Vote Information for Friday 19 February 2010


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0:38U994??00 202.70.58.* BiotechInvFundYesterday i was joining this HYIP. Today i've just got instant payment. Thanks biotechinvfund. (bangunbisnis)
0:28U729??62 118.173.178.* Gas and Oil InvestmentAnother instant payment received. This program deserves to be rated 1st.
0:07U771??18 125.26.74.* Gas and Oil InvestmentFast payment today i received +1$
23:57U778??24112.198.64.*RefMotoruser aphryl1028 got $1.00USD batch 30154269 thanks you refmotor your the best
23:43U526??58190.53.144.*RefMotorREFMOTOR DEPOSIT ME AGAIN IT IS THE BEST SITE FOR INVEST username : funesjovel Batch# 30044746
23:16U780??36112.142.2.*Diamond TradePaid me fast without problem very good program nice plan I like to invest here, thank admin.
21:30U780??36112.142.2.*Gas and Oil InvestmentToday still received paid good site long life, thank admin.
20:54U808??55119.147.116.*Auto FundsReceived $10 Referral Commission, GREAT Hyip site !!
19:49U516??0998.126.39.*Dacia FundsJust i receive a ref commission,total $45,thank you admin!
19:24U274??40 125.164.102.* Dacia FundsI invested $100 in after 1 day plan and today I get paid $120, thanks admin
19:11U137??6877.92.71.*Gite FinanceInvest $200 yesterday and I was paid $210 today, good job admin
18:46U153??9661.209.182.*Gite Finance19/2 Gite still paying my request! I just reinvest $1000 back :D
18:35U034??1364.120.168.*Gite FinanceBeen paid me again and again non-stop ! Long live Gite finance , all people should not miss this site
17:58U401??45 125.163.235.* RefMotorVERY GOOD HYIP! PAYING! 2010-19-02 + $0.68 username : ivanrenaldy batch : 29365095
17:25U808??8498.126.22.*NasMos TradersThe best INVESTMENT project! STABLE and always pays really on time.
17:15U633??91213.229.83.*NasMos TradersWithdrawal processed, batch_id: 30123592
17:08U324??17115.92.104.*Gite FinanceI am glad that I can invest in this great program , they paidme withdrawal again . Everyone should join it
17:07U781??4294.76.234.*NasMos TradersPay mne 150 lr AUTO,You are the best
16:54U720??18112.121.165.*Gite FinanceNice $ 105 received just 10 minute ago, Thank you admin.
16:49U603??43 219.130.150.* NasMos TradersThanks so much for your truly work.. Thanks admin.
16:38U014??8396.9.169.*Gite FinanceReceived my money $ 12584.00 my userid is fmoneys , It's awsome !
16:37U499??71 58.8.38.* Gas and Oil InvestmentPaid!!! 2/19/2010 07:23 30066009 U1202191 (Gas-and-oil-investment) + $1.00
16:11U303??4269.197.177.*Gite FinancePaid again...wonderful service! thanks for admin offer us a stable program! you are best!
15:55U136??30208.110.94.*Dacia FundsAwesome Program, thanks for payment, I am in Profit now
15:40U747??09180.210.206.*TooinvPaid me everyday without problem, thanks admin
15:31U273??56180.210.206.*Dacia FundsPaying on time! Admin please keep up the good work!
15:27U275??18 113.53.106.* Gas and Oil InvestmentReal hyip, Paid me well and always, no problem, thank you admin.
14:59U411??54 115.133.19.* Fund Tubethis is liar program not true because until this time after 12 hours i am still not recevied my profit..
14:58U090??02 125.64.112.* RefMotortoday i get paid instantly refmotor is the best username:zyupay1982 Batch# 29566937 keep on good work
14:54U856??85 221.175.118.* RefMotorPayment received from refmotor today $0.40, Batch is 30109651 , thanks refmotor Admin,username:edesonsu
14:08U204??79 95.68.9.* RefMotorBest hyip ever :):P kaz112. paid me :)
14:04 U822??70 79.116.147.* RefMotorInstant WithDraws. Thnx, Admin. User Joo_NY,
13:43U873??85222.122.47.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Got Paid again today! another good program for me!
13:35U567??36 172.163.37.* Perfect Cash, Ltd.Great program and site! Got payment again. Thanks!
13:28U481??0269.197.156.*HugMoneyIt is realy works! I have fantastic profit!!!
13:27U113??02 60.209.174.* Mega ReturnThey are wonderful and BEST, BEST of all. They always pay on time.
13:27U904??31 125.27.215.* Gas and Oil InvestmentEnjoy working very good care of sensitivity pay, thanks admin.
13:20U830??5194.76.232.*HugMoneyPaying prog.......... Thnx 4all ....... Have a nice day
13:09U428??09 218.0.164.* RefMotorTransaction batch is 30082566. Username:zhj88 Thanks! RefMotor Admin
13:07U733??96 114.240.59.* RefMotorwithdraw from refmotor again! username:yjwduke1983 Batch is 29865947
12:48U136??30219.90.118.*Del CastroSo far so good, Never missed Payments. Good jobs admin !!
12:40U747??09219.90.118.*Dacia FundsReceived $10 Referral Commission, GREAT Hyip site !!
12:32U510??52219.118.189.*Del CastroReceived $10 Referral Commission, GREAT Hyip site !!
