Vote Information for Monday 25 January 2010


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17:50 U619??96 85.175.237.* RefMotorgood project. I wish him a little longer. Anatoliy
17:16U490??39217.119.151.*Cedex InvestmentAPI 1/25/2010 16:20 27640736 U2841358 (Cedex Payout Account) + $30.00
16:05U780??36 112.142.115.* Gas and Oil InvestmentThank! today payment received very nice good program best paying keep going admin, I recommended.
15:47U490??27 125.26.82.* Flanita Investmentsthae best hyip piad on time i got again $5 good support thank admin
15:40U797??69208.110.81.*Super Earn PlansThanks admin , this hyip is paying consistently to me.
15:30U626??50219.118.189.*Lucre MakerAlways receiving my payment on time, recommended to join this program, Thank you admin.
15:24U904??31118.174.57.*Flanita InvestmentsOperating very well and pay very good, thanks admin.
15:21U904??5064.251.8.*Lucre MakerThis is honest project,i got paid just.gonna to invest more.
15:07U310??11201.39.1.*Lucre MakerDate: 2010-01-25 05:22 Batch: 27587050 From Account: U1531325 Amount: $5.50 Memo: Withdraw from
15:05U499??71 58.8.40.* Gas and Oil InvestmentPaid!!! 1/25/2010 11:47 27612365 U1202191 (Gas-and-oil-investment) + $9.40, thanks admin.
14:53U536??6281.202.63.*RefMotorGreat paying site. / Username: soundsscorpius / Batch id = 27242357
14:51U821??61208.94.174.*Lucre MakerGet paid quickly and correctly today. thanks admin!
14:46U275??18 125.26.222.* Gas and Oil InvestmentExcellent program,Real investment program , I hope this will stay long ,thank admin.
14:40U904??31118.174.57.*Gas and Oil InvestmentOperating very well and pay very good, thanks admin.
14:38U113??02212.95.42.*Lucre MakerI like this program, invests and obtains the profit very happily in here.
14:20U746??89216.240.139.*Lucre MakerPaid quickly no problem,thanks honest admin!keep up the good work!
14:14U790??99 124.120.36.* Flanita Investmentsrecived payment daily again $1.5 thank admin for excellence program
13:54U285??75 118.173.164.* Flanita InvestmentsGot paid daily again . 1/25/2010 05:35 27583251 U5377308 (Flanita) + $3.00
13:35 U937??50 202.70.51.* Commercial-BarterFast payment, instantly....
13:21U781??42112.140.186.*NasMos TradersI get payment without any delay!
13:19U781??42112.140.186.*HugMoneyI get payment without any delay!
13:18U603??43222.122.12.*NasMos TradersPAID AGAIN, super fast, like usual!!! Thanks
13:16U603??43222.122.12.*HugMoneyPAID AGAIN, super fast, like usual!!! Thanks
13:08U808??8460.219.100.*NasMos TradersUnique payment ! I always got paid on time.
13:05U808??8460.219.100.*HugMoneyUnique payment ! I always got paid on time.
12:50U451??89208.94.174.*Lucre Maker$1.50 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account U651xxxx. Transaction batch is 27578144.
12:43U610??68208.94.174.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Date : 2010-25-01 08:14:24From/To Account : U6674728 (High Luxury Fund, Inc (P))Amount : 0.4200Currency : LRUSDBatch : 27594919
12:37U830??82208.94.174.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.1/24/2010 11:59 27535641 U7924428 (Perfect Cash, Ltd. Payout) + $1.25Memo: Withdraw from Perfect Cash, Ltd
12:20U772??69198.65.144.*Arby FundVery good project and real investment program.Paid well and always in time!
12:10U065??93 219.135.12.* Flanita InvestmentsNew payment received today 1/25/2010 04:11 27583100 U5377308 (Flanita) + $1.70
11:50U500??96195.47.212.*Golden InvestmentReally site is very good and works for a long time! I RECOMMEND this program. Have paid!
11:45U679??67208.96.230.*Arby Fundvery nice and perfect my daily profit without any problem.thx
11:27U615??2064.120.168.*NasMos TradersI love the instant payouts! My ROI now at 170%.
11:25U515??1067.21.82.*HugMoneyI love the fast payouts! My ROI now at 2000%.
11:21U714??01174.139.11.*NasMos TradersGOT payment,thanks admin!!
11:19U714??01174.139.11.*HugMoneyGOT payment,thanks admin!!
11:17U393??11122.195.244.*NasMos Tradersjust send my Cashout Request, and got my paid within 1 minutes!
11:16U393??11122.195.244.*HugMoneyjust send my Cashout Request, and got my paid within 1 minutes!
11:14U183??09222.122.12.*NasMos Tradersvery nice site, paid me well,I like it very much.
11:12U183??09222.122.12.*HugMoneyvery nice site, paid me well,I like it very much.
