Vote Information for Saturday 27 February 2010

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0:13U073??56222.124.154.*BiotechInvFundThanks Admin today I receive again with INSTANTLY, VERY FAST. Batch: 30981580 Amount: $12.00 (Cobaindech)
23:48U179??78 114.120.76.* BiotechInvFundYeesss got payment again .. a bonus payment daily, instanly.. thank you so much admin. My username nana06 Date: 2010-27-02 16:33:23 Batch: 30953552 From Account: U3027951 Amount: $5.00 Memo:
21:25 U601??69 115.54.71.* RefMotortoday i get paid instantly refmotor is the best username:zhangtao Batch# 29813415 keep on good work
20:07U780??36 114.128.181.* GoldHyipsReceived again great site paid very well I like to stay here, thank honest admin.
20:03U775??01 110.164.61.* GoldHyipsThat perfect program is so fast paid thank you admin.
20:01U729??62 124.120.170.* GoldHyips2/27/2010 11:07 30930903 U3795953 ( + $0.30 , Thanks Admin.
19:57U499??7158.8.39.*GoldHyips2/27/2010 16:57 30955635 U3795953 ( + $1.00
19:54U763??30 110.164.231.* GoldHyipsWeb revenue is actually paid better.
18:30U516??0966.228.125.*TooinvThe best program in the world, still paying without problems with my $100 investment
16:54U935??51204.45.58.*Gite FinanceGOt PAID again just like clockworks, thanks admin. Please don't let me down!!. Hope can keep on the good jobs.
16:40U946??11 119.237.57.* Gite FinanceJust received my payment today ! thanks , I love you gite !!
16:19 U675??51 84.19.184.* White Fundgot paid fast! safe and profitable, gonna make good $$$ here!
15:46U273??56 95.143.32.* Gite FinanceGite Finance are the best of the best in the world, I was paid and reinvest $210 again !
15:07U357??24118.98.221.*BiotechInvFundThanks God,Got bonus votes and withdraw it instant, thanks admin (hyipman)
15:01U289??81130.94.69.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Received Payment 3.3 USD from account U1322898 to account U1668488. Batch: 2343067. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from High Luxury Fund, Inc.
14:10U136??3094.76.234.*Gite FinanceI join this site yesterday, invest maybe $2K in it, and I was paid yesterday , it was $ 2280.00 ! Really incredible
13:50U283??03 125.165.93.* BiotechInvFundWow!! BiotechInvFund, you are the best HYIP with Fantastic program. Payment and Bonus received instantly, Thanks admin.(bimbam)
13:45U183??72 113.96.51.* Del CastroScam, NO Response on Email. Never pay me!
12:30U510??5298.126.22.*Gite FinanceReceived another $1110 today. Thanks admin, this is really GREAT hyip ever. Welldone admin!!
11:45U446??6098.126.36.*Ably Tradehot paying for me,paid again,thank you admin
11:36U763??30 110.164.231.* Bruclin House InvestingThis web admin should investors pay on time.
10:44U883??24 124.120.211.* Diamond TradeThis is a fine program. Received profits as per request. Thank admin. Very good work.
10:41U655??63 61.173.200.* RefMotortoday i get paid instantly refmotor is the best username:win91skyme Batch# 30913134 keep on good work
10:00U729??40118.172.180.*Diamond TradeI receive my payment on time.Excellent programe!!! Thanks admin.
9:50U499??7158.8.39.*Diamond Trade2/27/2010 10:13 30927405 U7403480 (Diamond Trade) + $1.20, Thanks admin.
9:48U737??04116.27.4.*Diamond TradeToday paid again! Fine Program, excellent service!
9:37U729??40118.172.180.*Bruclin House Investing2/27/2010 06:12 30920527 U5034753 (Bruclin House Investing Inc.) + $4.20 ,Thanks admin.
9:11U274??40213.229.82.*Gite FinanceConfirm received $ 545 , gitefinance is a good program
9:11U165??95 95.143.32.* Umaxfunds, inc.Thank you for paid me again.
9:10U535??8777.92.71.*Zeus Capital ManagementNext payment Received on time as usual. Date: 2010-02-26 23:29 Batch: 30895117 From Account: U1844391 (Zeus Capital Management) Amount: $1.01 Memo: Zeus CM Payment Thank you, admin!
9:07 U933??81 151.64.159.* BiotechInvFundInstantly paid again! Great program! Thank you very much! (metar08833)
8:47U729??62203.144.144.*Bruclin House Investing2/27/2010 05:38 30918827 U5034753 (Bruclin House Investing Inc.) + $3.15 Thanks admin.
