Vote Information for Sunday 17 January 2010


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23:46U456??1877.21.75.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Always fast payments. Really a great program.
23:46U456??1877.21.75.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Thank you admin, Very fast withdrawal received.
20:48U694??49213.108.44.*Golden InvestmentHonest admin. Quickly paid.
20:21 U815??46 94.179.245.* UnknownPaying!Very nice plans
20:16U490??27 125.26.78.* Flanita Investmentsi got payment again today $3 piad on time thank admin
19:45U722??49 125.24.5.* Flanita Investmentsverygood hyip and pay quickly and on time Thank you admin
19:23U420??36 89.164.207.* OffshoreStockTradesScam!!! No money, No response on email
19:22U327??51 110.164.72.* Flanita InvestmentsGreat support system and very fast payment when requested, thanks admin.
18:34U499??7158.8.248.*HonestTradersExcellence site hyip always paid has no problem, thanks admin.
18:27U662??28 114.128.182.* HonestTradersWOW! WOW! WOW! It good hyip. Thanks for paid.
18:21U780??36114.128.46.*HonestTradersGood job admin I got my payment very fast it good site, Thank
18:17U588??7784.52.71.*HonestTradersvery good . fast payment and fast support , best place for invest
18:14U983??7361.89.162.*HonestTraderspaid .... cool
18:08U858??44 114.217.11.* HonestTradersPayment Received : 95,090$ , Batch : 26929091 , very good
18:06U067??8066.208.238.*Crude Oil CapitalVery nice and perfect. A profitable program get pay without any problem.
18:05U253??03 87.118.92.* HonestTradersPAID PAID IT IS PAYING ! MANY TANKSS
17:56U922??29217.25.26.*HonestTradersvery good . paid me today . it is really working.
17:56U872??2978.109.160.*Crude Oil Capital$8.60 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account .Transaction batch is 26910998.www.crudeoilcapital.com
17:51U677??41 195.238.188.* HonestTradersPayment Received : 75,000$ , Batch : 26927993
17:47U867??6667.50.6.*Crude Oil CapitalPaid again as always, this is a very good site with honest admin.
17:46U539??07 80.38.187.* HonestTradersGot paid . nice
17:37U902??23 58.191.158.* HonestTraderspaid . tanks
17:31U902??23195.46.161.*Top Forex Companyfast support , i like it , they paid to me and all of my 7 friends , trusted hyip
17:29U751??77219.90.127.*Crude Oil Capital1/16/2010 18:15 26874759 U9022565 (Crude Oil Capital) + $3.20Received another fast and reliable payment
17:28U983??73 89.175.96.* Top Forex Companypaid . it is really working and paying
17:25U858??44202.99.21.*Top Forex Companyfast support and nice design and also fast support . very good
17:22U253??03217.25.26.*Top Forex CompanyGOT PAID , VERY EXCELLENT.
17:20U922??2984.52.71.*Top Forex CompanyPayment Received : 25,650$ , Batch : 26927877
17:17U677??4161.89.162.*Top Forex Companythey paid me today and i sent this rate for them . nice
17:10U539??0770.84.84.*Top Forex Companypaid , the best for invest
16:41U640??0994.103.130.*Crude Oil CapitalWorks fine, regularly receive my payouts´╝ü
16:36U310??1194.103.130.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.1/16/2010 12:18 26853309 U7924428 (Perfect Cash, Ltd. Payout) + $0.75
16:29U067??8094.103.130.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Receive Received Payment 3.00 USD from account U1322898 to account U1668488. Batch: 1941221. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from High Luxury Fund, Inc.
15:47U481??0264.120.168.*Rosalin FinanceEvery site should be like this..never missed a payment, Thank You Admin.
15:45U481??0264.120.168.*CazirocaEvery site should be like this..never missed a payment, Thank You Admin.
15:44U830??5198.126.177.*Rosalin FinanceWOW! Good site with nice support. Received payment again and again
15:43U830??5198.126.177.*CazirocaWOW! Good site with nice support. Received payment again and again
15:36U183??09122.195.244.*Rosalin FinanceI always receive MY DAILY PROFIT - NEVER MISSED !!!
15:34U183??09122.195.244.*CazirocaI always receive MY DAILY PROFIT - NEVER MISSED !!!
15:32U393??11222.122.12.*Rosalin FinancePaid again as always. This is a very good site with honest admin.
