Vote Information for Thursday 11 March 2010


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0:43U073??56110.139.140.*BiotechInvFundI got INSTANT payment receive again Batch:32326208. Thanks Admin (Cobaindech)
23:41U874??94 124.120.1.* 10000-DollarsSite send payment right on time to me. hope it stay here for a long time. great program for me.
22:39U083??76 119.12.73.* PTV PartnerI know for a fact that ALL payouts have been made on time. I was paid yesterday more than $700
22:30U490??27125.26.79.*10000-Dollars3/11/2010 22.05 32208214 U4224591 (10000-Dollars) + $10.00
21:47U490??39217.119.151.*Business GoalsAlways pending...!! Instant dislabed...??!!
21:37U095??96110.164.241.*10000-Dollars3/11/2010 19.15 32207795 U4224591 (10000-Dollars) + $5.70
20:56U906??86195.234.7.*BiotechInvFundReceived payment with bonus, instantly, best project. Date : 2010-11-03 17:57:52. From Account : U3027951 (BiotechInvFund). Amount : 0.2400.Batch : 32293435.Thanks Admin. (kemer80)
19:46U862??44 121.121.35.* HugMoneyPaid since i start invested. Thanks Admin.
18:02 U549??08 178.93.191.* HyipSaveThere are no payments! Fraud!!!!
15:59U655??85118.96.245.*BiotechInvFundPAYMENT RECEIVED INSTANLY. Username : babyhugez . API 3/11/2010 14:56 32270250 U3027951 (BiotechInvFund) + $2.96
15:27U633??79118.96.145.*BiotechInvFundinstant payment received,many thanks,admin. Batch:32270915 (howtoearnmoney)
14:26U508??36 117.47.144.* White FundGreat site, very best hyip. I receive my payment every day.Recommed. ^^!
14:25U331??3394.76.208.*Island Finance IncBest program around! I keep re-invested my money in this program
13:13U693??91219.118.189.*Island Finance IncVery fast payments every day! Excellent program! Honest admin. Thank you
12:55U073??56222.124.154.*BiotechInvFundSUPER INSTANT payment receive Batch:32240175. Thanks Admin (Cobaindech)
12:16U095??96110.164.241.*White Fund3/11/2010 12.16 32173846 U3435355 (White Fund) +$4.50
12:07U065??77 119.86.119.* Island Finance IncYou have to pay is always so fast, really good thank you, invest in your company, my choice is correct. I will always support you, once again expressed his thanks.
12:05U935??5161.67.242.*Island Finance IncAll payments received in timely manner. Super project! Thanks.
11:40U285??75 113.53.54.* White Fund3/11/2010 21:12 32173751 U3435355 (White Fund) +$2.00 Thank Admin .
11:33U273??5661.67.242.*White FundAll payments received in timely manner. Super project! Thanks.
11:00U273??56121.52.214.*Island Finance IncTo my mind this PROGRAM is the best of all ever seen! Paid me as usual, so far so great.
11:00U550??76 222.123.62.* White Fund3/11/2010 19:50 32173344 U3435355 (White Fund) +$3.10
10:43U578??91 124.121.19.* White Fund3/11/2010 06:19 322153$$ U3435355 (White Fund) + $0.56 Thanks for the timly payment.
10:38U136??30121.52.214.*White FundTo my mind this PROGRAM is the best of all ever seen! Paid me as usual, so far so great.
10:28U971??45 189.26.199.* Gite FinanceGitefinance until when will you be ???????? $ 25 in my account every day successful thanks Ney Alfa BRASIL .
10:28U499??71 61.90.26.* 10000-DollarsPAID!!! 3/11/2010 04:17 32206195 U4224591 (10000-Dollars) + $1.00
10:24U327??51183.89.145.*White FundAPI 3/11/2010 02:12 32197931 U3435355 (White Fund) + $5.00
10:03U136??30 125.164.109.* Island Finance IncNo delay payments! paid me without problems, thanks admin
10:02U775??01 183.89.51.* 10000-DollarsProgram is prefect I like this is very fast paid thank you admin.
9:50U615??64 114.121.8.* BiotechInvFundBiotechInvFund is the Best HYIP! I receive again and again bonus and payment instantly! Thanks admin My Id har7gerha Date: Mar 10, 2010 09:33:50 pm Batch: 32203704 From Account: U3027951 (BiotechInvFund) Amount: $7.00 Memo:
9:05U662??7366.90.75.*RTB ClubGot paid :-)
9:02U662??7366.90.75.*Offshore Liberty ServiceGot paid :-)
9:02U883??24 124.120.197.* White FundThanks admin. 3/10/2010 15.08 32144322 U3435355 (White Fund) + $1.90
9:00U804??81202.59.136.*London CapitaGood Project. Confirmed again my withdrawal request on time. Thanks LONDONCAPITA.
8:40U021??76110.137.77.*BiotechInvFundPaid me as usual.... it's the right place to Invest....(neocybeer) 3/11/2010 03:01 32201521 U3027951 (BiotechInvFund) + $12.00
8:37U729??40118.172.187.*White Fund3/11/2010 05:14 32209685 U3435355 (White Fund) + $2.10 Thanks admin.
8:03U729??40118.172.187.*10000-DollarsExcellent program!! I receive my payment on time and no problem.Thanks admin.
6:48U658??5588.26.90.*AurumINV2 days to pay me 1353$ IS A BIG SCAM.I WRITE TO SUPPORT And they don't reply me. TRansacción pendinte 1353 mas de 48 horas. SCAM NO INVERTIR.
6:31U510??52 110.138.253.* White FundNo delay payments! paid me without problems, thanks admin
6:15U293??44118.136.83.*BiotechInvFundi interesting when see it, now i join it and invest, then set it to 100% compound, i hope many people here will love this too, RECOMENDED PROGAM !! thanks !
6:09U499??71 58.8.37.* White Fund3/11/2010 04:43 32208135 U3435355 (White Fund) + $2.00, Thanks admin.
6:02U551??51 114.125.90.* BiotechInvFundReceive instant payment today. Now biotechinvfund is the best hyip I ever joined. Thanks for the great bonus and your support Date: 2010-11-03 04:49:30 Batch: 32208477 From Account: U3027951 Amount: $1.00(dephie08)
4:49U589??80 60.51.15.* DollfundsAdmin wrote to me:- Withdrawal Request has been sent but sent to where? More than 3 days no payment! Great liar, Superb Chester! Scam! Scam!
2:37U944??1796.9.169.*Ably TradeI have deposit $1650LR,got payment on time,thanks
2:33U944??1796.9.169.*WedoFundsPaid and paid,great admin
1:34U073??56110.139.140.*BiotechInvFundPaid Again from Biotechinvfund with INSTANT payment Batch:32191852. Thanks Admin (Cobaindech)
1:31U253??13 218.158.99.* Cowell Finance Inc.Date: 2010-03-10 14:51 Batch: 32142699 From Account: U5854535 (Cowell Finance Inc.) Amount: $42.40 Memo: 106% After 1 Day, Cowell Finance payment. Thanks admin
1:25 U930??42 190.204.122.* AurumINVI always receive my payments on time. Thanks Admin!