Vote Information for Tuesday 23 February 2010


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18:10 U106??01 115.184.221.* NDCA Traders Fundi had invested 21$ and not recieved any payments since 4days
17:55U746??8966.208.238.*Zeus Capital Managementalways pay2/23/2010 13:01 30490911 U1844391 (Zeus Capital Management) + $5.00
17:38U499??7158.8.41.*EuroNanoInvestPAID!!! 2/23/2010 17:15 30518770 U5450025 ( + $5.00, thanks admin.
17:35U451??89198.104.140.*Zeus Capital Management2/23/2010 13:00 30490823 U1844391 (Zeus Capital Management) + $1.00
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12:07U183??72113.96.48.*Del CastroScam, NO Response on Email. Never pay me!
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