Vote Information for Thursday 4 March 2010

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20:59U783??9382.137.200.*RefMotorNOT PAYING NOT PAYING USERNAME : WEWAZA Withdrawal request $ 10.00 Feb-21-2010 08:52:23 AM see it her
20:47U618??52219.118.189.*White FundI have been paid many times, still paying without problems with my $250 investment
20:22U497??6398.203.55.*Extra Returnla compania es exelente ,me paga $90.00 dollar diario
19:54U808??55219.118.189.*ProspectFundsI have been paid many times, still paying without problems with my $250 investment
19:32U808??5561.67.242.*White FundHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project
19:31 U761??38 110.138.207.*BiotechInvFundgreat... lets join
19:18U021??76125.165.119.*BiotechInvFundIt's Very good HYIP .... I got paid again and again....(neocybeer) 3/4/2010 14:56 31494770 U3027951 (BiotechInvFund) + $4.00
19:02U621??2961.67.242.*ProspectFundsHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project
18:53 U934??66 41.211.248.* Global Market Solutionsi invested $50 two days ago but am yet to get any return
18:35U516??09118.123.114.*White FundAnother payment paid! Get my money to LR account on time. Perfect job !!
18:26U516??09118.123.114.*ProspectFundsAnother payment paid! Get my money to LR account on time. Perfect job !!
18:03U780??36 112.142.0.* Diamond TradeAlways received paid fast very best program get paid I'm so happy and still invested again.
18:00U747??09125.164.106.*White FundPaid me everyday without problem, thanks admin
17:58U702??6975.94.135.*World Trust BankI verify this program, Payment received! Very good site with STABLE plan!
17:58U702??6975.94.135.*Tillotson InvestmentsExtremely good program. It pays always on time no delay!!!!!
17:57U702??6975.94.135.*Perfect Business Solutionnice to see everyone happy and get paid. Really looks great
17:56U702??6975.94.135.*Barclay Premier FundI got my payment after short time of investment.... you are cool and i got paid instantly..
17:55U702??6975.94.135.*NDCA Traders FundGood Investment... Thanks for paying out the money.
17:55U702??6975.94.135.*Global Market SolutionsPaying, great program and excellent site.
17:52U240??8072.92.78.*World Trust BankNo delay payments! paid me without problems,thanks admin.
17:51U240??8072.92.78.*Tillotson InvestmentsReally cool program, my favorite place to invest, paid me again and again!
17:50U240??8072.92.78.*Perfect Business SolutionThanks for paying out my payouts.
17:50U240??8072.92.78.*Barclay Premier FundA great paying site like you are needed for big investors like me... i invested
17:49U240??8072.92.78.*NDCA Traders FundSuper Program,quality program! Paying steadily,thank you admin!
17:48U240??8072.92.78.*Global Market SolutionsBest ever paying hyips.... you are doing wonderfully good admin.
17:44U065??2267.169.25.*World Trust BankThey continue paying well and as promised. Great program.
17:43U065??2267.169.25.*Tillotson InvestmentsPaying as promised. Great program.
17:42U065??2267.169.25.*Perfect Business Solutionvery very good hyip
17:37U065??2267.169.25.*Barclay Premier Fundthanks admin,paid me on time!
17:36U065??2267.169.25.*NDCA Traders FundThanks admin....paid for today i love you admin
17:36U065??2267.169.25.*Global Market SolutionsI think it will work for a long time. Nice design
17:31U324??29207.44.220.*Dollfundsmy recive 1.8$ of dollfunds
17:29U747??09125.164.106.*ProspectFundsPaid me everyday without problem, thanks admin
17:29U610??1524.162.245.*World Trust BankReally well done site, got paid again.
17:28U610??1524.162.245.*Tillotson InvestmentsI get my paid.Honest admin.Thanks.
17:28U610??1524.162.245.*Perfect Business SolutionWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
17:27U610??1524.162.245.*Barclay Premier Fundvery fast payment when requested and great support system
17:26U610??1524.162.245.*NDCA Traders Fundpaying me as promised,honest admin,thanks
17:26U610??1524.162.245.*Global Market SolutionsVery good site with stable plan! Got payment!
17:24U046??9524.125.92.*World Trust BankVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
17:24U046??9524.125.92.*Tillotson InvestmentsVery good looking program.I am sure I will put more money into it after some time.
