Vote Information for Friday 15 December 2006


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23:32363??9885.10.199.*Golden FlowAlways paid me and my downline. Everyday on time: as a Swiss clock (gp_cos)
23:22363??9885.10.199.*Europe Trade LtdAlways paid! Better a hyip that reduces the interest rate to last for a longer time, rather than a closed hyip! Don't you read newspapers? Bad month for traders... (gp_cos)
23:13363??9885.10.199.*Capital On Linepaid again
23:07363??9885.10.199.*Q-InvestmentPayd! they have lost some account data because of problems with the server, but they offer the possibility to reload your account data: check their site before posting bad votes!! (gp_cos)
22:49290??45195.5.50.*Beolic LtdPaid ! Thank you
22:49290??45195.5.50.*ZefexPaid ! Thank you
22:47290??45195.5.50.*FRXCIPaid ! Thank you
22:45290??45195.5.50.*Happy Next DayPaid ! Thank you
22:44290??45195.5.50.*MarkCoPaid ! Thank you
22:43290??45195.5.50.*Cheero investPaid ! Thank you
22:40290??45195.5.50.*FXEasyPaid ! Thank you
22:39290??45195.5.50.*ProfitMetroPaid ! Thank you
22:37290??45195.5.50.*LifeDollarsPaid ! Thank you
22:35290??45195.5.50.*OIL FundPaid ! Thank you
22:34290??45195.5.50.*Mutual InvestPaid ! Thank you
21:56277??2280.227.0.*Europe Trade LtdWell paying site with qualitative support. I have profit.
21:29135??42217.77.209.*FXEasyHonest admin! Great!
21:28135??42217.77.209.*ProfitMetroHonest admin! Great!
21:26135??42217.77.209.*LifeDollarsHonest admin! Great!
21:25135??42217.77.209.*OIL FundHonest admin! Great!
21:24135??42217.77.209.*Mutual InvestHonest admin! Great!
21:22135??42217.77.209.*Beolic LtdHonest admin! Great!
21:21135??42217.77.209.*ZefexHonest admin! Great!
21:20135??42217.77.209.*FRXCIHonest admin! Great!
21:19135??42217.77.209.*Happy Next DayHonest admin! Great!
21:17135??42217.77.209.*MarkCoHonest admin! Great!
21:15135??42217.77.209.*Cheero investHonest admin! Great!
21:03374??52199.77.130.*ST-ClubThe best !
20:58383??80 63.85.194.* ST-ClubNo missing payments !!!
20:38278??6566.11.54.*Europe Trade Ltdexcellent paying programm with great admin and fast support!!!
20:15296??3281.41.52.*SimonInvestmentThey doesn´t pay - they are not able to manage a withdraw of 10 $ - so don´t invest here - this is annother SCAM !!
19:56359??74222.124.101.*Global Invest SiteWhere are you don't displayed
19:55367??64208.254.22.*FX Golden UnionDeposit 11/11 never paid... show me the money and I'll stop slamming you batch 70659906 Dave
19:00296??3281.41.52.*Land EarnDO NOT INVEST - they do not pay !! You see at your account "withdraw send" - but you never receive the money. THIS IS A SAM !!!
19:00359??74222.124.101.*Land EarnWhere is my money [of] payee ........ payee .......... payee ....... don't pending continue.
18:51359??74222.124.101.*HexPayWhy don't displayed now
18:40359??74222.124.101.*Earn-HourlyTo Pay:3843874 Deposit ( Earn-Hourly) Amount: 10.00 USD ' User bakrigrup of worth [do] not come into totally [of] my deposit ask [reply/ answer] now.
18:15388??5972.232.94.*Perfect ForexVery good project and real investment program. 100% good place to get your profit!
17:26275??2562.168.188.*ZefexHonest program! Always paying!
17:25275??2562.168.188.*FRXCIHonest program! Always paying!
17:24275??2562.168.188.*Happy Next DayHonest program! Always paying!
17:22275??2562.168.188.*MarkCoHonest program! Always paying!
17:21275??2562.168.188.*Cheero investHonest program! Always paying!
16:25357??54212.138.64.*MjHyipSpend $2300 ,admin pay me today again,thank you.
16:15176??20202.152.64.*VolHyipEG time 2:01 pay me .it's good.
16:01384??69 202.73.115.* VolHyipplease paid from dec 12th until now, paid!!!!!!! paid!!!! & paid too,my e -gold 3863062
15:49336??5384.204.20.*Europe Trade LtdPaying < 1.9% What's this ? Where promise %
15:40246??58194.145.216.*ZefexPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
15:38246??58194.145.216.*FRXCIPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
15:37246??58194.145.216.*Happy Next DayPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
13:18175??16200.65.127.*VolHyipPaid me again.thx.spend again and paid.
12:58151??68 85.140.53.* Spy-InvestmentSerious admin, very well project!
12:29351??16 203.132.65.* Land EarnDO NOT INVEST!!!! They pay on small amounts, then cancel your account when you invest a larger amount. ##*** AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! ##***
12:13359??74 222.124.64.* Golden DividendsWhere is my referal bonus for supri 15% * $ 98.8 not yet you sent to my E-gold account till now
11:16350??40 84.178.171.* VolHyipNo payouts from Dec. 12th till Dec 14 th. included. ID: Rols32
11:06246??58194.145.216.*MarkCoPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
11:04246??58194.145.216.*Cheero investPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
10:51360??9361.91.191.*Q-InvestmentNot paid. My account was deleted.
10:31175??16200.65.127.*MjHyipPaid me today again.good.
10:14136??42195.151.159.*Europe Trade LtdVery good project and real investment program. 100% good place to get your profit!
10:14246??58194.145.216.*Spy-InvestmentPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
9:57275??2562.168.188.*Spy-InvestmentHonest program! Always paying!
9:29357??54212.138.64.*VolHyipadmin pay me daily and daily,thank you.
8:44387??3660.51.136.*Golden FlowI thank you very much for your full assistance regarding my profile change. You are the best of all HYIP's!!!!!!!!!
8:08380??90196.217.34.*Collect-Dollar1000$ received .. i am very happy
8:07179??31196.217.34.*Collect-Dollarpaying 100%
8:06375??43 125.160.97.* Best Gold ProfitPending 1 payment.
8:03382??18195.5.51.*Spy-InvestmentExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
7:33383??19125.161.128.*ZefexLate payment.... NOT PAID yet... Beware...
7:27383??19125.161.128.*SublimeInvestmentNot paid... already wait for 3 days... beware... scam!!!!
7:24362??11 195.71.8.* OnlineIncomeDirectIt pays !
6:52 382??69 222.217.27.* TopProHyipNO paid ! since 12/12 ,
6:47381??34203.191.47.*VolHyipNot paid me for more than 3 days.It's Very Bad HYIP.
6:28229??1280.227.0.*MjHyipToday,paid 7/30,good program.
6:12 387??30 82.99.233.*City Investsvery ood paid me
5:31379??48 202.176.253.* F-Investmentdont invest not pay
3:29 315??60 80.227.0.*Flower-HyipI have got bonus and invest some money . Yestoday,i have got my withdraw. very good . Hope this one could last more days.
3:05229??1280.227.0.*VolHyipToday,paid 17/45,great program.
2:09341??57 221.11.122.* City Investsonly pay lister SCAM!!!!! SCAM!!!!! SCAM!!!!!FUCK!!! FUCK!!!FUCK!!! FUCK!!!
1:43305??2586.56.0.*Land Earnvery good payed again instantly
1:42 322??48 61.191.90.* Cheers-Profitsgot paid again....thx