
14:51U611??85112.140.186.*Sot InvestReceived my money as usual without problems ! Thanks for the payment
14:50U269??67119.237.61.*Sot Investgoldlike Mar-25-2010 06:51:43 AM $1,100.70 ||| MY MONEY IS BEING PAID ! THANK YOU
14:25U640??09173.13.170.*EuroNanoInvestThe next payment Date : 2010-25-03 04:53:57 From/To Account : U5450025 ( Amount : 0.4900 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 33674421 Memo : withdrawal Thank you admin, more greens on approach
14:12U889??4164.78.164.*EuroNanoInvestDate: 2010-25-03 03:04:46 Batch: 33669928 From Account: U5450025 Amount: $8.40 Memo: withdrawal
13:19U041??96129.107.54.*Sot InvestIt's time for big investors.Do not waste your money and time investing in other programs.This one is hot!
13:17U260??36218.236.33.*Fxjkfund3/25/2010 14:03 33714675 U8968470 ( + $0.06
12:42U095??96124.157.135.*EuroNanoInvest3/24/2010 23:46 33658695 U5450025 ( + $2.20
12:37U729??62118.173.179.*EuroNanoInvestConstantly getting stable profit. Serious project. Always pays.
12:19U830??82216.131.94.*EuroNanoInvestadmin paid me,thank you! 3/25/2010 05:25 33676572 U5450025 ( + $1.40 Memo : withdrawal
12:01U998??69201.39.1.*Sot Investpaying me all profit!thanks admin please keep up your work!i invest again!
12:01U122??45 88.160.54.* Currency-Basicsthis is a very great hyip site, the admin pays real fast, thanks.
11:55U773??30205.179.38.*EuroNanoInvest3/24/2010 23:28 33658600 U5450025 ( + $1.59 $0.02 Details Hide details Merchant Reference: Memo: withdrawal
11:41U266??37 94.52.215.* Currency-BasicsThanks a lot admin for the payment
11:35U560??1989.106.12.*EuroNanoInvestDate : 2010-25-03 09:40:13 From/To Account : U5450025 ( Amount : 1.4000 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 33692923 Memo : withdrawal
11:28U196??2364.27.11.*Sot InvestJust i receive a ref commission,total $45,thank you admin!
11:21U874??94 124.120.15.* EuroNanoInvestExcellent program,paid to me as always. I like this program more and more.
10:56U940??64 89.201.155.* Currency-Basicsi recieved my payment just on time, thanks admin
10:22U065??93121.12.252.*EuroNanoInvestIt is one of the best investment. Always paying, highly recommended.
10:16U363??54 95.221.220.* Currency-Basicsi got paid after i invested.simply fantastic!
10:15U141??72 118.172.92.* Real Trade COget paid when i withdrawal request.thank!
9:55U285??75 113.53.0.* EuroNanoInvestPayment received . 03/25/2010 05:35 33674159 U5450025 ( + $3.30
9:45U095??96124.157.135.*Diamond Trade2010-03-24 12:35:21 33604661 U7403480 (Diamond Trade) + $3.10
9:29U430??27 85.130.45.* Currency-BasicsI always invest here and always recieve my payment on time Thanks alot.
9:19U650??88125.141.224.*EuroNanoInvest3/25/2010 04:44 33674009 U5450025 ( + $250.00 Nice site and honest admin. I obtained my paid as always. Thanks admin.
9:13U143??10203.117.201.*EuroNanoInvestget next paid without any problem. Thanks honest admin. Date: 2010-25-03 03:20:27 Batch: 33670550 From Account: U5450025 Amount: $3.40 Memo: withdrawal
9:05U824??74202.59.153.*EuroNanoInvestYou have received a payment to your account: Date: 2010-25-03 03:55:06 Batch: 33672160 From Account: U5450025 Amount: $5.00 Memo: withdrawal
8:56U506??7968.225.22.*EuroNanoInvestThis is a paying program. I have been paid many times and site still paying well! 3/25/2010 07:42 33685209 U5450025 ( + $1.10
8:45U862??05211.78.163.*EuroNanoInvestIt is one of the best investment´╝îmost solid and honest. Always paying, highly recommended.
8:44U883??24124.120.210.*EuroNanoInvestWithdraw my profit without problem. Thanks admin.
8:27U890??26 211.217.147.* Sot InvestPaid,thinking about reinvesting money, hope program will paid as quick as usual!
8:01U574??98 203.172.248.* WWFD Inc LtdNext payment Received on time as usual. Date: 2010-03-24 18:07 Batch: 33637948 From Account: U8642677 (WWFD INCORPORATED LIMITED) Amount: $1.20 Memo: Withdraw from WWFD INCORPORATED LIMITED Thank you, admin!
6:44U419??5668.34.181.*Sot InvestToday i got another 157.5$ pays,thanks a lot and re-invest too!
6:37U738??9658.8.250.*Real Trade CONo delay payments!,I like this program thank you admin.
6:15U286??59218.146.178.*Sot InvestThanks for the paymernt today ! I will keep investing more, sot invest are the best online investment program
6:03U820??54112.140.185.*Sot InvestMy brother deposited $50 yesterday, today he get paid $52.5 !
5:47U924??99 89.19.6.* Sot InvestI feel safe when I put my money with SotInvest, cause they never miss a payment !
5:37U430??11114.36.182.*Currency-Basicsgive you a tiny earnings, but hold big earnings without any reply from support
5:34U137??68210.231.115.*Sot InvestGet my money today as promised . I hope admin can keep his good work
5:18U523??43 64.71.162.* Sot InvestPaid ! $ 105.00 , batch 33666731 , thank you
5:14U729??40 180.180.188.* Real Trade COVery very good program!!! I receive my payment on time.Thanks admin.
3:44U883??24124.120.210.*White FundReceived Payment Again.3/25/2010 02:10 33667222 U3435355 (White Fund) + $1.56
3:13U904??31 125.27.214.* White Fund3/25/2010 02:09 33667180 U3435355 (White Fund) + $6.36 Thanks admin.
3:07U677??42202.175.115.*Sot InvestMy userid is join4money, I have been paid $10,100.00 ^_^ SOT INVEST I LOVE YOU !!! I just reinvested and hopes that I can earn more with them
2:48U536??23 112.121.165.* Sot Invest$ 157.50 received from Sot invest ! Thank you ! I will recommend my friends to join !
2:26U942??0769.197.175.*Profit CapitalismPaid all. Reinvest 100%.
2:16U162??25222.122.12.*Profit CapitalismMore yield.... more and more, here is the best investments ! Really HIGH YIELD in a metal markets only!
1:59U499??7158.8.41.*Real Trade COExcellent program! Paid on time and no problem.Thanks admin.
1:40U780??36112.142.129.*Diamond TradeGreat paid received fast good site support very friendly best way investing, thank honest admin.
1:37U499??7158.8.41.*White Fund3/25/2010 02:08 33667030 U3435355 (White Fund) + $2.16, Thanks admin.
1:02U780??36112.142.129.*Real Trade COGreat paid received fast best program I like invested more keep going, thank
0:53U904??31 125.27.214.* Real Trade COReceive payment each time very well, thanks admin for everything.
0:52U883??24124.120.210.*Real Trade COPaid again as always. This is a very good site and honest admin.