17:23U046??9524.125.92.*Perfect Business Solutiongot payment today, really nice.
17:23U046??9524.125.92.*Barclay Premier FundI agree this will become next big program
17:22U046??9524.125.92.*NDCA Traders Fundlucky to find such a great company to invest
17:21U046??9524.125.92.*Global Market SolutionsIt looks that will be one of the best programs in the near future. I was paid once and reinvested my profit.
17:20U830??6367.190.39.*World Trust BankThank you Admin!!!
17:19U830??6367.190.39.*Tillotson InvestmentsThis program is the best of all
17:18U830??6367.190.39.*Perfect Business Solutionvery good and fast. Thanks
17:18U830??6367.190.39.*Barclay Premier FundVery-very good. I really like it !
17:17U830??6367.190.39.*NDCA Traders FundA very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
17:16U830??6367.190.39.*Global Market Solutionsvery good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
17:15U239??9476.105.75.*World Trust BankPaid on time without any problem, perfect program,honest admin !!!
17:14U239??9476.105.75.*Tillotson InvestmentsIs paying every day, good program !!!
17:14U239??9476.105.75.*Perfect Business SolutionWell, just have been paid. Great hyip!
17:13U239??9476.105.75.*Barclay Premier FundPaying on time and great e-mail support.
17:12U239??9476.105.75.*NDCA Traders FundI have received money from this best project!
17:12U239??9476.105.75.*Global Market Solutionshyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
17:10U622??6175.108.237.*World Trust BankExcellent program!Paid fast as usually.
17:09U622??6175.108.237.*Tillotson InvestmentsAll investor good luck,because this site is really pay every day.
17:09U622??6175.108.237.*Perfect Business SolutionGood site with nice support. Received payment again and again ...
17:08U622??6175.108.237.*Barclay Premier FundPay me everyday and on time thank you
17:07U622??6175.108.237.*NDCA Traders FundCashout request have been paid right into my LR account.
17:07U622??6175.108.237.*Global Market SolutionsThank you so much for this payment admin. keep it up.
17:04U182??5367.246.201.*World Trust BankHot program, they paid me after the investing.thanks admin
17:03U182??5367.246.201.*Tillotson Investmentsyou will forget your problems with this program.
17:02U182??5367.246.201.*Perfect Business SolutionGot payment! Excellent site with good support!
17:02U182??5367.246.201.*Barclay Premier FundHonesty and punctuality are here. They always PAY fast
17:02U397??99221.238.17.*RTB ClubSuper program, paying me on time !
17:01U182??5367.246.201.*NDCA Traders FundI got my next payment. SUPER SITE and honest admin.
17:00U182??5367.246.201.*Global Market SolutionsNo problem!! thank you. best online investment, reliable and friendly support
16:59U634??9668.37.5.*World Trust BankPaid, paid and once more paid. Brilliant paying project. Thank you.
16:58U634??9668.37.5.*Tillotson InvestmentsGood site with nice support. Received payment again and again ...
16:56U634??9668.37.5.*Perfect Business SolutionNice program, and regularly paid!!!I just received a payment again!
16:55U634??9668.37.5.*Barclay Premier FundPAID! No problem now!best stable paying program! Thank you admin!!
16:55U634??9668.37.5.*NDCA Traders FundThe best program. Admin pays me very fast.
16:54U634??9668.37.5.*Global Market SolutionsPaying me again and again, thanks! Wish I have more money to invest.
16:52U618??1424.154.80.*World Trust BankPAID always On Time. Thanks Admin. I hope it will a last for long time
16:51U618??1424.154.80.*Tillotson Investmentsthank you admin, my money work here
16:51U618??1424.154.80.*Perfect Business SolutionThis project is the best one. Always pays without problem.
16:50U618??1424.154.80.*Barclay Premier FundVery good project. Pays accurately as always.
16:49U618??1424.154.80.*NDCA Traders FundPaid again! Get my money toaccount very quickly.
16:49U618??1424.154.80.*Global Market SolutionsVery nice looking site. Always pays on time. Highly recommended
16:35U524??5968.198.74.*World Trust BankI got all my payments! admin honest and this site is the best!