8:46U722??1864.56.70.*WWFD Inc LtdGreat! Paid to my Liberty Account Today. Some referal commission arrived again.
8:40U650??88213.229.82.*Zeus Capital Managementget paid again. 2/26/2010 16:32 30863455 U1844391 (Zeus Capital Management) + $3.00
7:34U649??6894.76.234.*4fxinvPAID AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Highly recommended to everyone!!!!!
7:30U603??43213.229.82.*4fxinvHow cool! Requested payout and received instantly.
7:23 U735??37 81.183.119.* Gite FinanceNot paid, no whithdaw. 998$ whithdrawal instead of the admin reinvest my money even 1 month, but I did not want it
7:16U578??91 124.122.193.* Bruclin House Investing2/27/2010 08:06 309191$$ U5034753 (Bruclin House Investing Inc.) +$4.60 Thanks
7:14U781??42213.229.82.*HugMoney2/25/2010 22:16 3078xxxx U4531566 (HugMoney Withdraw) +$2.00
7:07U603??4366.228.125.*HugMoneyDate: 2010-26-02 07:36:19 Batch: 30815904 From Account: U4531566 Amount: $20.27 Memo: Withdraw from
6:48U904??31 125.27.223.* Bruclin House Investing2/27/2010 03:47 30907245 U5034753 (Bruclin House Investing Inc.) + $8.46 Thanks admin.
6:36U098??2075.126.42.*HugMoneyDate: 2010-27-02 01:50:53 Batch: 30900673 From Account: U4531566 Amount: $11.26 Memo: Withdraw from
6:28U649??68 75.126.43.* HugMoneyDate: February 26, 2010 3:43:14 AM Amount Sent: $5.25 USD Sender Name: hearu Sender Email: Reference Number: B48C5-57212-4FEE7 Message: Withdraw from
6:24U499??7158.8.39.*Bruclin House Investing2/27/2010 03:09 30904965 U5034753 (Bruclin House Investing Inc.) + $10.50 Thanks admin.
6:16U488??9198.126.22.*HugMoneyDate: 2010-02-26 10:19 Batch: 30829759 From Account: U4531566 (HugMoney Withdraw) Amount: $5.50 Memo: Withdraw from
6:08 U310??71 202.70.58.* BiotechInvFundbiotechfund quick service and facilitate investors to make withdrawals profit, I just joined in this hyip but I get great service. and I am very happy with this, the site is easy to understand (rifan)
5:52U808??5598.126.22.*GoldFxProfitJust made $500 deposit, I'm sure I'll earn huge profit with this great hyip!!
5:12 U354??47 218.59.237.* Trust EarnI have invested $1,but 50hours later,haven't received nothing,please don't put any money into it until I received it and I will report it.My ID is alfdraqgon,and my Email is,Anyone can contact me and againstAmerica liar foreve!!
4:59U523??76 94.41.129.* RefMotorReceived a regular payment. Batch: 30828505. Memo: Withdraw to hypinmoney from Username: hypinmoney
4:44U747??09 110.138.253.* GoldFxProfitOne of the best program I have ever seen. Very promising project
4:06U856??8959.33.249.*RefMotorvery good, FAST payment everyday,Usename:qili���Batch ID:30908219
3:50 U174??11 114.121.41.* BiotechInvFundInstant payment...... 2/27/2010 04:00 30907391 U3027951 (BiotechInvFund) + $0.20 Great program. Paying me instantly (m00nfang)
3:43 U737??59 98.64.49.* Oil Forex Trading Co.they don't pay , I have pending withdrawals since Feb 16, 17, 18 . Big Scam. They dont answer messages
3:42 U309??49 119.185.160.* RefMotortoday i get paid instantly refmotor is the best
3:17U871??57125.163.215.*BiotechInvFundHyip management innovation, pay instantly, just steady (bensukses)
2:27U456??52 111.182.26.* Umaxfunds, inc.It is realy works! I have fantastic profit!
1:52 U193??38 125.162.46.* BiotechInvFundThis site a good site, communicative and responsive admin, and all payment proceed instantly :) Last w/d #30901130 (user id : jozz70)
1:34U179??78 114.121.139.* BiotechInvFundReceived bonus again instanly into my LR account, best hyip, best program. Thank you Admin. Username nana06 Date: 2010-27-02 00:59:05 Batch: 30898671 From Account: U3027951 Amount: $3.15 Memo: