Vote Information for Saturday 16 December 2006


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23:44226??4882.208.140.*ABC HourlyPayment received today instantly. Thanks admin. ID=mirceai
23:44380??90 83.11.186.* WestBoundInvestmentreceived 1-st pay out
23:37290??45195.5.50.*ZefexGood site, well done!
23:37290??45195.5.50.*FRXCIGood site, well done!
23:33290??45195.5.50.*Cheero investGood site, well done!
23:33290??45195.5.50.*MarkCoGood site, well done!
23:33290??45195.5.50.*Happy Next DayGood site, well done!
23:28290??45195.5.50.*OIL FundGood site, well done!
23:28290??45195.5.50.*LifeDollarsGood site, well done!
23:28290??45195.5.50.*ProfitMetroGood site, well done!
23:28290??45195.5.50.*FXEasyGood site, well done!
23:24290??45195.5.50.*Mutual InvestGood site, well done!
21:43135??42217.77.218.*FXEasyGot paid!
21:42135??42217.77.218.*ProfitMetroGot paid!
21:41135??42217.77.218.*LifeDollarsGot paid!
21:41135??42217.77.218.*OIL FundGot paid!
21:40135??42217.77.218.*Mutual InvestGot paid!
21:39135??42217.77.218.*ZefexGot paid!
21:38135??42217.77.218.*FRXCIGot paid!
21:36135??42217.77.218.*Happy Next DayGot paid!
21:35135??42217.77.218.*MarkCoGot paid!
21:34135??42217.77.218.*Cheero investGot paid!
19:45246??58194.145.216.*ZefexPays constantly... I like!
19:43246??58194.145.216.*FRXCIPays constantly... I like!
19:41246??58194.145.216.*Happy Next DayPays constantly... I like!
19:40246??58194.145.216.*MarkCoPays constantly... I like!
19:38246??58194.145.216.*Cheero investPays constantly... I like!
19:33 384??46 87.218.141.* VolHyipthree days without paying and don't they respond where ours money?
17:57357??54212.138.64.*MjHyipSpend $2300 ,admin pay me today again,thank you.
17:48357??54212.138.64.*VolHyipadmin pay me daily and daily,thank you.
15:49 266??11 205.188.116.*Bamond ClubNo they are NOT paying...not any REAL money anyway! HUGE SCAM THAT STOLE $200 FROM ME! They sometimes pay the tiny amounts due but NEVER any large amounts! SCAM!
15:30330??61213.181.88.*Profit-For-Allpaid for 14/15. started another and paid for 2/15. THIS IS GREAT.CAN ANY OTHER BEAT THIS
15:23297??53 151.37.132.* HYIP 100-200 TrustPaid in few hours. Good program and Admin !!!!!! ( goldfile )
15:22292??04 80.84.190.* Golden DividendsPaid 25st to my. Good job! Thanks Admin!
15:17365??67125.162.42.*Instant 950I hope this hyip paying tomorrow and get survive.Invest here
15:16359??74 222.124.121.* Golden DividendsGood payment but question of me you have never [reply/ answer].
15:09362??40193.151.57.*Happy Next DayExcellent!!!
15:08362??40193.151.57.*Cheero investExcellent!!!
14:59362??40193.151.57.*OIL FundExcellent!!!
14:59362??40193.151.57.*Mutual InvestExcellent!!!
13:59175??16200.65.127.*MjHyipPaid me today again.good.
12:55359??74 222.124.75.* Q-InvestmentI have filled reconditional form [of] data with bakrigrup username but why money I you not yet return to ask its answer now.
12:37229??1280.227.0.*MjHyipToday,paid 8/30,good program.
12:36 355??09 58.1.128.* Q-Investment
12:24296??32 81.41.52.* Cheers-Profits2 outstanding withdraws - he doesn´t payed - support doesn´t answer. DO NOT INVEST ! THIS IS A SCAM !
10:43343??98 213.136.98.* 4ProfitsDaysvery good program
10:28297??53 151.37.125.* VolHyipPaid out again ! ! ! NO scam. Thanks Admin.
10:11363??9885.10.199.*E2InvHey admin, how long does it take this server replacement? your website still seems to be down!
9:56359??41 196.201.89.* 4ProfitsDaysgood paid! good hyip.
9:54 357??52 83.160.250.* Golden FlowGoede programma. Bedankt Admin.
8:50386??57125.160.66.*Europe Trade Ltdvery good hyip.what is paid important. gratuity problem [do] not problem.
8:39386??57125.160.66.*Golden Flowthe best hyip
6:45176??20202.152.64.*MjHyipEG time 5:03 pay me .it's good.
6:20229??1280.227.0.*VolHyipToday,paid 18/45,great program.
5:19375??29202.162.199.*Diamond Earninggood plan, paid on time..thanks admin
3:55261??99216.135.2.*Star HyipDON'T INVEST...STOLE MY 50-DOLLARS.....a dirty, filty, rotten bunch that will burn in you know where!!!!
2:05341??57 221.11.121.* ABC Hourlyonly pay lister SCAM!!!!! SCAM!!!!! SCAM!!!!!FUCK!!! FUCK!!!FUCK!!! FUCK!!!