Vote Information for Wednesday 10 February 2010


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17:43 U709??52 77.48.125.* RefMotorplatba téměř okamžitě
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15:34U374??26208.110.81.*Mega ReturnThe site running fine and paid to investors on time.great site for me.
15:02U275??18 180.180.114.* Gas and Oil InvestmentThank you for my received, Paid fast and no problem, Excellent program . thank you again.
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13:56U567??36 172.129.158.* Perfect Cash, Ltd.One of the most serious and PAYING INSTANTLY.
13:02U830??8264.251.8.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Date: 2010-02-10 06:29 Batch: 29150799 From Account: U6674728 (High Luxury Fund, Inc (P)) Amount: $2.20 Memo: Withdraw from High Luxury Fund, Inc
12:52U783??9391.144.1.*RefMotorstile is dawn again??
12:43U418??29 60.191.189.* Royal InvWithdrawal request $ 11.20 [cancel] Feb-9-2010 09:26:36 AM Up to now have not paid, it is estimated will not be paid, we do not cast. No pay plan ( 97498_md.html)
9:56U650??8862.149.206.*GoldFxProfitIt is good HYIP program,I got Paid today, and reinvested in it.Thanks for admin work hard. 2/9/2010 23:23 29130023 U0448062 (GoldFxProfit) + $2.70
9:37U195??6589.41.109.*HugMoneyVery good job! thanks admin! + 202.50
9:08U143??1084.124.75.*GoldFxProfitThe site have excellent performance among in paying hyips so far. 2/10/2010 04:16 29143053 U0448062 (GoldFxProfit) + $5.60
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7:03U456??5266.70.16.*Umaxfunds, inc.I like this program, invests and obtains the profit very happily in here.
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4:57U781??42119.133.133.*HugMoneyVery satisfied with this program.Thanks very much for paying me on time.
4:54U162??2567.21.82.*HugMoneyNext payment received today. Thank you, Admin!
4:32U603??4364.120.168.*NasMos TradersIt is realy works! I have fantastic profit!!!
4:29U603??4364.120.168.*HugMoneyIt is realy works! I have fantastic profit!!!
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4:02U621??29 110.138.243.* Del CastroThis one keeps on paying and paying, great program
3:09U165??95213.229.82.*Umaxfunds, inc.Still paying!
1:44 U228??61 222.42.12.* Zeal TraderU2289761