15:30U393??11222.122.12.*CazirocaPaid again as always. This is a very good site with honest admin.
15:28U714??01221.122.78.*CazirocaJust look at the stats,since joined here i have double my investment and will continue to do so. Good work...
15:25U515??10222.122.12.*Rosalin FinanceAdmin is honest.I like this hyip site,it really worth to invest big money for me.
15:24U515??10222.122.12.*CazirocaAdmin is honest.I like this hyip site,it really worth to invest big money for me.
15:22U615??20116.27.112.*CazirocaStill paid me well,thx
15:20U615??20116.27.112.*Rosalin FinanceStill paid me well,thx
15:20U790??99 124.120.34.* Flanita Investmentsrecived payment daily again $1.5 thank admin for excellence program
14:45U159??06 222.123.56.* Flanita InvestmentsMore profit. 1/17/2010 10:02 26905567 U5377308 (Flanita) + $2.18
14:43U410??84204.12.214.*RefMotorreceived bonus again, batch: 26918226
14:33U113??0269.197.177.*XmasInvest, Inc.This hyip is paying again!!! Very professional program. I'm glad to work with you!!!
14:08U904??31 118.174.57.* Flanita InvestmentsOne of the best programs, fast payments after withdrawal request, thanks admin.
14:07U528??61 125.123.191.* RefMotorThey added new monitor every day, seems this program will be a long term program
13:25U573??62174.139.23.*RefMotorI got 75 bucks as cash bonus
13:19U946??11116.49.11.*Del Castropaid me today
12:08U635??89202.150.213.*ZijfundsAnother payment, thanks admin, go on! 1/17/2010 06:48 26899044U4569265 (ZIJFUNDS LTD)+$211.00
12:01U327??51110.164.36.*Top Forex Companyexcellence program Thank you for payment today
11:47U168??5164.120.168.*ZijfundsReceived a fast payment today! Four minutes after I requested the money, it was paid to my LR account, nice!
11:34U775??11 125.27.188.* Flanita InvestmentsGood experience with this hyip. Very honest program. Thank you admin for paying profit.
11:33U874??94124.120.6.*Gas and Oil Investment1/17/2010 10:12 26901912 U1202191 (Gas-and-oil-investment) Very fast paid me , Nice admin , thanks admin.
11:14U874??94124.120.6.*Top Forex Company1/16/2010 23:32 26888923 U4137366 ( + $3.00 Very fast paid me , Nice program , thanks admin.
11:12U400??68211.229.208.*ZijfundsThe good design and reasonable profit show the rich investment experience of the admin!
11:11U499??7158.8.248.*Flanita InvestmentsGot Paid 1/17/2010 08:07 26901312 U5377308 (Flanita) + $3.00, Thanks admin.
11:05U654??61204.12.214.*Super Earn Plansstill get paid on time from here! Great program & honest admin !
10:31U911??7282.160.29.*OffshoreStockTradesGot paid again - thanks !
10:25U022??69 217.114.215.* OffshoreStockTradesNext payment paid! Get my money to LR account on time.
10:21U515??1069.197.177.*Del Castrofantastic Program, thanks for payment, I am in Profit now
10:21U722??49 125.24.28.* Top Forex Companyexcellence program Thank you for payment today
10:18U650??8860.54.174.*IW Fundsstable program!I have been paid as normal.well done,thank you admin. 1/17/2010 08:54 26906646 U2491305 (iw-funds PAYMENT account) + $8.8
10:15U122??4585.67.3.*Persona-Financepaid to me weekly profit again very fast, thank you admin.
10:15U615??2066.186.58.*Del CastroThanks for payment again
10:13U022??69212.42.236.*DBX ClubThey are absolutely the best !
10:12U102??1867.198.201.*Super Earn PlansVery very good program, honest Admin, got paid immediately!
10:08U911??7282.160.29.*DBX ClubPaid again and again !
10:08U266??37 84.126.92.* Persona-FinanceThank you for paying to me again and again.
10:02U143??10189.126.109.*IW FundsReally wonderful to me! always get pay here,thanks admin for your good work. Date: 1/17/2010 00:25 Batch: 26890533
9:59U940??64 84.0.5.* Persona-FinancePaid as usual and I could purchase iPod with the profit, thank you admin!!
9:52U363??5492.81.163.*Persona-FinanceThey paid to me more than 2 months for me, thank you so much!
