Vote Information for Sunday 17 December 2006


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17:49 384??02 202.154.44.* Golden Flowproblem to access my account. admin no response. my account disactive > mariotadina[at]
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14:35375??43 125.160.97.* Flower-Hyip (R2)SCAM!! They ban my login.
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13:21238??51210.210.145.*MaxigoldGame over......close....Stop Invest.., not paying.....(smit).... visit me
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12:22255??8682.207.127.*FXEasyRight choice to invest
12:20255??8682.207.127.*ProfitMetroRight choice to invest
12:18255??8682.207.127.*LifeDollarsRight choice to invest
12:17255??8682.207.127.*OIL FundRight choice to invest
12:15255??8682.207.127.*Mutual InvestRight choice to invest
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12:12255??8682.207.127.*FRXCIRight choice to invest
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11:12362??11204.13.236.*ST-ClubIt pays !
10:05359??41 196.201.75.* 4ProfitsDays
9:50358??57 89.54.72.* Pound TradeHas made automatically the first payments and then next payments non automatically. Entices and then does not pay!!!
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7:32370??05 202.8.232.* HyipFictionthis program is a scam, dont invest
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2:03249??47202.208.132.*FundsBizPayment stopped by the 10th cautions alarm.Admin does not reply.Investment will lose