Vote Information for Tuesday 26 January 2010


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18:28U780??36112.142.59.*Flanita InvestmentsStill paying trusted site long life hyip paid without any problem I recommended, thank admin for nice paid today.
18:23U662??28180.183.113.*Flanita InvestmentsIt is the good hyip and great paid.I receive it again($3.00).thanks admin
17:08U780??36112.142.59.*Gas and Oil InvestmentVery best site always paid on time, I'm so happy invested here, thank admin.
16:33U102??84 83.185.74.* Perfect Cash, Ltd.I am very happy always instanly paid to me greatest site here, thanks!
16:14U765??87174.139.23.*RefMotori think they are the best and more important hyip now
16:06U816??45125.124.81.*RefMotorthey are the only hyip that free to give accounts bonus
16:03U626??5066.228.125.*RefMotor900$ not instantly but very fast, best hyip program, thanks admin.
15:51U508??36 114.128.46.* Flanita InvestmentsI like this site it so fast paid, good support and very nice program .Thanks admin.
15:41U808??84119.133.89.*Del Castroso honest admin,realible pogram.I like it, they are really paying...!!
15:38 U718??39 212.144.123.* Persona-Finance7 days Pending!! No answer from admin...I invest 500$
15:23U781??4264.120.168.*Del CastroVery good Program ! Thanks admin :) Keep up the Good Work.
15:21U603??4364.120.168.*Del CastroPaying!!! never pay late.
15:02U327??51 180.183.245.* Flanita Investmentsverygood hyip and pay quickly and on time Thank you admin
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14:56U649??68204.12.214.*Rosalin FinanceGreat program pay me on time and support is the Best!
14:54U488??91119.133.89.*CazirocaExcellent site. They paid!
14:52U488??91119.133.89.*Rosalin FinanceExcellent site. They paid!
14:49U145??32112.140.186.*CazirocaReally good and honest hyip.. Reinvest!
14:46U145??32112.140.186.*Rosalin FinanceReally good and honest hyip.. Reinvest!
14:29U499??71 61.90.25.* Gas and Oil InvestmentHonest admin! Reliable and always paid on time.
14:27U942??07222.122.12.*CazirocaPayment correctly received. Thanks for the perfect service admin.
14:26U942??07222.122.12.*Rosalin FinancePayment correctly received. Thanks for the perfect service admin.
14:24U991??89 60.163.74.* Super Earn PlansI have invested $ 100, waiting for returns
14:07U633??9167.198.201.*CazirocaThis one is really keep paying!!!
14:06U633??9167.198.201.*Rosalin FinanceThis one is really keep paying!!!
14:04U781??4269.197.177.*CazirocaSite send payment right on time to me. hope it stay here for a long time. great program for me!
14:02U781??4269.197.177.*Rosalin FinanceSite send payment right on time to me. hope it stay here for a long time. great program for me!
13:37U275??18 125.26.215.* Gas and Oil InvestmentReal site, I like this program more and more,I hope this will stay long,thank admin.
13:34U603??4366.186.58.*CazirocaSite send payment right on time to me. hope it stay here for a long time. great program for me!
13:33U603??4366.186.58.*Rosalin Financepaid again thx
13:23U904??31 125.27.221.* Gas and Oil InvestmentWow, payment received very fast I'm so happy with this site hyip,thanks admin.
12:54U633??91222.122.12.*HugMoneypaying project
12:43U095??96 124.157.129.* Flanita InvestmentsWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
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12:22U303??4999.70.220.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Date : 2010-26-01 05:47:43 From/To Account : U6674728 (High Luxury Fund, Inc (P)) Amount : 2.5200 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 27696228 Memo : Withdraw from High Luxury Fund, Inc
12:11U889??4199.70.220.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.API 1/26/2010 04:07 27690334 U7924428 (Perfect Cash, Ltd. Payout) + $0.25 $0.01 Merchant Reference: Memo: Withdraw from Perfect Cash, Ltd
12:06U266??37 79.185.19.* Persona-FinanceI'm very pleased with this programs. Been paid already on time. Thanks admin.
11:54U940??6477.78.143.*Persona-FinanceYou can never imagine such a marvelous and fast payment
11:48U632??71190.2.61.*Arby FundThe program will be Hoter and Better!paid me without any problem.
11:46U363??54 85.84.203.* Persona-FinanceGood Starter week.. Thanks Admin
11:44U223??48 72.236.167.* Lucre Makerit is a copycat website / copycat websites are 100% Scam and Ponzi and Not Paying .
11:38U703??3388.102.58.*SantiventuresMoney is every thing invest here and be in the money
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11:13U702??34213.89.107.*SantiventuresHonest job, I got happy.
11:02U228??73213.89.107.*Persona-Financewhat I see! Next payout received! In time, as usually!
11:01U790??45221.143.46.*Arby FundGot another payment.Very stable project.Running steadily for members.
9:55U702??24 125.92.58.* HugMoneyReceived payment again,thanks!!!
9:50U481??02 119.133.149.* HugMoneyDate: 2010-01-25 16:48 Batch: 27644077 From Account: U4531566 (HugMoney Withdraw) Amount: $16.05
9:43U830??51174.139.11.*HugMoneyDate: 2010-01-26 03:57 Batch: 27689634 From Account: U4531566 (HugMoney Withdraw) Amount: $30.00
9:09 U362??94 89.212.232.* Jet FundNOT PAYING!!! Obviously a scam, I have earned a lot, but did not receive even a dime!
8:59U490??39217.119.151.*Cedex InvestmentNEW DEPOSIT DONE.. great stable & paying program Date 1/26/2010 09:38 Payment mode Account Batch 27711046 To U7766069 (Cedex Invest Account) From U******* (****** Account) Amount $845.00
8:54U381??30203.172.198.*Arby FundNext payment direct to my LR account,always on time,admin so honest!
7:50U129??4178.109.160.*Arby FundPayout received everything is OK. thanks admin .
7:32U539??83174.139.11.*NasMos TradersAsk for withdrawal:Withdrawal processed, batch_id: 27595529
7:27U741??01 113.93.20.* NasMos TradersStill paying well and instanly,very good site,Hope can keep on
7:20U702??2464.120.168.*NasMos TradersWithdrawal processed, batch_id: 27627830.
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6:58U830??51204.12.214.*NasMos TradersI am not anxious any more,since I am sure you are always here to help me!
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6:44U714??01112.140.186.*NasMos TradersPaid!
6:35U007??28113.93.17.*NasMos TradersNext instanly payment received
6:06U883??24 124.120.205.* Gas and Oil InvestmentReceived Payment Again!!! Re-invested more!! This is one Great Program!
5:56U626??50121.52.214.*Lucre MakerIt's nice investing in this program, payment is always fast and on time and support.
4:42U091??0164.251.8.*XmasInvest, Inc.Pays! Administration thanks!!!
3:34U480??51121.52.214.*XmasInvest, Inc.1/25/2010 19:17 27657103 U8751532 ( + $2.50 very nice! got paid.
3:13U117??9996.9.169.*TobafundIinvested more,paid to me again thanks for admin