16:34U524??5968.198.74.*Tillotson InvestmentsThis paying project has never missed a payment.I am very glad to be with site!
16:33U524??5968.198.74.*Perfect Business Solutionpaying me all profit! thanks admin please keep up your work! i invest again!
16:32U524??5968.198.74.*Barclay Premier FundSo far never give me a oblems..payment prompt and fast..Keep it up admin.
16:32U137??8658.64.143.*Business GoalsReliable program. I reinvested immediatly.
16:32U524??5968.198.74.*NDCA Traders FundI am grateful for your honesty because I received payment.
16:31U524??5968.198.74.*Global Market Solutionsgot my pays again and again,one the best investment project!thank you admin!
16:26U729??40 113.53.115.* Diamond Trade3/2/2010 05:12 31067703 U5034753 (Bruclin House Investing Inc.) + $3.70 Thanks admin.
16:22U569??1472.49.39.*World Trust BankI recommend you this fast and on time paying. This is fantastic.
16:20U569??1472.49.39.*Tillotson InvestmentsI know about high honesty and solidity of your company and that's why I'm going to continue cooperating with you.
16:19U569??1472.49.39.*Perfect Business SolutionGot paid punctually and invest again. Thanks!
16:17U874??94 124.121.245.* Diamond TradeI am very satisfied and happy with this program, always pays without problems.
16:17U283??03 125.161.63.* BiotechInvFundBiotechInvFund is Excellent program, highly recommended. Got paid again as usual and instantly, Payment and Bonus received. Thanks admin. user name: bimbam Batch No: 31488686
16:15U569??1472.49.39.*Barclay Premier FundThe good site! Instant withdrawal. That's wonderful. Thank you very much!
16:15U499??7158.8.39.*Diamond TradePaid! 3/4/2010 13:45 31484575 U7403480 (Diamond Trade) + $1.30, thanks admin.
16:15U569??1472.49.39.*NDCA Traders FundThis program is really reliable: easy to invest and fast to withdraw. Thank you!
16:13U569??1472.49.39.*Global Market SolutionsVery good service, pays constantly, stable, safely!
16:07U917??4071.62.32.*World Trust BankThanks for paying me ,really fantastic.
16:06U917??4071.62.32.*Tillotson InvestmentsWell paying site with quality support!
16:04U788??0766.186.63.*Business GoalsGot paid as usual,hope admin will run this program to a long-term program.
16:02U917??4071.62.32.*Perfect Business SolutionThis is a very nice program. Hope it will last forever. got paid on time!
16:01U917??4071.62.32.*Barclay Premier FundGet my money to account very quickly.
15:59U917??4071.62.32.*NDCA Traders FundA program with a great future. always pay me.
15:59U917??4071.62.32.*Global Market SolutionsVery Good! Thanks for paying admin! it's very good for us!!!
15:57U335??6976.18.228.*World Trust BankWell organized project. Right place to invest! Really good, this guy paid me, excellent program.
15:57U335??6976.18.228.*Tillotson InvestmentsI've got pleasure, working with this nice hyip!
15:56U335??6976.18.228.*Perfect Business SolutionIt's a rather reliable program. I'm satisfied with their services.
15:56U335??6976.18.228.*Barclay Premier FundGreat guys work in this program.
15:55U335??6976.18.228.*NDCA Traders FundNever experiencing any problems. Great!
15:54U335??6976.18.228.*Global Market SolutionsGood hyip..paid and paid again.
15:50U528??6164.120.133.*Business GoalsPaid quickly no problem,honest admin!
15:44U197??5692.48.127.*Business GoalsVery good project and real investment program. 100% good place to get your profit!
15:27U486??7168.168.142.*Business Goalspaying again and again, how wonderful, thanks
14:40U483??54 125.123.185.* Business GoalsPay me on time so good ...honest admin Thanks! Got paid. I will invest more soon.
14:09U902??23 64.191.89.* Trusted For Investpowerfull hyip . it paid me very fast also have a nice design . very excellent
14:06U539??07 93.157.3.* Trusted For Investthis program paid me
14:03U310??11 216.245.214.* High Luxury Fund, Inc.3/4/2010 12:15 31474759 U6674728 (High Luxury Fund,Inc (P)) + $4.41 got paid again today,thanks
13:40U617??12 59.151.18.* Trusted For InvestPAID PAID PAID . it is ok for me
13:37U858??44 218.66.89.* Trusted For Investthey paid to me and after it i sent good vote for them . good hyip
13:29U983??73 89.223.117.* Trusted For Investpaid instantly . really good business
13:28U499??7158.8.39.*Trusted For Invest3/4/2010 10:55 31466573 U7783243 ( + $1.50, Thanks admin.
