Vote Information for Sunday 21 February 2010


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0:37U435??37202.147.203.*BiotechInvFundInstant Withdraw Today.... Thanks Admin.. 2/22/2010 29838189 U4355337 (BiotechInvFund) + $0.24. Payment is always smooth, INSTANT, there never was a problem. Thanks Admin.(ares31380)
22:32U241??4661.67.242.*GoldFxProfitReceived payment again and again, this is one of the great Program!
22:28U754??2061.67.242.*Del CastroReceived payment again and again, this is one of the great Program!
22:05U526??58190.53.144.*RefMotorIN THE WAY TO SUCCESS REFMOTOR IS IN username funesjovel LR batch#30304048
21:50 U885??40 91.200.45.* - financial fraud. There was to me to list 8.02010 - USD 81.64 and 10.02.10 - 230.93 USD He listed 11.02.10 11.79 USD, and USD 180 set for withdrawal, but has not yet been listed and is not going to enumerate. The same report to me and m
21:48U780??36114.128.105.*Gas and Oil InvestmentPaid me thank admin. 2/20/2010 17:53 30210026 U1202191 (Gas-and-oil-investment) + $5.10
17:27U516??39203.169.178.*Gite FinanceThis one is paying well to me - $ 654.00 . I would recommend to anyone.
17:09U252??21180.210.206.*Gite Finance2/21/2010 07:28 30288966 U4262266 ( + $175.00 <-- Thanks admin !!
17:07U808??5564.191.11.*GoldFxProfitHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project
16:49U441??30174.139.30.*Gite FinanceI am very happy that I had been paid $437.08 , thanks a lot !
16:32U014??83213.229.82.*Gite Financefew minutes ago I just received $210 from this site, recommend everyone to join
16:13U168??5191.212.182.*Deposit PalaceI think we should give this project a high ranking for its stalbe growth!
16:11U137??68 98.126.37.* Gite FinanceWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic Thinking about reinvesting money, hope program will paid as quick as usual.
16:06U557??4174.222.142.*Deposit PalaceThe owner of this program is giving us a good chance to make some extra money, donn't waste it!
15:56U904??1467.198.205.*Deposit PalaceAbsolutly this site offer fast payment, manual more secure i think.
15:55U241??4664.191.11.*Del CastroPaying on time! Admin please keep up the good work!
15:55U301??1366.228.125.*Profit SecurelyThey already paid me many times , good job
15:48U196??13222.122.12.*Deposit PalaceHope i can finally be financially free with this one
15:42U987??11209.51.197.*Deposit PalaceWhat a Day! Things just keep getting better and better and better.
15:41U510??92208.110.94.*Gite FinanceMe and my friend had been paid many many times ! everyone should join gitefinance
15:41U516??09 125.164.102.* TooinvAnother payment paid! Get my money to LR account on time.Perfect job
15:24U301??13208.110.94.*Gite FinanceConfirm received $ 545 , gitefinance is a good program
14:30U275??18 125.26.216.* Gas and Oil InvestmentThank you admin so much, One of the best hyip, Paid fast and real, I like this hyip.
14:28U062??22 125.165.33.* RefMotori only believe refmotor for my HYIP. refmotor always paid me INSTANTLY. username:chelsya. Batch is 30280214. thank you, admin.
14:12 U469??49 218.186.15.* NDCA Traders FundDont' waste your time on this, its a scam. all the comments are fake. i deposited $30 a month ago, didn't receive payment and no reply from admin. Sent like 12 emails already
13:39U496??45 220.130.217.* High Luxury Fund, Inc.Excellent program! the site paid me many times!
13:38U113??02113.30.68.*RefMotorscam! scam! they scamed my money!!!!
13:37U223??83 92.125.111.* AurumINVpaid!!!!
12:32U425??0694.255.35.*RefMotorstill paying fast and on time.User penish,Batch is 29692134
11:59U729??40 113.53.114.* Gas and Oil InvestmentI recieve my pament very fast. Very good programe , I like it ^^.
11:39U737??0459.34.123.*FundorexReceived 5.50$ to LR.Thanks!you are the best of the best!
11:36U729??62 118.173.216.* FundorexAnother instant payment received. This program deserves to be rated 1st.
11:33U883??24124.120.199.*FundorexI have received payment. This investment is a reliable program!
11:27U780??36114.128.105.*FundorexPaid!! my first received fast great program and good plan I like invested more, thank admin.
11:10U737??0459.34.123.*Gas and Oil InvestmentReceived 10$ to LR.Thanks!you are the best of the best!
10:57U775??01 110.164.35.* Gas and Oil InvestmentPayment is very fast I like this program thank you admin.
10:03U883??24124.120.199.*Gas and Oil InvestmentThanks this program, Payment received! 2/20/2010 15:19 30207107 U1202191 (Gas-and-oil-investment) + $15.00
8:29U397??9978.142.140.*RXN InvestmentsPaying always on time !
8:23U183??72113.96.50.*Del CastroScam, NO Response on Email. Never pay me!
8:10U516??09213.229.82.*GoldFxProfitThis program very beautiful and plan is reasonable,i invest $200 on the site,i will vote there when got paid!!
7:27 U644??10 189.237.109.* Super Forex InvestReally Automated Withdraw: 2/21/2010 (Super Forex Invest Deposit Acc) + $3.78 $0.04 By: CarlosJHYIP
6:58U857??38 78.46.199.* GVB FundsPaying me on time !
6:48U626??50 124.129.199.* RefMotorno paid program, scam! scam!
6:45U924??9969.197.177.*Gite FinanceThey are the best invesment program in the world, I hope everyone can earn profit from them just like me
6:43 U698??08 78.37.35.* Super Forex InvestPays! Very Good!!!
6:31U747??0994.76.234.*Del CastroThis program very beautiful and plan is reasonable,i invest $200 on the site,i will vote there when got paid!!
6:26U720??1877.92.71.*Gite FinanceReceived $ 220 today in my Liberty Reserve account, I hope admin can keep his good work
6:03U286??59203.194.245.*Gite FinanceEveryday I keep receiving my payment, my newest payment is $ 14.7 USD
5:37U299??20113.30.68.*Gite Financepaid me today, thanks + $ 13701
5:21U174??27 122.147.114.* Gite Financemy mother heard this site from her friend, and she decided to join it with 1000 USD, yesterday she was paid 1110 USD
5:01U820??5461.67.242.*Gite FinanceI get paid as promised ! Received $110 in my pocket now
4:49U536??23219.118.189.*AurumINVI get paid some ref commision ! thanks admin
4:37U630??61219.118.189.*Gite FinanceGite finance just pay me $ 32.00 , thanks for the payment !
3:21U091??0164.215.150.*Umaxfunds, inc.I really appreciate your fast and ontime paying
1:46U508??36 112.142.1.* Gas and Oil InvestmentPaid my payment very fast. I like this program . I get money from this program more. Thanks admin.
1:39U371??13 190.42.251.* Super Forex InvestThe best hyip!! I recomend you!! Long life superforexinvest! user: juank246
1:10U994??00 202.70.58.* BiotechInvFundNice HYIP. Today i've just got instant payment again. Thanks biotechinvfund. (bangunbisnis)