Vote Information for Tuesday 9 February 2010


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23:35U508??87 85.74.125.* Perfect Cash, Ltd.One of the best programs. Fast payments after withdrawal request. Great.
16:29U084??2164.120.223.*RefMotorREFMOTOR IS THE BEST!!! here is the safe place to save your money here.
16:21U733??5496.9.169.*RefMotorNice program,I have just got my $35 instantly here.
16:17U499??7161.90.23.*Gas and Oil Investment2/9/2010 15:06 29086366 U1202191 (Gas-and-oil-investment) + $4.04 Receive my payment today. Thanks admin.
15:19U765??87222.122.12.*Mega ReturnI just received $19 from mega.thanks
15:11U894??66193.151.104.*Fuel-Future-InvestVery Good
14:29U167??91208.110.81.*RefMotorStill paying and honest program.$59 back to my pocket instantly.Thanks admin.
14:28U275??18 125.26.217.* Gas and Oil InvestmentGood Job hyip, I have profit from this hyip daily, Best support and fast paid, thank admin.
14:16U575??9393.186.164.*RefMotorPaid me as promise. Have 1 deposit already mature.But I suggest admin to add the compound option for refmotor, I think it will help program to attract more investor.
13:57 U200??73 41.219.255.* Hourly BankLazarus Ochieze. I started on Dec 09 with $1500. 00, and my withdrawal has not been honoured
13:56U076??5869.197.177.*RefMotorGot 121.23 USD instatnly. I honor your integrity & punctuality.You are the best absolutely the best.
13:51U780??36 114.128.180.* Gas and Oil InvestmentToday received paid very good paying site make a lot profit, thank admin.
13:40U113??02219.118.189.*RefMotorMy profits is increasing.I always was paid fastly.Thanks admin.
13:34U773??30 67.181.201.* High Luxury Fund, Inc.API 2/9/2010 05:51 29042376 U6674728 (High Luxury Fund, Inc (P)) + $0.22
13:17U821??92208.110.94.*Umaxfunds, inc.admin, Your procedure very good
12:44U740??3869.197.177.*RefMotorThis is what I mean as a true high income! they paid me $1021.8 within 30 min,Nice serious project!!!
12:26U868??43204.12.214.*RefMotorAlways Got the payment on time,thanks admin,Hope can keep on the good jobs.
12:18U165??95 180.210.206.* Umaxfunds, inc.Paying as usual, very stable site
12:18U904??31 113.53.131.* Gas and Oil InvestmentGot paid very fast, very good program the best paid, thanks admin.
12:14 U188??52 91.78.134.* Royal InvНЕ ПЛАТИТ!!!SCAM!!!
12:06U999??14212.95.42.*RefMotorVery very good program, honest Admin, got paid immediately!
12:02U883??24 124.120.203.* Gas and Oil InvestmentI have received money from this program! thank you admin.
11:41U654??6195.143.38.*RefMotorAmazing program with high profitable.and I really got grand dollar in sceond!!
11:26U626??5094.76.208.*RefMotorA great paying site like,you are needed for big investors like me... i invested a huge number here :)
11:20U102??1891.212.182.*RefMotorGood support and admin. Thanks for paying me. I'll invest more soon.
10:57U765??87209.51.197.*RefMotorI lost much money on trash site, they have to go here to learn what is the real good program!I'll always support you refmotor!
9:46U332??89 122.147.127.* RefMotorYes, they are really back from the ddos attack, that means this program is stronger.
8:02U862??44 121.120.82.* Globo ProfitMy withdrawal still pending. Paying selectively. SCAMER!!!
7:43U195??6589.41.109.*Gas and Oil InvestmentWithdrawal $ 255.17! good program!
4:32U091??0166.208.238.*Umaxfunds, inc.This project is the best one. Always pays without problem.
4:20U151??5993.190.136.*Deposit PalaceThis site already paid me for multiple times, still good for invest here
4:08U257??3691.212.182.*Deposit PalaceAll guys will love this one. I mean the program will bring surprise to us.
4:04U596??3767.19.54.*Kobel CapitalVery good program
4:00U385??1967.198.205.*Deposit PalaceThis program grows faster and better. I think it is honest for investors.
3:50U686??81 174.139.9.* Deposit PalaceSupports response very fast, within minutes, good!
3:37U643??75112.140.186.*Deposit PalaceAdmin has invested much money, hope it will keep in hot, gl!