11:10U007??28119.133.128.*NasMos TradersReceived 2.2 LR Payment,thanks
11:08U007??28119.133.128.*HugMoneyReceived 23.2 LR Payment,thanks
10:21U219??4085.64.116.*Persona-FinanceGOOD PAYING SITES
10:11U253??13211.229.208.*RefMotorI got my first part of payment,50 usd.
10:06U703??33 84.120.223.* Persona-FinanceBest SUPER site !!! Many thank admin!!!!!!
10:03U490??39217.119.151.*Cedex InvestmentAPI 1/25/2010 09:08 27599058 U2841358 (Cedex Payout Account) + $30.00
9:59U702??3477.78.143.*Persona-FinanceI have been paid so quickly,how good and paying program.
9:47U281??46204.12.214.*RefMotorevery day they offer me new bonus
9:38U634??1684.126.140.*SantiventuresYou are really here to make us happy thanks admin.
9:37U437??8169.197.177.*RefMotori get profit here over $200 as referral without investing
9:29U223??9067.198.201.*RefMotori earned here,that's fun.
9:22U862??44121.121.81.*You ProfitStill haven't receive any payment since 10/01/10.
9:13U634??16208.118.117.*Persona-FinanceMoney is every thing invest here and be in the money!
9:11U773??30112.153.148.*RefMotorthey are only hyip that pay me bonus,i am very happy joined here.
9:09U862??44121.121.81.*BestWorldForexPayment still pending till todate, since 09/01/10
9:02U862??44121.121.81.*Success GalaxyNo payment till todate since 11/01/10
9:01U143??10 220.241.64.* GoldFxProfitVery cool program ,PAYING still well and instant! thanks admin! Date: 1/25/2010 01:36 Batch: 27575143 From Account: U0448062 (GoldFxProfit) Amount: $1.35 Memo: Withdraw to Nicholas from
8:48U862??44121.121.81.*Royal Gold ExpertsStill haven't receive any payment since 21/01/10.
8:41U904??5066.208.238.*RefMotori am in profits more than 110% now,i am earnning money from this site.
8:40U876??44122.252.245.*SantiventuresLooks good comments consistent convincing for investment.
8:31U310??1194.103.130.*RefMotorthey paid to me over $110 cash bonus,thank admin very much!
8:28U107??85201.39.1.*Arby FundAwlays paid,no problem,i have total got $37.5,really greamt program!
8:13U746??89198.104.140.*RefMotorThe site paid me still very fast,evry time i need money refmotor pay me!it is nice site for me.
8:08U876??44122.252.245.*Persona-FinanceCashout received in my account , thanks admin
8:06U824??7460.54.174.*GoldFxProfitI have tested this admin and they are really good and paying me...I suggest you try and see...Very good project Date: 1/25/2010 04:42 Batch: 27581241
8:05 U992??59 220.255.7.* Commercial-Barterso far so good.... paid as usual
7:20U145??3298.126.177.*Cazirocavery nice site, paid me well,I like it very much.
7:18U942??07222.122.12.*CazirocaPerfect working investment project.Thanks for paying me again and again!
7:16U488??91112.121.165.*Cazirocapaying great, thank you
7:14U649??68113.93.0.*CazirocaDate: 2010-01-23 22:56 Batch: 27506124 From Account: U1910569 (Caziroca) Amount: $26.50
7:12U098??20218.61.33.*Caziroca1/24/2010 21:15 27562451 U1910569 (Caziroca) + $33.90
7:10U098??20218.61.33.*Rosalin Financenext payment received
7:07U649??68112.121.165.*Rosalin FinanceDate: 2010-01-23 21:22 Batch: 27502527 From Account: U3533907 (Rosalin Finance) Amount: $101.25
7:05U488??91221.122.78.*Rosalin Finance1/25/2010 00:03 27568038 U3533907 (Rosalin Finance) + $75.05
7:03U145??3267.21.82.*Rosalin FinanceDate: 2010-01-23 21:30 Batch: 27502875 From Account: U3533907 (Rosalin Finance) Amount: $93.50
7:01U942??07113.93.0.*Rosalin Finance1/23/2010 21:22 27502525 U3533907 (Rosalin Finance) + $41.05
6:54U512??94113.108.133.*RefMotorinstantly paid me 20 dollars, great
6:48U451??89202.65.207.*RefMotorgive my 700 bucks after a few min,honest site!
6:46U545??08123.215.19.*Arby FundGot $30 again as normal,really cool hyip,thx!
6:28U883??24124.120.206.*Gas and Oil InvestmentPaid me like usually thanks admin. Keep your program forever.
5:31U688??45204.57.85.*Arby FundI think this project is the best one.pays again as promised today
4:45U456??52208.87.240.*XmasInvest, Inc.this program paid to me,Hope that we can keep good work.
2:47U944??1764.120.223.*TobafundPaying again,paid me more USD,very good
2:36U480??5194.76.234.*XmasInvest, Inc.1/24/2010 10:44 27532312 U8751532 ( + $1.25 paid again.
1:46U497??63 67.19.69.*