9:47U190??9092.81.163.*SantiventuresHope things will go perfectly!! got my my first payout.
9:23U824??7483.206.10.*IW FundsVery cool program ,PAYING still well and instant! thanks admin! Date: 2010-01-17 05:18 Batch: 26902160 From Account: U2491305 (iw-funds PAYMENT account) Amount: $1.00 Memo: Withdraw to Brianna from IW Funds
9:18U790??95208.96.70.*SantiventuresThis is a great success;truthful & punctual.
9:07U430??27208.96.70.*Persona-FinanceNo problems with payouts. Thanks!!!
9:07U714??0167.198.201.*NasMos TradersAalways paid me without any problem.Thanks admin==>Keep up the Good Work.
9:02U515??10118.123.114.*NasMos TradersThis program paid never stop! This one will be a great one! No doubt of it!
8:57U615??20125.211.197.*NasMos Tradersvery nice site, paid me well,I like it very much.
8:51U145??3269.197.177.*NasMos TradersI am really happy with this program, I have already made my investment back and have reinvested, thanks
8:47U506??79219.101.150.*IW FundsI have tested this admin and they are really good and paying me...I suggest you try and see...Very good project
8:46U780??36114.128.46.*Gas and Oil InvestmentGot paid today no late this is best site professional working, thank.
8:46U488??9166.186.58.*NasMos TradersPerfect working investment project.Thanks for paying me again and again!
8:40U649??6861.147.99.*NasMos TradersThis one keeps on paying and paying, great program
8:35U098??2064.120.153.*NasMos Tradersa great program, reinvested again, they are paying
8:28U942??07222.73.85.*NasMos Traderspaying great, thank you
8:20U162??25222.122.12.*NasMos Tradersthis is the best program I finaly made profit, thanks
8:18U862??0567.212.168.*IW Fundsreally good program.I was paid as usual. Thanks admin very much. Date: 1/17/2010 02:55 Batch: 26893761
8:10U101??3378.129.147.*ZijfundsA serious paying investment program. Always pay me fast without any problems! Thanks admin.
7:59U603??43116.27.112.*NasMos TradersFirsrt instanly payment received
6:56U490??39217.119.151.*Cedex InvestmentAPI 1/16/2010 17:29 26872436 U1925660 (Cedex Payout Account)+ $30.00 paying like clockwork, stable & reliable program, thanks CI!
6:22U093??4092.48.127.*Arby FundPaid good. Thanks for your job!Again paid,as always without problems.Thanks Admin.
5:52U407??78 174.137.53.* Arby FundI see that this program is created for honest people like me,receive another payment!
4:57U041??96 204.12.228.* Arby FundI have already for 5 times receive to pay, thanks
4:56U257??36222.122.12.*ZijfundsDecided to vote this program because i always got paid and on time!
4:39U626??50180.210.206.*XmasInvest, Inc.1/16/2010 17:26 26872211 U8751532 ( $3.00 Have paid.
4:26U456??5264.251.8.*XmasInvest, Inc.I verify this program , Payment received! Very good site with STABLE plan!
4:12U998??69 98.126.5.* Arby FundSo far never give me a problems..payment prompt and fast..Keep it up admin.
4:01U508??36114.128.47.*Gas and Oil InvestmentI like this site it so fast paid, good support and very nice program .Thanks admin.
3:52U508??36114.128.47.*Top Forex Company1/16/2010 22:53 26887172 U4137366 ( + $16.35
3:45U480??51 221.3.122.* XmasInvest, Inc.1/16/2010 16:25 26868428 U8751532 ( + $6.71 Paid on time.
2:48U824??7467.19.33.*GoldFxProfitVery nice and perfect. A profitable program get pay without any problem. Date: 2010-01-16 18:04 Batch: 26874183 From Account: U0448062 (GoldFxProfit) Amount: $6.00 Memo: Withdraw to Timothy from
2:36U196??2366.186.63.*Arby Fund$12 referral commission received as usual,admin paid always on time,thanks
2:29U883??24124.121.222.*Gas and Oil InvestmentCool program, always receive my payment on time.
2:23U043??11 200.108.111.* RefMotorGreat paying site, always paid instanly and giving free bonus everyday. / Username: clubdeldinero / Batch id = 26015118
2:15U883??24124.121.222.*Top Forex CompanyIt's nice investing in this program. 1/16/2010 22:40 26886061 U4137366 ( + $16.00