Vote Information for Wednesday 17 February 2010


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0:00U086??1594.76.232.*Del CastroStill paying well to me!i think it is nice site.seem no other programe like this one
23:39U859??96 87.21.24.* Perfect Cash, Ltd.Good HYIP, customer service has been great, they have always answered my emails right away.
23:29U618??5298.126.39.*Del Castrofantastic Program, thanks for payment, I am in Profit now
23:14U778??24112.198.64.*RefMotoruser aphryl1028 - got payment instant again $0.71 USD Transaction batch is 29919140 this site really make me happy.
22:12U904??58 75.250.47.* Verifieldalways paying me.The company is very good
22:11U854??2671.23.170.*Gas and Oil InvestmentLast THREE withdrawals and money back didn't receive. Admin no support.
22:00U854??2671.23.170.*Global Market SolutionsDidn't receive withdrawals and money back from my deposit $20 at 02.08.2010. No answers from admin
21:50U854??2671.23.170.*NDCA Traders FundI didn't recive any withdrawals and money from my $20 deposit at 02.04.2010.No answers from Admin
21:46U854??2671.23.170.*Perfect Business SolutionI didn't receive withdrawals and money back from my $20 deposit at 02.04.2010. No answers from Admin
20:41U092??94200.126.80.*Evest - LimitedScammmmm!!!...beware...not response emails...they asked me my L.R. identification data to pay me!!!!...they stole me 100
19:48U780??36 114.128.11.* Gas and Oil InvestmentStill Paid thank. 2/17/2010 11:13 29847956 U1202191 (Gas-and-oil-investment) + $3.00
18:18U425??0694.255.35.*RefMotorGreat program,honest admin,their customer service is very good. User penish,Batch is 29692134
17:50U371??13 190.42.188.* RefMotorRefmotor is paying me. Another instant payment batch id: 29708698 user: juank246
17:03U729??40 118.172.174.* Gas and Oil InvestmentExcellent!!! I like this programe very much.
17:02U808??55219.118.189.*Del Castroso honest admin,realible pogram.I like it, they are really paying...!!
16:59U153??96116.212.121.*Gite Financeevery invester should trust gite finance and invest their money in it, it will grow bigger !!
16:45 U564??18 20.139.67.* RefMotorRefmotor is the bes HYIP program..I am being paid without instantly.
16:38U038??47146.227.1.*Millennium InvestWhat news ...???
16:33U162??8493.186.164.*Mega ReturnDeveloping and increasing it's stability, paying from the beginning to the end.
16:19U269??67222.122.12.*Gite FinanceI have been paid many many many many many times by Gite Finance . I don't know what to say except Thank you !!
15:52U034??1378.129.147.*Gite Financereceived $ 1110 as usual , thank you gite firance's admin
15:38U299??20204.12.214.*Gite Financejust to let everyone know I still receive payment today ; )
15:33U275??18 180.180.42.* Gas and Oil InvestmentThank admin, 2/17/2010 10:44 29847452 U1202191 (Gas-and-oil-investment) + $3.60 .
15:25U618??1798.126.36.*Gite FinanceAnthor $52.5 confirm received. very good program for investments and growing funds
15:21U499??71 58.8.34.* Gas and Oil Investment2/17/2010 09:46 29844280 U1202191 (Gas-and-oil-investment) + $1.00 Receive my payment today. Thanks admin.
15:02U856??85 221.175.86.* RefMotorPayment received from refmotor today $0.48, Batch is 29874642 , thanks refmotor Admin,username:edesonsu
14:53U397??99 193.239.28.* Green Financial ServicesSuper program, honest Admin !
14:35U174??27208.110.81.*Gite Finance2/17/2010 12:21 29847831 U4262266 ( + $14650.00 <- Just received my payment
14:27U038??47146.227.1.*Global Market Solutionsscam SCAM scam
14:22U038??47146.227.1.*Arby FundStopped Paying 3 weeks ago
14:03U904??31125.27.208.*Gas and Oil InvestmentThis hyip is excellent, web pay very well and want to nice admin.
