Vote Information for Monday 8 February 2010


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22:32 U264??79 188.187.43.* Globo ProfitНеплатит ни копейки отправ��ял 5$ должен был получить 227$ нифига !!! Дурят народ как в��егда!!!
21:49U420??3689.164.155.*NDCA Traders FundScam!!! No money, No response on email!
21:47U420??3689.164.155.*Interbank FX ClubScam!!! No money, No response on email!
19:33U057??35204.12.214.*BiotechInvFundit is a very interesting site, i like the part of Scientific Glossary, it is a good idea.
19:25 U015??61 200.178.173.* Stability Invest7 withdraw pendings scammmmmm
19:17U783??9391.144.1.*RefMotorpaying, verey good HYIP, username : wewaza 2/8/2010 19:20 29005615 U0239843 (RefMotor) + $1.99
19:10U136??51189.59.187.*Stability Invest5 wtthdrawal pendings..... SCAN!
19:05U437??8169.197.177.*BiotechInvFundThis program paid me $2.00 by instant payout!!that's really cool!!!
19:04 U253??74 174.5.185.* Stability InvestRecieved first payment fast and now awaiting second, thank you muchly!
18:46U223??9067.198.201.*BiotechInvFundThis site seems very professional, it also added twitter and facebook on the page, I never
15:55U499??71 58.8.40.* Gas and Oil InvestmentPAID!!! 2/8/2010 13:38 28971498 U1202191 (Gas-and-oil-investment) + $5.60
15:49U275??18113.53.106.*Gas and Oil InvestmentReal hyip, I have profit from this program ,received paid fast without any problem, thank admin.
15:20U765??8795.143.38.*Mega Return$14.44 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account.thanks
14:19U418??29 60.180.234.* Energy ForexAre not paid, you still pay for the list, said. Helping them to cheat me absorbed. No payment plans ()Are not paid, you still pay for the list, said. Helping them to cheat me absorbed. No payment plans -- 597
14:08U904??31 125.27.221.* Gas and Oil InvestmentWeb good support system and pay very soon most, thanks admin.
13:54 U228??18 190.148.230.* IMEX Finance Inc.1/31/10 sent in 1st deposit from Liberty Reserve. Not in my account. 4 unanswered emails. Big Scam!!!
13:31U649??68112.121.165.*HugMoneyPayment is still fine here.
13:29U123??90 81.202.138.* Perfect Cash, Ltd.Payment in my account within hours. Reasonable percentage assures longevity of this program.
13:25U636??51222.122.12.*HugMoneyGreat investments! Been paid !
13:19U741??01213.229.82.*HugMoneyVery good program Paid me again and again.
13:10U508??36 114.128.209.* Gas and Oil InvestmentThank for my payment it very fast payment . I make more money.
13:09U702??2475.126.41.*HugMoneyGet paid as always , Thank you admin.
13:02U481??02 208.110.94.* HugMoneyReceived payment again,Thanks admin
12:40U560??1989.19.6.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.paying Date : 2010-08-02 08:16:15 From/To Account : U6674728 (High Luxury Fund, Inc (P)) Amount : 1.9200 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 28945372
12:28U821??92 117.57.40.* Umaxfunds, inc.I recieve my first payment
12:02U830??85208.94.174.*Gite FinancePaid no problem,got $125 today,admin so honest,thanks
11:28U824??74115.133.152.*GoldFxProfitJust look at the stats,since joined here i have double my investment and will continue to do so. Date: 2010-02-08 04:21 Batch: 28933028
11:22U432??07 24.187.56.* Perfect Cash, Ltd.The site always pays quickly and without problems!
11:13U165??95113.30.68.*Umaxfunds, inc.Always paying, good admin
10:56U316??8912.153.235.*Gite FinanceVery good my vote! Thanks for paying admin!it's very good for us!!!
10:37U506??79219.101.150.*GoldFxProfit2/7/2010 23:59 28933028 U0448062 (GoldFxProfit) + $0.75 Always received my payment from here,i am happy.
10:10U780??36 114.128.42.* Gas and Oil InvestmentBest site good paying fast support Im glad invested in Gas and Oil Investment, thank admin.
9:58U539??83213.229.82.*NasMos TradersPaying! Very good program.
9:53U273??3294.76.234.*NasMos TradersINVEST HERE AND GET THE BEST OF BEST.
8:58U714??01204.12.219.*NasMos TradersHappy with their support and programs as well!
8:52U393??11 75.126.46.* NasMos TradersThey don't lie! Paid as advertised
8:49 U206??52 168.187.140.* Stability InvestNot receiving payments
8:41U183??0998.126.22.*NasMos TradersPAID AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Highly recommended to everyone!!!!!
8:29U411??18130.94.69.*Gite FinancePaid $62.5 to me,really good site,thx!invest 200 again!
8:11U898??90 115.132.204.* ReliableInvestmentDONT INVEST HERE PAYING SELECTTIVELY SCAMERS.
8:07U963??4066.109.20.*Umaxfunds, inc.Excellent site. They paid!
7:38U995??71 211.232.129.* Gite Financenice site,paid me again as normal,thank you!
6:27U883??3166.112.94.*Gite Financegot another payment,honest admin,thanks a lot!
3:55U621??29 125.164.98.* Del CastroStill paying well to me!i think it is nice site.seem no other programe like this one