Vote Information for Sunday 7 February 2010


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19:18 U326??61 80.103.163.* Stability Investno pagan, solo me pagaron el primer dia un retiro de 4$ y tengo retiros pendientes desde hace 1 semana
18:57U084??2191.212.182.*RefMotorI misunderstand they are run, but god bless me, I got my payment of today.
17:44U783??9391.144.1.*RefMotorthank you .. I am sure that REMOTOR will Pass the ordeal... uesename : wewaza
17:36U953??9074.222.142.*RefMotorit back online now! I'm so happy they are back and processed my payment, thx
17:26U765??87 113.132.90.* RefMotorI'm sent email to admin to ask about the ddos attack, admin said they are moving to the stronger server, the site will back in monday.
17:18U911??7282.160.29.*GVB FundsGot paid again - thanks !
17:14U911??7282.160.29.*RXN InvestmentsPaid again and again !
16:12U499??71 58.8.37.* Gas and Oil Investment2/7/2010 15:27 28894887 U1202191 (Gas-and-oil-investment) + $6.00 Payment and ref coms received again. Thanks admin.
15:57U575??93174.139.9.*Mega Returnreceived 28.88$ payment in my lr accpunt.
15:24U275??18 125.26.217.* Gas and Oil InvestmentGood program, I have profit from this program more,always receive, thank admin.
14:35U821??9294.76.208.*Umaxfunds, inc.2/6/2010 18:22 Batch 28841460 From U5614675 ( Amount $3.23
14:35U904??50149.75.195.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Got Paid again today! another good program for me!
14:26U904??5072.8.40.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Cool site.. Always received my payment on time, very satisfied with this program.Thank admin.
12:57U136??51189.59.187.*Global Bond FundNo Paid!!! i lots 20usd! SCAN, SCAN, SCAN,
12:55U783??9391.144.0.*Del Castropaying .. verey good HYIP... 2/7/2010 04:16 28864405 U3997009 ( + $1.37
12:55U904??31 118.174.56.* Gas and Oil InvestmentAdministrators work very well and pay sensitivity pay fast, very nice admin.
12:52U136??51189.59.187.*Stability InvestNot Paid! 5 days pending payng! its scan!
11:54U162??25204.12.214.*NasMos TradersWithdrawal processed, batch_id: 28877000
11:27U781??42112.140.186.*HugMoneyDate: 2010-06-02 20:06:01 Batch: 28846769 From Account: U4531566 Amount: $5.50
11:20U883??24 124.121.219.* Gas and Oil InvestmentThis site is real always paid me and got paid still very fast.
11:20U603??43 204.12.219.* HugMoney2/6/2010 11:31 28812552 U4531566 (HugMoney Withdraw) + $114.10
10:49U162??2569.197.158.*HugMoneyDate: February, 07 2010 2:21:04 AM Amount Sent: $4.50 USD Sender Name: hearu Sender Email: Reference Number: CB980-E0E1D-527E8,
9:50U165??95213.229.82.*Umaxfunds, inc.2/6/2010 18:36 Batch 28842196 From U5614675 ( Amount $3.12
1:23U091??0166.70.16.*Umaxfunds, inc.High recommend! super HYIP!!! Instant payment! Got paid several times. Thanks