14:02U038??47146.227.1.*Barclay Premier FundStill not paying & ignores email
13:45U417??37 125.161.56.* RefMotorPaid me again and again, instantly and on time. Thanks admin. user name: bimbam Batch No: 29868232
13:25U256??4562.240.62.*RefMotorbest site i ve ever found!!! user: hatem_yahya Batch is 29785861
13:03U551??65198.65.144.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.API 2/17/2010 07:06 29831758 U6674728 (High Luxury Fund, Inc (P)) + $11.00
13:00U414??86 114.58.225.* BiotechInvFundI tested the program, pay me fast, great interest & good prospect HYIP (denbagusheri)
12:37U622??44 202.70.51.* RefMotorthank for admin refmotor. received payment $0.04 username:aben batch: 29860410
12:23U332??89 119.166.43.* Mega ReturnAdmin are very impressived, got paid on time!
12:04U636??51112.121.165.*HugMoneyfast payment received again
11:58U702??24222.122.12.*HugMoneypaid me again!!
11:53U747??0961.67.242.*Auto FundsVery good Program ! Thanks admin :) Keep up the Good Work.
11:48U481??02174.139.253.*HugMoneyYou have just received USD 5.00 into your SolidTrust Pay account via API Transaction ID: 269448951
11:28U830??51222.122.12.*HugMoneyDate: 2010-02-15 13:15 Batch: 29643834 From Account: U4531566 (HugMoney Withdraw) Amount: $5.50
11:23U603??4367.21.82.*HugMoneyDate: 2010-02-16 19:37 Batch: 29790299 From Account: U4531566 (HugMoney Withdraw) Amount: $9.19
11:17 U067??78 84.126.231.* Combo CapitalU0670178, Big fraud! I HAVE NOT BEEN PAID.BE CAREFUL !
10:52U021??76 125.162.91.* BiotechInvFundInstant Withdraw Today.... Thanks Admin.. 2/17/2010 08:53 29838189 U3027951 (BiotechInvFund) + $0.24 by neocybeer
10:45U454??91 116.9.55.* WeilikesiGood
10:32U621??2961.67.242.*Del Castropaid me everyday, no problem at all
10:27U747??09118.123.114.*Del CastroPaying on time! Admin please keep up the good work!
9:09U743??4060.52.251.*BiotechInvFundToday I got paid 8/180 time. Thanks Admin your good program. (LIZA221)
8:35U259??24 123.204.211.* RefMotorI received the pending withdraw with in 12h username:lovequdx
8:32U014??8361.67.242.*Gite Finance$ 50 referral commision received, me and my downline friend are happy that both of us get paid
8:29U721??07 74.7.13.* Umaxfunds, inc.Thank you very much for your the payment, Transaction batch is 29581782
8:22U626??5094.76.208.*Mega ReturnThe project is stable and shows good results in work, best investment program.
8:13U516??39222.73.85.*Gite FinanceI join this site yesterday, invest maybe $2K in it, and I was paid yesterday , it was $ 2280.00 ! Really incredible
8:07U048??5194.248.7.*PanaMoneyPaid over! Thanks admin!
8:01U048??5194.248.7.*Private Asset ManagementPaid over! Thanks admin!
7:13U944??1796.9.169.*WedoFundsInvested $1500 USD LR,paid to me fast website
7:08U204??81 123.128.29.* WedoFundsGot paid Today,very good prorgams
5:51U565??16 125.86.23.* RefMotoryes, very good. user name:z9955z
5:12U883??24 124.120.207.* Gas and Oil InvestmentThis program and Admin are very impressive honest payouts get paid today fast as promised.
4:31U510??92219.118.189.*Gite FinanceGite Finance are ranked number 1 in my heart, they always paid as promised, no delay payment, fast response on email :-)
4:26U091??01209.79.124.*Umaxfunds, inc.Payment correctly received. Thanks for the perfect service admin.
4:07U682??43113.30.68.*Gite FinanceReceived $1110 today. Thanks a lot. I will invest more money soon
3:06U497??6366.176.254.*Verifieldvery good .
1:14U195??85 58.247.157.* RefMotorreceived payment again.Batch is 29783044/29709052.username:mocaley
1:07U158??7761.6.39.*RefMotorPaid instanly again, tq.User:Mifaz Batch: 29807884