Vote Information for Friday 22 January 2010


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23:27U295??4367.198.201.*Super Earn PlansThis is a very nice program. Hope it will last forever. got paid on time!
22:23U420??36 89.164.163.* Interbank FX ClubScam!!! No money, No response on email!
20:07U694??49213.108.44.*Golden Investmentpaid,paid,paid. fast and complete. the best hyip i can.thank you!!!!!!!
19:29U043??11 200.108.111.* RefMotorGreat paying site, always paid instanly and giving free bonus everyday. / Username: clubdeldinero / Batch id = 26015118
16:59U490??27 125.26.87.* Flanita Investmentsgood hyip i got payment again $5 piad on time thank admin
16:48U095??96 110.164.239.* Flanita Investments1/22/2010 07.56 27146131 U5377308 (Flanita) + $4.60
16:26U729??62 124.120.163.* Flanita InvestmentsPAYING...PAYING.Received profit payments as per request. Very good program. Thanx admin.
16:13U499??7158.8.38.*Flanita InvestmentsPaid again. 1/22/2010 12:39 27376527 U5377308 (Flanita) + $3.00 Thanks admin.
16:07U722??49 118.173.95.* Flanita InvestmentsVery good program payment is on time and support is verygood
15:52U275??18 125.26.215.* Flanita InvestmentsReal site ++, I got received again, I am very happy with this program ,good support,thank admin.
15:49U499??7158.8.38.*Gas and Oil InvestmentExcellent program, payment received very fast and on time. I like this program more and more. Thanks admin.
15:45U775??01 110.164.78.* Flanita InvestmentsPayment is very fast I like this program thank you admin.
15:34U780??36112.142.60.*Flanita InvestmentsReceived!!.. best program get paid make real profit for me, thank you so much admin, very trusted site.
15:30U904??31125.27.221.*Flanita InvestmentsI like this program is so fast paid, fast payment fast profit and fast support, thanks admin.
14:55U275??18 125.26.219.* Gas and Oil InvestmentExcellent program & Real site, I am very happy with this program , I got received again, thank admin.
14:37U496??45198.65.144.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Date : 2010-22-01 07:22:18 From/To Account : U6674728 (High Luxury Fund, Inc (P)) Amount : 2.5200 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 27349926 Memo : Withdraw from High Luxury Fund, Inc
14:30U773??30198.65.144.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Honest payouts still on time! i got paid today as usual. really nice serious project!
14:18U490??39217.119.151.*Cedex InvestmentAPI 1/22/2010 13:38 27381127 U2841358 (Cedex Payout Account) + $30.00
13:35U904??31125.27.221.*Gas and Oil InvestmentI like this program is so fast paid, fast payment fast profit and fast support, thanks admin.
13:30U780??36112.142.60.*Gas and Oil InvestmentToday received fast payment very good trusted site and I invested more, thank admin.
12:41 U325??01 125.163.229.* OneDollarDouble
12:40U363??54 69.139.20.* Persona-Financei got my payout, this make the 7th payout in a roll.
12:34U430??27 76.84.17.* Persona-Finance100% honest i can say because I also received a sum of $490 today.
12:28U228??73 99.186.209.* Persona-FinanceTo my mind this programm is the best of all ever seen!
12:09U228??7376.174.104.*SantiventuresThis site is the most wonderful paying site.
11:49U219??4076.174.104.*Persona-Financeexceptional program, always pays.
11:47U654??02 199.80.94.* Arby FundGreat payment ,Very good program, good site for investing.
11:35U079??6070.251.127.*SantiventuresReceiving new and new payments daily a good program for me No problems. Thank you.
11:33U536??6281.202.63.*RefMotoruser name = soundsscorpius -- Batch id = 27242357
11:16U703??3370.251.127.*Persona-Financetoday is the best day of the rest of my life..... cos u paid my bonuses
10:35U818??90222.122.47.*Arby FundExcellent service, or better the best service, and paying again
9:46U649??6864.120.153.*NasMos TradersUntill now,this admin pay me well,no problme
9:41U636??51204.12.214.*NasMos Tradersthis is the first one and we are very pleased to have our money paid out to us quickly as promised and with interest.
9:35U539??8369.197.177.*NasMos TradersI think this is one of the most reliable web sites which I'm really interested in,I just want to say it's ok !!!
9:29U183??0966.186.58.*NasMos TradersThey don't have any problem in payments and accessibility to accounts and have payment to me without any even smallest problem and delay regularly.
8:30U996??09 122.195.5.* Arby FundVery nice looking site. Always pays on time. Highly recommended!
7:40U603??43 222.186.30.* HugMoneySince investing in this site;I am on easy street.Thanks a lot.
7:16U636??51 125.92.56.* HugMoneyYour payment is impressive.........ohhhhhhhhhhh so nice
7:05U273??3267.21.82.*HugMoneyI got paid now after reinvest, previous payment recieved.
6:54U539??8364.120.168.*HugMoneyAfter the last payment on It, I'm in profit. Cheers!
6:36U883??24 124.120.204.* Gas and Oil InvestmentPaid me again! This is really a good program to invest.I am happy to be here!
6:32U626??5098.126.39.*XmasInvest, Inc.Best site! program and admin is very honest, payouts get paid today fast as promised.
6:30U629??32216.245.204.*Arby FundI think admin are very impressived,paid to me $12 again!!
5:20U439??01 210.166.221.* Arby FundI am so comfortable with this program!got paid on my LR account,thx!
4:05U081??63 66.53.214.* Perfect Cash, Ltd.PAID always On Time. Thanks Admin. I hope it will a last for long time.
4:00U013??78 125.85.53.* Offshore-Money LLCI verify this program, Payment received! Very good site with STABLE plan!
3:26U603??43119.133.154.*NasMos TradersGot payment again,Thanks u
3:15U157??9498.126.36.*TobafundReceived payment for daily,thank you admin
2:44U480??51204.12.219.*XmasInvest, Inc.1/21/2010 16:57 27299740 U8751532 ( + $2.50 Got paid again.