13:18U883??24 124.120.197.* Trusted For InvestPaying program without problem I strongly recommend this program to invest.
13:18U253??03 66.64.245.* Trusted For Investfast support and friendly admin , cool . they paid me very fast . tanks
13:13U677??41200.46.3.*Trusted For Investgot paid
13:06U449??1969.175.63.*Trusted For Invest1,100$ has been Received in my Libertyreserve account for today withdraw from plan 3 . tanks , it is really working . Batch : 31488386
12:32U038??47146.227.1.*Barclay Premier FundDishonest completely dishonest. SCAM SCAM SCAM
12:11U762??8641.138.173.*AFundAM IN THE VIP, I INVESTED 1001$ i got paid 24% DAILY FOR 5 DAYS. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM VERY GOOD AM PUNTING $5000 NOW
12:10U490??39217.119.151.*LopokTake care, only monitors are paid, automatic withdrawal dislabed!!
12:06 U361??85 218.59.183.* Evest - LimitedThis is an excellent program. I received $983 from it today
11:59U762??8641.138.173.*Evest - LimitedThis is a good program i got paid STOP FAKE VOTE
11:08U499??7158.8.39.*Bruclin House Investing3/4/2010 04:06 31433947 U5034753 (Bruclin House Investing Inc.) + $10.50, Thanks admin.
11:00U335??92 124.122.118.* Bruclin House InvestingToday,I recieve my payment very fast!!
8:45U295??3768.225.22.*GoldFxProfit3/4/2010 05:52 31441031 U0448062 (GoldFxProfit) +$0.69 Very honest admin, got paid daily profit again,thank admin. There are only best program i can trust
8:33U621??29219.118.189.*Hyip-InvestPaid me everyday without problem, thanks admin
7:34U516??0961.67.242.*Hyip-InvestMade $100 deposit yesterday, start earning profit today. Great jobs
7:31U202??56219.118.189.*GoldFxProfitPayment received without any problem. I hope the admin will keep on his good job. Date: 2010-04-03 02:46:52 Batch: 31428126
6:35U747??09125.211.197.*Hyip-InvestGot paid to my LR account very fast today, nice serious project!! Thanks admin.
6:02U883??24 124.120.196.* Bruclin House InvestingNew Paid received! 3/3/2010 01:29 31295901 U5034753 (Bruclin House Investing Inc.) + $3.00
5:55U729??40 118.172.186.* Bruclin House Investing3/2/2010 05:12 31067703 U5034753 (Bruclin House Investing Inc.) + $3.70 Thanks admin.
5:45U327??51 183.89.149.* Bruclin House Investing3/4/2010 04:10 31433982 U5034753 (Bruclin House Investing Inc.) +$11.00
4:59U151??59111.68.1.*NasMos TradersExcellent Very nice looking site! Hurry up to join and get your profit!
4:53U257??36 125.47.65.* NasMos TradersAlways pays! I am in PROFIT, it's a serious paying INVESTMENT program.
4:46U385??19 115.61.148.* NasMos TradersThis program is doing great, good plan, instant payout and nice profit!
4:32U747??09213.229.82.*White Fundwonderful program, I really like it
3:51U157??94 123.135.155.* Ably TradePaid again,Paying
3:40U612??9298.126.36.*WedoFundsDeposit here $3600 LR,paid to my account,very good programs
3:08U963??4077.68.42.*Umaxfunds, inc.Good days. I have realized five very good investments.
2:02U615??64 114.120.151.* BiotechInvFundi got payment fast and instan through LR. $0.17 on Mar 03, 2010 04:09:46 am, batch 31337539 (har7gerha)
1:09U435??37202.147.203.*BiotechInvFundPaid again! Every day! 3/4/2010 56345869 U4355337 (Biotechinvfund) + $10.00 Really cool program, my favorite place to invest, paid me again and again! (ares31380).