12:29U274??40113.30.68.*Del CastroAwesome Program, thanks for payment, I am in Profit now
12:28U417??37 125.161.59.* RefMotorReceived my payment today as usual, pay me everyday and on time. Thanks admin. user name: bimbam Batch No: 30080711
11:58U259??24 123.204.223.* RefMotorI receive payment instantly!username:lovequdx
11:17U086??15113.30.68.*Dacia Fundsfantastic Program, thanks for payment, I am in Profit now
11:14U618??52219.118.189.*Dacia FundsReceived payment again and again, this is one of the great Program!
10:51U130??42213.229.82.*Deposit PalaceGot paid again, and am in profit. Thanks!!
10:22U470??76112.201.108.*RefMotorI will stay here for good. Best hyip site ever! Fast cash! username: rdpajrillo Batch is 30085323
10:03U808??8467.198.201.*Deposit PalaceReceive a ref commission ,paid on time,thanks very much!
10:00U307??35 119.178.149.* RefMotorvery very good HYIP.refmotor paid me instantly every time. i beleive, refmotor is the best HYIP. username: lin518 Batch# 30076146 keep on good work.
9:59U994??00 202.70.58.* RefMotorAmazing,i really love this HYIP. I've just got instant payment again. User : bangunbisnis, Batch: 30046863
9:36U808??5561.67.242.*Dacia FundsHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project
9:27U256??4562.240.62.*RefMotorbest site i ve ever found!!! user: hatem_yahya Batch: 30077462
9:02U857??38 91.203.24.* RTB ClubVery good and stable HYIP ...
8:55 U439??76 110.138.207.*RefMotorThe best HYIP in the world is Refmotor
8:46U062??22 125.165.22.* RefMotorvery very good HYIP. refmotor paid me instantly every time. i beleive, refmotor is the best HYIP. username: chelsya88. Batch is 30050521. thanks,admin.
8:38U972??17 124.179.16.* Auto FundsVery helpful admin
8:34U425??0694.255.35.*RefMotorExcellent! Paying always quickly and on time.I ‘ve got CashBack Bonus 10% right now.User penish, Batch id = 29276295.
8:28U353??63121.96.164.*RefMotoruser peejaybomabs got payment instant Transaction 30044088
8:20U301??1378.129.147.*Gite Financereceived $ 10 ref commision by ref my friend to join this great site ! we love you gite finance
7:59U516??3960.29.235.*Gite FinanceI am very happy ! cause I have just receive $105 from them few hours ago
7:48U637??86 116.29.126.* RefMotortoday i get paid instantly refmotor is the best username:xuyi3988173 Batch# 29934473keep on good work
7:45U195??6589.41.109.*HugMoneyThe best site!!! thanks admin!
7:42U252??21219.118.189.*Gite FinanceThey keep paying me again and again non-stop , Thank you so much : D
7:27U682??43113.30.68.*Gite FinanceReceived $1110 again. Thanks a lot. It's my second payment ! I received $1110 few days ago , thanks gite
7:14U808??55 125.164.110.* Del CastroStill pays without problem ! I can't believe it
7:14U441??30204.12.214.*Gite FinanceGet paid as usual -> 2/18/2010 14:16 29986310 U4262266 ( + $654.00
6:58U536??23209.51.197.*Gite Financepaid no problem ! just received $12239.00 , thanks , gite finance you are honest
6:57U523??76 94.41.182.* pays every day! Next payment. 2/19/2010 Batch: 30057289. Memo: Withdraw to hypinmoney from Username: hypinmoney
6:22U946??11 119.236.57.* Gite FinanceI am so excited , they had been paid me $599.5 , I will reinvest in 1 day plan again
5:55U565??16 125.86.5.* RefMotoryes, very good. user name:z9955z
5:54U158??7761.6.39.*RefMotorInstanly payment received every time.User: Mifaz batch:30053840
5:24U883??24 124.120.201.* Gas and Oil InvestmentPaid on time to me! The site good to invest.
5:17U516??0998.126.39.*Dacia FundsOne of the best program I have ever seen. Very promising project.
5:13U516??0998.126.39.*Del CastroOne of the best program I have ever seen. Very promising project.
5:03U195??85 58.247.77.* RefMotorpayment received.batch:30039430.username:mocaley. thanks admin.
4:32U586??73123.203.183.*RefMotorVery good site with free bonus and paid fast. (by lcc2112)
4:27 U615??10 110.137.108.* RefMotorvery good hyip, give much much bonus
3:58U743??4060.52.251.*BiotechInvFundI got paid 9/180 & got voted bonus $2. Instantly. Thanks admin. (LIZA221)
3:58U539??8367.198.201.*HugMoneykeep paying to me,very good site
3:44U415??90 114.56.251.* RefMotortoday i get paid instantly refmotor is the best username:whynoteasy Batch# 30045126
3:29U963??4065.44.141.*Umaxfunds, inc.Paying on time! Admin please keep up the good work!
3:26U793??69 140.116.103.* RefMotorIt is a best hyip I had saw
3:23U162??2569.197.177.*HugMoneypaid me ,thanks!!
3:09U215??89 114.56.247.* RefMotorMy 1st withdraw of 0.62 USD has been deposited to my Perfect Money account. Date: 12:22 18.02.10. Batch: 2260384. User name: ben_aleb keep on good work
3:04U371??13 190.235.20.* RefMotorLong life refmotor! Another INSTANT payment batch id: 30050782 user:juank246
2:27U069??41204.12.214.*WedoFundsvery good programs,paid me more,hot
1:50U257??81190.37.152.*RefMotorAnother instant payment, 1.43$ User: eldemoledor